KMS v.1.2.148 ~ Justice Part I

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It’s been a long time since a patch hit KMS, it seems like all the news are about KMST and KMST only lately.

Today, however, the silence broke and the 1st part of the Justice update hit KMS! This part only released the skill changes for pirates and thieves, not Phanotm yet.

There were also some new Christmas events! Read on~

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KMST v.1.2.412 -> KMS v.1.2.148


Dragon Strike
Damage Decreased (850% at max level -> 700% at max level).
Amount of Enemies Hit Decreased (8 at max level -> 6 at all levels).

Damage Increased (238% at max level -> 250% at max level).

Energy Blast
Damage Increased (475% at max level -> 550% at max level).
Amount of Enemies Hit Increased (8 at all levels -> 10 at max level).

Facility Raid
Amount of Enemies Hit Decreased (8 -> 6).

Cygnus Knights

Thunder Breaker (3rd)
Damage Increased (218% at max level -> 230% at max level).

Energy Blast
Damage Increased (450% at max level -> 500% at max level).
Amount of Enemies Increased (8 at all levels -> 9 at max level).


Mercedes (4th)
Advanced Final Attack
Damage of Second Arrow Increased by 10% (60% at max level -> 70% at max level).

Not too many skill changes^^. Now for events:


Justice Festival

The Justice Festival is pretty much the same as the Legend Festival. You gather Justice Coins from quests and then buy stuff at the shop. The shop is also very similar to the Legend Shop, this is what David sells in order:

  • Justice Weapons (levels 80~120):

They come with a hidden potential, and their attacks are higher than the original weapons. Level 120 ones are Maple Weapons, come with Epic potential.

  • Justice Scrolls:

The examples shown above are 20% 1-Handed Weapon for ATT (+5 ATT, +3 all stats, +15 Accuracy) and Magic ATT (Same thing excepts add 5 M. ATT).

  • Recipes.
  • ETC:

This tab has:

  • Equipment from old events (as you can see).
  • Job-specific Mystery Mastery Books.
  • Coin purse, in case you have a lot of coins in your inventory (up to 8 different coins).

You’re limited to buying up to 3 Mystery Mastery Books per character.

Job Revamp Celebration

Same exact thing as the previous ones, except for thieves and pirates.

Christmas Events

Event 1: Santa’s Shiny Box

Get Santa’s shiny box from monsters around you to get one of those rewards:

  • Bear Chair.
  • 1 Justice Coin.
  • 2 Justice Coins.
  • Cape.
  • Scroll for that^ Cape for Weapon/Magic ATT (30%), or scroll for a specific stat (70%).
  • Medals above your head.
  • 1.5x EXP.
  • The growing sock.
  • Pots.

Rudolph’s Shiny Box

Towns are decorated with snowmen and such. Some of the snowman will let you click on them:

When you click on them, they’ll drop Rudolph’s shiny box:

Open it and you can get those rewards:

  • 1 Justice Coin.
  • Pots/personality traits potions.
  • Snowball Throwing Stars.

Christmas Stamps

Kill monsters your level, they’ll drop stamps, blah blah. They’re like Maple Leaves, when you get 100, you can trade them for 1 Justice Coin.

Bonsai Sock

Raise a… sock… and get rewards. It sleeps for only 30 minutes so it shouldn’t be too bad. Rewards include:

  • Santa mount.
  • Rudolph’s Nose.
  • 1 Justice Coin.
  • 10 Snowball Throwing Stars.
  • 1.5x EXP.
  • Pots.
  • A scroll for Rudolph’s Nose.

Giant Snowman

A giant snowman might appear in town. Kill it in just 1 hit and woo-hoo:

Hot Time Events

There will be 2 Hot Time Events, 1 in 2 days (the 17th) and the Christmas one will be on December 24th.

The one that will take place in two days will give out this hat:

The bonus on the right is for thieves.

In addition, you’ll get an AP Reset Scroll, personality trait potion, the love letter, and 20 Justice coins.

