KMS v.1.2.156 ~ Warrior Revamp & GMS v.109 ~ Alliance Eternal

UPDATE: Important news about GMS at the bottom of this post added!

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So, the patch that came to the test server less than a week ago was released to the real server yesterday. Yep, yesterday, I’m late once again. I was away in Atlantic City in case any of you care, plus I spent 4 hours today trying to fix a problem my computer had (Vista users – Do NOT use Automatic Updates).

Very late this time, but it’s not a big deal since there aren’t too many updates this time. Only thing I’ll focus on is events, which are pretty bad.

KMST v.1.2.427 -> KMS v.1.2.156



Monster Magnet
Formula for amount of enemies hit changed for the better, but stayed 6 at max level.

Combat Mastery
Defense Ignored Increased (40% at max level -> 50% at max level).

Monster Magnet
Formula for amount of enemies hit changed for the better, but stayed 6 at max level.

Damage Increased (280% per hit for 4 hits at max level -> 200% per hit for 6 hits at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (4 -> 6).

Advanced Charge
Damage Increased by 30% (370% at max level -> 400% at max level).

Dragon Knight
Damage Increased (270% per hit for 3 hits at max level -> 220% per hit for 4 hits at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (3 -> 4).

Dark Knight
Monster Magnet
Formula for amount of enemies hit changed for the better, but stayed 6 at max level.

Dark Impale
Damage Increased by 10% (190% at max level -> 200% at max level).


Warrior Revamp Events


SP Reset Scroll

Log in on a warrior and get an SP Reset Scroll.

Warrior’s Ring

At level 10, you’ll get an orb which fills up when you kill monsters. If I recall correctly, you need to kill 3000 monsters around your level.

Anyway, once it’s filled, you’ll receive… Oh what do you know, it’s another one of those level 50 rings that are given in each event of every revamp:

+3 All Stats, +2 Weapon ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy. Bonus for 4th job warriors: +5% Critical Rate. For 3rd and 4th job warriors: +2 STR, +1 Weapon ATT.

Warrior’s Weapon

You’ll get another orb which will get filled when you level. It will fill completely at level 75, and at that point, you’ll get a FREE* weapon:

*Buy NX pl0x.

You have two choices, one 2-handed sword or one 1-handed sword.

The 2-handed sword has the following stats:

+100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +90 Weapon ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Level 100+ bonus: +10 ATT.

And the 1-handed sword:

+100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +88 Weapon ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Level 100+ bonus: +8 ATT.

Weapon Boxes

Those are always given out from level 10~70.

Leveling Events

Level your warrior a specific amount of times and you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Either a 1-handed weapon or 2-handed weapon scroll for Weapon ATT (60%, +2 ATT, +20 Accuracy).
  • 1 potion that ads +1 on all stats and 10 speed for 1 hour.

Job Advancement Rewards

Advance your warrior and you’ll get these goodies:

  • 1st job – Nothing because you’re still a noob.
  • 2nd job – lulEarrings:

+3 All Stats, +1 Weapon ATT.

  • 3rd job: Either a 1-handed or 2-handed weapon scroll:

70% chance of working, +2 Weapon ATT, +1 STR/DEX.

  • 4th job: Mastery Book.

Spiegelmann’s Strange Artifact Hunt

The artifact hunt is back for the 1 trillionth time. And this year, it’s just as lame as every other year (well, almost).

So, you know the drill; kill monsters around your level and get artifacts to get points.

Every day you’ll be required to get 1000 points before you can add on to your current points. You’ll get rewards every day for the first 8 days you do it:

  • 1st day: lulMedal:

+1 All Stats, +10 Speed/Jump.

  • 2nd day: 20 untradeable Power Elixirs.
  • 3rd day: Get this chair and just stop doing the event:

  • 4th day: 15% Armor/Accessory for ATT/M. ATT scroll (you choose 1, adds 1 ATT).
  • 5th day: 30-day face accessory (+3 all stats, +20 Weapon/Magic DEF, +50 Accuracy/Avoidability).
  • 6th day: 30-day hat (+7 all stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +40 Weapon/Magic DEF, 10 slots).
  • 7th day: 30-day glasses (+2 all stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots).
  • 8th day: Choose a permanent face accessory/hat/glasses.

