GMS – Alliance Unbound

Unlike Nexon Korea, Nexon America simply can’t decide on a name. Or, at least, they confused us with name overload to patch overload. We thought KMS’s Union’s Advance would be called Alliance Rising, but it turns out it’s now called the Alliance Unbound. Sounds stupid :/.

Anyway, this march the first part (KMS | KMST) will hit GMS. Excited? Don’t be, nothing special till the thief/pirate revamp.

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KMS v.1.2.154 ~ Dual Blade Revamp

[Click to enlarge]

We all knew that the update that came about a week ago would come today. Nothing really changed, I covered basically everything in that post (massively updated it many times!), except the White Days events which I just don’t want to talk about. Guess I have to, though, since I’d feel uneasy if I don’t cover them :/.

Also, something weird. It says ‘v.1.2.153’ EVERYWHERE on the website, but it’s really v.1.2.154… No way Nexon could mess up that bad (yeah, right). EDIT: They changed it, and they changed the picture above also^. I’m not changing it, haha.

And for anyone who’s about to argue with me and say something like “ZOMG U SAID MARCH 5TH UNOOB STUPID STUPID MYMOMMYTOLDMENOTTOSAYSTUPIDIDISOBEYMYMOMCUZISOCOOL”, you must have misunderstood what I said. I said that on March 5th Phantom will be removed & Aswan will be merged, I never said anything about the Dual Blade revamp.

Well, let’s start with the skill changes first.

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KMST v.1.2.422 ~ Dual Blade Revamp & New Boss, Hilla

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

We were notified of this a number of days ago, and today it’s finally here! Dual Blades were revamped, and General Hilla was finally released!

Aswan was also removed, now there’s another mode you can do 5 times a day to raise your Honor EXP. And, obviously, Dual Blades can now be created again… All of this is coming to the real server on March 5th.

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Happy Valentine’s Day~!

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Well, another day marked on my calendar; Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to me? Absolutely nothing, aside from the awesome and touching video up on Google :). I do understand that wishing a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ may be offensive to some of you, I mean, this is a MapleStory blog… It is extremely likely that most of the players, including myself, don’t enjoy this ‘day’ (no it’s not a holiday) for obvious reasons, which include the fact that we play MapleStory :D. However, I feel the need to go with the crowd which I hope to, one day, join (the ‘lovebirds’) and give you this wish anyway~.

I don’t know about you but the only things that keeps me from being in a relationship is my shyness, low self-esteem, and incapability of speaking as well as I write. That’s also why, as most of you have noticed, I’m very supercilious on the Internet, haha :). Furthermore, the fact that I talk about my life (which is a very feminine thing to do, by the way) here and nowhere else is another reason.

Okay, I know I’m boring you. I’ll shut up. In short, this day is pretty meaningless to most of us but, whatever you do today (and this also applies to every day), have a good one!

I’ve heard of parents who bought their children (or men who bought women or the other way around) a large amount of candy/chocolate. If you’re one of those people who received a whole lot of candy, watch yourself there! That’s a perfect opportunity to practice your self-restraint! It will destroy your teeth and you don’t want that… And besides, I mean, we all play MapleStory and I’m sure NONE of us lack self-restraint… When our parents instruct us to stop playing, we immediately stop…

… Right?


UPDATE: This is a video Nexon uploaded, you gotta watch it:


Reaction: W.T.F…

UPDATE 2: Mhm, Max found something pretty interesting. Nexon has released their 2011 report on their Investor Relation website, and they talked once more about the upcoming MapleStory 2. We’ve known about it since Evans came out, so this is a good refresher.

All the information is found on their PDF:


A couple of highlights:

  1. Slide 9 – Shows the statistics of how much money was earned off of players from each country. To all of you complaining about Chinese players, this is just to let you know that they make the most money for Nexon.
  2. Slide 10 – This will give you names that you can curse next time you make a ‘ZOMG I HATE NEXON’ thread :).
  3. Slide 11 – MapleStory made a total of $1.8 billion, nice.
  4. Slide 19 – MapleStory 2 is listed as an upcoming product. The picture is too small to see anything besides the fact that it’s in 3D (which we already knew).

You might want to read that PDF and other PDF’s on that website, might be useful to you in the future.

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Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #8!

As I told you on my last post, Phantom will be removed from creation on March 5th, along with changes to Aswan.

After a while of not seeing these entries, Inkwell finally wrote another one! He didn’t leave anything special, this is all there is:

He’s back!

February 2012, he’s back!

From the picture, I think it’s Dual Blade. Like Phantom and the 3 Legends classes, Dual Blade was also a restricted class. I guess they’ll revive him and also bring another revamp.

Things are getting interesting. Watch the KMST patch relating to this come tomorrow, LOL.


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KMS – Valentine’s Day Events

UPDATE: Look at the bottom.

[Click to enlarge]

The events were actually added to KMST a long time ago, but I didn’t want to report them because of my great disappointment. Today, they were added to KMS so I figured, what the heck, nothing better to do and therefore came to the decision of preparing a post dedicated to those new events.

If I get mad during this post, please pardon it. The events follow the same [damn] concepts as all the others in the past and present. In other words, more trite events :(.

On the bright side, however, I did get to play KMST a little bit and get my Phantom to level 7X! Yay for super EXP/drop rates in KMST (along with a bagillion 1.5X EXP coupons).

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GMS v.1.06 ~ Alliance Rising

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

It was a big surprise that this patch would hit GMS so soon… That explains all the downtime for this patch. Finally, the Union’s Advance update (well, not exactly. This is more like the 4th part of Legends) was added to GMS! Its new name is Alliance Rising which makes sense because Union/Alliance, Advance/Rising, yeah.

Unfortunately for some of you, they changed the format a little bit. Instead of revamping Aran, Evan, AND Resistance, they only updated Aran & Evan.

Don’t worry, I won’t extract all the changes^^. The changes were given by Nexon’s patch notes article, and I really don’t feel like extracting them now :|. Plus, I spent the entire day waiting for MapleStory to go online, but it never did. I’ll add more in-game pictures tomorrow IF IT’S UP (too much downtime lately).

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