KMS v.1.2.161 ~ My Shortest Blog Post… Ever.

[Click to destroy your computer and burn it into tiny pieces. OR WORSE, TURN IT INTO WINDOWS 8.]

Nothing changed from the last version of KMST. Only events were added for the archer revamp, but they are the same as the magicians’ and warriors’.

KMST Posts: 1, 2.

Archer revamp, PvP, and the Black Mage stuff were released. And there are Hot Time Events on 6/2 and 6/3 (6/2 -> Gallant Manual & 10 Gallant Emblems. 6/3 -> Positive Chaos Scroll 50% & 10 Gallant Emblems). That’s all.

See ya tomorrow (or in two days, I hardly doubt GMS’s servers won’t be down for a day or so)~!


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20 comments on “KMS v.1.2.161 ~ My Shortest Blog Post… Ever.

      • I found that too. And so did many others. So?
        Still don’t know for sure it’s called ‘Bounty Hunter,’ and even if we do, the name doesn’t really mean anything about the class.

  1. Hey Shakar I have a question: Your very first post was on Jan 1, 2011, but your second post was on Febuary 28? Why the 2 month gap?

    • I kind of didn’t want to start blogging in the beginning.
      I wrote some in-between, but they were very unrelated to MapleStory and thus I later erased them and compiled the Resistance guide instead.

  2. Does potential in PvP affect damage? Because as of now, Potential in 180+ rooms pretty much only give HP/MP, because all the other stats are useless. Also, if you can’t use items in PvP, how do you use those PvP Potions? Do they carry on into the PvP room? Also, how long do they last, and do they cancel out when you die?

  3. Just a note about the GMS-exclusive class. According to what the southperry extractions say, the new job is named Jett.

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