KMST v.1.2.415 ~ Aswan!

About time they released this patch. After the long wait, Aswan is finally released!

It turned out Aswan is different from what we previously thought, it’s not a new area. It’s actually a party quest, and it’s a party zone! There are a number of things related to Aswan that I want to discuss, so read on~


First off, it can be accessed through the Dimensional Mirror. The icon is just a place holder, don’t worry it will be replaced soon.

Now, the party quest has 6 level ranges; level 49-79 (Easy), 80-119 (Normal), 120-159 (Hard), 160-200 (Hell). You can either go with a party or alone (which would be a dumb move, it’s a party zone).

Those modes can be broken down into 2 modes, Attack & Occupy (and maybe also Defensive).

Here are the maps involved in the party quest:


Another thing you can get from Aswan is Aswan Coins. Right now, their icon is the same as the Sports Coin (placeholders again). You may have noticed your stats window changed:

Most notably, Inner Ability was added. You can get up to 3 of the following permanent buffs:

STR: +1~40.
DEX: +1~40.
INT: +1~40.
LUK: +1~40.
Accuracy: +10~400.
Avoidability: +10~400.
Weapon DEF: +10~400.
Magic DEF: +10~400.
MaxHP: +15~600.
MaxMP: +15~600.
Jump: +2~20.
Speed: +2~20.
Weapon ATT: +3~30.
Magic ATT: +3~30.
Critical Rate: +1%~30%.
All Stats: +1~40.
Attack Speed: +1.
Weapon DEF taken from Magic DEF or vice versa: 1%~10%.
MaxHP taken from MaxMP or vice versa: 5%~50%.
Amount taken from one stat and put into another: 1%~10%.
(^Only works for STR <-> DEX, INT -> LUK, DEX <- LUK)
Accuracy: +1%~+20%.
Avoidability: +1%~20%.
Weapon DEF: +1%~20%.
Magic DEF: +1%~20%.
MaxHP: +1%~20%.
MaxMP: +1%~20%.
Accuracy: +1%~10%.
Avoidability: +1%~10%.
Bossing Damage: +1%~20%.
General Damage: +1%~10%.
Attacking Damage: +2%~20%.
Instant Death: +1%~+10%.
Abnormal Status Resistance: +1%~+10%.
Weapon/Magic DEF -> Damage: +3%~+50%.
Damage Ignore: +1%~10%.
Cancel Cooldown Chance: +1%~20%.
Passive Skills Level: +1.
Amount of Enemies Hit: +1.
Buff Duration: +2%~50%.
Drop Rate: +1%~20%.
Mesos Rate: +1%~20%.

How does it work? If you look at the stats window shown at the top, you probably have noticed that there’s something new under the EXP. That number, which is 1, is the Honor Level. The thing below it is its EXP. You need to level it up if you want good Inner Abilities.

Inner Abilities work like hidden potential. Once you got your Honor Level to 2, you get a random ability. Two more will be unlocked when you hit level 30 & 70, but they’re random. You also get scrolls from raising your Honor Level, and they can be used to reset your abilities.

You also noticed that I had ~’s up there. That’s because you also need to ‘raise its level’ by earning coins and buying scrolls.

That’s pretty much all I have to say… A couple of other things:

  • Crystal Gardens has a map:

  • In case you care, the FTP’s were changed for both KMS and KMST. New ones: //KMST //KMS

<Change it to your version>

There is more to come. This is just the PQ, but General Hilla will also be released soon.

^This is the gate to leads to her map.

^The eyes of General Hilla.

I know there’s more to come since there are two groups of objects for Aswan, battle & inside. Those will be released soon~!

Oh and there’s also some Arbeit thing in the WZ which I ignored (which is some part time job thing). I wouldn’t worry about it for now, let’s just wait till it’s released.


By shakar96 Posted in kMST

46 comments on “KMST v.1.2.415 ~ Aswan!

      • Shakar, it does kinda turn people off when you say stuff like this.
        Anyways… I really like how you put in the actual stats, but you didn’t elaborate on the PQ. Perhaps if you were a bit more specific on the inner abilities and the hexagons (according to Max, some sort of world war?) then it would be great!
        P.S. Yes, I am shamelessly comparing your blog to orangemushroom. So many tough-guys and trolls posting after ya. GL blogging!

  1. GG Nexon all of my characters are gonna be secondary stat-less wearing Empress equips once I can afford them, OP. P.s. When did that smiley face get added to the bottom of the page?

  2. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you very much shakar. i love the contents. its so good and its so detailed. And most important its a copy paste, thank you so much.

  3. i know what are these things that Shakar didnt wrote.
    Those are parts of the new Character Selection Screen, that was released today in KMST 1.2.416.
    And that hint from Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #6 is a part of the new Aswan PQ (that war machine).
    lol, im not even in KMS

  4. Im sorry but im starting to dislike you Shakar. You’re attitude toward people is atrocious and you’re very mean. Sure, you get lots of bad comments but why do you feel like you need to respond in a rude way? Max has the same problem but he doesn’t answer them but for some reason it feels like you just want to start crap. Also it feels like ur holding out on information. I went to Max’s blog and saw the thing about the professions. You said ‘there’s also some Arbeit thing in the WZ which I ignored (which is some part time job thing). I wouldn’t worry about it for now, let’s just wait till it’s released’. I rather know at least SOMETHING about this! Ignoring? What’s up with that. Sure if it’s useless repeated information thats fine but when it’s new and you make the decision to claim that we don’t need to know until it’s out is pretty bad. The only reason i come here is because you give information about GMS but it seems like you’ve forgotten. Please step up ur game! Become more professional and less kid like. Grow up!

    • Everyone has different attitudes and i know that doesn’t mean you can just be mean to people but its his blog and what would you feel like if your blog got tons of trolls?
      Ok he did ignore the Arbeit thing but he might do an update tommorow?
      Anyways if you don’t like his content you don’t have to watch, no ones forcing you

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  6. @shakar96 ignore idiots and just keep doing what you do. People are ungratefull generaly, you provide us freely information which most of us cant even find out ourself since we dont understand Korean. So dont care what they say or think.

    @ others, get a life please and some damn brains. He is doing us a favor for providing information in his bloody free time. Not sure ill do it knowing their are such a pricks around. Stop bull crapping him.

  7. II would ignore them like any other person. Clearly you didn’t see what I wrote about me only coming here for GMS. It just feels like Shakar’s blog is very violent and it pretty much reflects his attitude towards his viewers… Not to mention the whole banned from 41 websites thing…. Also it’s not being ungrateful it’s the lack of info and attitude. Sorry shakar but you went downhill, and that’s disappointing. Max is doing a better job atm, I should go check him out

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