So, you kill monsters and stuff. Once you collect the artifact, there’s a chance that this guy will spawn:

You deal a constant damage of 777,777 on him, so kill him fast~

When he dies, he’ll drop the following:

The heart gives you 100 points, and the potions give you: +20 Stats/speed/jump for 1 hour, +4 Weapon/Magic ATT for 15 minutes, or +2000 HP for 1 hour. You also have a chance of getting 2X EXP for 30 minutes.

Remember the 8 artifacts from previous years? Yeah, they renewed them. Pick up an artifact and you have a chance of getting an artifact. He’ll give you EXP (a good amount, actually) according to your level and, if you collect all of them, you’ll get this super medal:

+2 All Stats, +3 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF, +15 Speed/Jump.

And the final rewards from this whole event~

  • 500 Points – 100 Fatigue potions.
  • 1,500 Points – Mystery box containing the following rewards:

lulPersonality trait potions.

  • 2,500 Points – Spiegelmann’s Hot Air Balloon mount coupon.
  • 6,000 Points – Antique Box, containing:

The pocket item (which we’ll get to in a second), enhancement scrolls, balloon coupon, fatigue potions, and personality traits potions.

  • 15,000 Points – 2-Star Enhancement Scroll.
  • 18,000 Points – A nice pocket item:

+6 All Stats!

  • 18,000 Points – Advanced Enhancement Scroll.

That’s all for the events. Told you it was lame.

Hints on future updates

A couple of things were added to the WZ, and it seems like this year’s anniversary will add something called a Fantastic Park (Which I’m pretty sure is Malaysia, read below). A couple of 9th anniversary equipments were added, along with this:

Not really sure what it is, but I’m sure we’ll get more info soon.

Aside from the 9th anniversary, as I told you on my previous post, we might be getting Malaysia (Guessing it’s a part of the 9th anniversary). Many ETC. items of monsters from that area were added!

Awesome, can’t wait! I really want a Scarlion helmet.

GMS – Alliance Eternal

Seems like there’s nothing exclusive this time. Sooo, I’ll just give you some links:

Well, that’s all for now. Apologies for being late, I don’t even know why I’m apologizing but here you go.

MapleStory’s 9th Anniversary: Coming to KMST next week. Hurray for more lame events.


P.S. – I just realized that the lame events were even on last year on the last anniversary (but hey, at least Nexon got rid of those book events :P).

P.P.S. – I’m slowly uploading videos of my warriors in KMST to my YouTube page. Check it out when you get a chance~.

P.P.P.S. – On a recent Dev Blog, GMS mentioned that they’re releasing a brand new, GMS-exclusive class. A new hero.

Here’s what they said:

As we move into June, we’ll be ramping up towards our big summer content release. Not just one but two new characters will soon be joining the MapleStory cast. While you may have heard about the Phantom hero if you follow the news of Korean MapleStory, we’re also preparing a brand new hero that will be exclusive to Global MapleStory. I’ll be bringing you more news on our big summer updates in the near future.

Is it Eric? I really wonder what the ‘exclusive hero’ will be. Hopefully it’s not some fail content like all the other GMS-exclusive content.

P.P.P.P.S – The characters that were added during the Legends update are coming back soon! Cannoneers, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers will return with another Legends festival~

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64 comments on “KMS v.1.2.156 ~ Warrior Revamp & GMS v.109 ~ Alliance Eternal

  1. still dont get why the mikhaels look like the evil mihiles and evil dawn warrior from the “future of ereve” quest where u battle evil empress cygnus.

  2. Hey shakar, in GMS they did another one of their “Oops, we screwed it all again” server checks with undefined estimated time, they messed for the 69th time with the SP resets…

    anyway, nice post as usual, i really like the humour you use, and what were you up to in Atlantic City? (no good, i hope.. hehe)

  3. Hey Shakar, you’ve probably heard about this new lhc quest line Nexon America’s mess up, so I wanted to ask, is it supposed to be like that? O.o
    (i mean that you have to loot huge amount of etcs, and the black goo is REALLY rare, cuz till now I haven’t found one!)