The one on the 27th will give out those rewards. 100% chance to get that Christmas medal (+4 All Stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, 2 Weapon/Magic ATT, 50 Weapon/Magic DEF, 50 Accuracy/Avoidability), and only 3 people in your server will receive the better Santa medal (+5 All Stats, +300 MaxHP/MaxMP, 5 Weapon/Magic ATT, 300 Weapon/Magic DEF, 100 Accuracy/Avoidability, 10 Speed/Jump).

You also have a chance of getting various Chaos Scrolls, Clean Slate Scrolls, or Potential/Enhancement Scrolls.

Level Up Event

The Maple Admin wants me to level up to 110 to get 1 Justice Coin. The amount of times you have to level depend on your level:

  • Below 100 – 5 levels.
  • 100~120 – 4 levels.
  • 120~135 – 3 levels.
  • 135~150 – 2 levels.
  • 150+ – 1 level.

This isn’t an event but I got that card from one of the quests I accepted. You can obviously tell it’s a letter from Phantom. When I opened it, I got these two things along with 3 Justice Coins:

The thing on the left is a card for my future Phantom, but what about the thing on the right?

Just a useless effect.

Other Changes

  • Neo City was revamped. Click on the map above to see the new Neo City! It is now for levels 125+.

The circlet was renewed, it’s new stats are +10 All Stats, +200 MaxHP/MaxMP, +200 Weapon/Magic DEF, +400 Accuracy, +100 Avoisability, and 7 slots. Also come with a hidden potential.

From doing the quests you can also get Andy’s Mystery Mastery Book, which contains a random Mastery Book of your class (No Maple Warrior 30, sorry to crush your dreams).

The Time Traveler Medal was also renewed; its new stats are +6 All Stats, +400 MaxHP/MaxMP, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF, +200 Accuracy/Avoidability.

  • Multiple parties can enter Zakum, Horntail, and Von Leon now (I know I said this before, but now it’s out to the real server). They also have multiple channels:

Zakum: Channels 3-7.

Horntail: Channels 8 and 9.

Von Leon: Channels 12, 17, and 19.

  • Navigation System added. If you don’t know how to get to a specific map a quest leads you to or just any map on the world map, this system will help you get there.

If you’re on a quest, you can just click the bottom left button.

If you want to find a map, double click on the point in the World Map. The little ‘G’ sign will appear, and you can click on the button at the top of the World Map to start the navigation process.

This arrow will show you the way you should go. It will navigate you to your desired map.

  • Upon reaching 4th job, pirates get new mounts! I mentioned it here but now it’s a fact that you can get those mounts:

Battleship and Super Transformation^^, not exactly gone!

That’s all for now, now to wait for Phantom!


P.S. – All thieves and pirates received an SP reset scroll. Also, old Mastery Books (for the removed skills) can be traded for the new ones till February 29th. Just talk to the Maple Admin.

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58 comments on “KMS v.1.2.148 ~ Justice Part I

  1. shakar will you make a full list of the final skill changes to pirate and thief like the one your currently have on the website for Jump? Also great work as always can’t wait to try the new Gunslinger and Night Lord.

  2. “Medals above your head.”
    It’s called a title in GMS (i’m pretty sure it was called that in KMS too right?)
    I can understand people calling it a “medal above the head” when it was first released but it’s been a while since then 😛

  3. What is the difference between all of these mystery mastery books, and what is this MUCH more expensive mystery mastery book? O.o

  4. You suck! Max is way better he actually gives FULL information. You’re just a lazy ass who doesn’t care for people who like or read this blog. Like on Max’s blog he put up EVERY damn move and showed us what changed. you just decided ‘oh well im to lazy so i’ll make it SUPER short and UNINFORMATIVE. Your really disappointing. I thought you were different but no.. Just like the rest *not including Max& Spadow* Just doing half ass work all the time

    • Actually he already covered most of the skill changes in a previous blog post, and max is just now getting to them. Therefor shakar had his information up quicker and covered just as much.

    • wat ‘da heck is wrong wi’d you@#$^257$!!!???? if you don’t like this website then it ain’t nobodies fault except yours that you visit this site yo!!!!

    • What the poo is wrong with you??? Were u dropped on your head as a child? Did u fall out of a bus? Were you born on a bus? Was your mom dropped out of a bus? Maybe you can’t see, because Shakar’s blog is awesome. And you my friend, are clearly a peice of Dirty, Rotten, Stinky, Moldy, Barfed up Poo.

    • I don’t want to compare blogs but Shakar gives more “in-depth” notes on each skill while Max only shows final level. Max has skill animations but Shakar extracts each part which I find better. Plus Shakar also covers parts of GMS. But this is your opinion so w/e.

    • He did everything you said he didn’t. Sometimes Max updates faster, sometimes Shakar does. Shakar converts KMS language to GMS and also posts GMS related stuff.

      Shakar doesn’t put up a ‘finalised’ skill change blog post, but they will be added to his ‘Skill Changes’ tab.

      As far as I’m concerned, Shakar is better for being more in-depth, while Max is about getting the info in quick and simple (like how basic the info he gives is e.g. ignoring MP Costs, doesn’t give all animated images ie images that go beyond ‘effect’, range changes (only range increased etc.) and how he puts the images right on the blog post itself (easy access, but only because he doesn’t put all of them down) etc.). Look at Shakar’s CS/DS/Merc skill guide.

      Shakar used to update pretty late, but had more detail than Max in his posts. Now he’s sometimes quicker. Max is for getting the overview of the update. Shakar is for further understanding it. They, afterall, are not competing against eachother. Atleast that’s how I use it. I used to always go on Max first, but now I check both since Shakar’s updating speed is improving, relatively, to Max’s.

      Off-topic: After all that I use South Perry when I really need to get the detail, but its format is not as convenient to use as these blogs, and untranslated during earlier periods.

      • Oh and if you comment on how he hasn’t updated those ‘Skill Changes’ for a while, it’s because they’re just top-notch in giving detail. It’s worth it in the end. Otherwise, have a read-over on Max’s or struggle reading South Perry’s Korean.

  5. hey shakar, ive been looking through the extractions and i cant find my answer hopefully you can help xD. So since dragon strike was nerfed a lil since tespia stats. id like to know what the times on the animations is. All videos never show buccs spamming dragon strike compared to energy blast. If energy blast is the same speed it would obviously be the better decision dps wise. thats what im trying to get at…

  6. Now it’s Pirate Hero speculation time! I think he will use some sort of Pirate sword. Maybe called Sabers… I think they would be called Laine, or Lok or something, if it starts with L as the speculation Is Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, L???, Evan which is MAP?E. And when he is released, you could fight the Black mage, but only in a party of 1 of each heroes, with each at lvl 200. Then once you ill him, you realize that he is just the pawn in some other random persons master plot, and you pick up an item that increases your experiance cap up to 300, and you gain a 5th Job. To make it fair, other classes could fight another version of the Black Mage, like the Black Mage illusion. and Cygnus Knights could then get up to lvl 200 from the exp cap raising item.

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  8. So if someone had passed, let’s say, a Triple Throw 30 book before this update. Would Quadruple Throw’s master level be 30 after this update? Or do they need to rebuy all the skill books…?

  9. LOl, I love how all of you are getting mad about MY OPINION *read that 4 times* I stated why I don’t like it. I never said there wasn’t anything GOOD about it. Also most of you are stating YOUR OPINION which I didn’t ask for. Can’t believe people wasted there time answering to me. You can say all the shit you want but remember I DON’T KNOW ANY OF YOU. So what you say means nothing to me. #failz

  10. I read both blogs and I love both of them. Max is quick while Shakar is detailed. That’s the only difference between them. I go to Max first, read the quick version and later on come here and read the more detailed version on Shakar’s site

    • He is wrong, this is a different medal. It has a similar name, but it isn’t the Time Traveler Medal from the Visitor event, it’s from the Neo City theme dungeon.

  11. ^^^^^ I found out the question and i typed it wrong. but that doesnt matter. Do u need QT10 or is it just a normal skill u get free? If so will I need to buy TT10 to trade to NPCs for it or can i use a normal mastery book? also can i trade shadow stars 20 for dark serenity 30? or is it 20>20, 30>30, 10>10?

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