      • Well, since LHC is STILL a Party play zone, then the items that are need to be collected were suppose to be less then 200, but you can count on nexon to leave it as it was in kms, and just copy paste it in gms. its not a bug. Nexon forgot/dont care of reducing the number of items so it will be making sense with the HP of the monsters and with the amount of players that need to take the items.
        And the black goo is really rare. i found only 30, in about 6 HOURS.
        Also, just to remind, Phantom will come at the end of May/Start of June, since the wepones alerady exist in the WZ files.

      • Yea, what matan said…
        We need to get 200 of each mosnter’s drop and they still have alot of hp.
        Plus, that goo whici you need to collect 300 times supposed to be that rare? (and considering the monsters’ hp, it’s nearly impossible… >.>)

      • I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be that rare (since I only did the questline in KMST where the rates are crazy high), but I understand your problem.
        Haha, Nexon messed up once more. But hey, at least you get a lot of EXP from doing the quests.

    in the devblog on nexon’s website right now near the end they talk about gms receiving an exclusive class

  5. i think everything that JMS/GMS has is more interesting then kms sorry to say but thats the truth who cares if its fail? or fked up? or glitched its honestly more interesting then kms everybody gets the copy and paste version of kms but every version has something unqiue but kms the only thing Unique about kms is that there first on everything! i love jms’s pets/maps/expansions there orignality to the game and GMS content may fail but hey its still interesting to have that in our game i loved the new nlc only thing thats fked up is the phantom forest if they left that alone it would have been complete! i do agree tho they are a big fail with there tickets and there support and there glitches/bugs ^_^ we all kno that! :] remember ppl dont hate cuz im just saying whats on my mind! Freedom of speech eh? Keep up the good work shakar ! xD

  6. we’re also preparing a brand new hero that will be exclusive to Global MapleStory.
    new hero that will be exclusive to Global MapleStory.
    exclusive to Global MapleStory.
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They make me wanna move to Korea and learn Korean language in order to play KMS.

  7. During the live stream they did the said the “eric” class was just a april fools joke, btw any have the video or link about the eric class i didn’t get to see it

  8. “The characters that were added during the Legends update are coming back soon! Cannoneers, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers will return with another Legends festival~” do you mean they will come back on KMS? if that’s so does that mean that another big patch coming soon?

      • I can’t wait for this patch. I love the Mercedes and the Demon Slayer (Forever Alone Cannoneer) and hope they will be revamp too (not over-powered like they was, but in Justice Maplestory just killed them like they did to the Mechanic in Chaos, and then revamped him in Alliance Unbound).

    • Well, you never know. Maybe they’ll start a new series of heroes that spell S.T.O.R.Y.?
      All I know for now is that the pirate hero will be female:

      Aran – MALE -> Warrior -> Male Instructor (Dances with Balrog)
      Evan – MALE -> Mage -> Male Instructor (Grendel)
      Mercedes – FEMALE -> Archer -> Female Instructor (Athena)
      Phantom – MALE -> Thief -> Male Instructor (Dark Lord)
      L…? (Lee?) – FEMALE -> Pirate -> Female Instructor (Kyrin)

      Aside from that, totally clueless. But I hardly doubt the pirate hero will be released in GMS before KMS.

      • Which is why I’m mad at Oz & Hawkeye. I can accept the Resistance having different genders, but not the Cygnus Knights.

  9. I would actually like to see the GMS-Exclusive class haha. I think it’s actually might be cool, but then again, i’m a bit of an optomist. ^_^

  10. @Shakar96 Eric was an april fools joke…..or was it..?Yes it was. So… no erics for a while. Any other guesses for the new hero?

  11. I also believe that the GMS exclusive hero won’t be the anticipated pirate hero, but that makes me wonder because all other spaces are taken. My theory is that Nexon wrote ‘hero’ in that all maplers are heroes in that they are fighting against the Black Mage( or whatever he is called in GMS) and it will be just a unique class not bound by the hero subclass.

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  14. One question Shakar. Do the events of the warrior revamp apply to newly created warrior UAs? Or only the new new created ones?

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