KMS v.1.2.157 ~ 9th Anniversary!

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UPDATE: Updated to v.1.2.158.

Only 6 days ago, this update came to the test server. It brought the Fantastic Park theme dungeon, the jobs added in the Legends update, and, most importantly, MapleStory’s 9th anniversary.

The events are actually kind of fun, although I believe it won’t last for long. Remember how last year we got all excited about the new book event concept? That concept just pissed me off later on because Nexon overused it. I fear they’ll do the same for this event, which is a board game!

I promised you this post would be big, and it is! Oh and, all of the events end in ~June 1st. Just read on~

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KMST v.1.2.428 ~ 9th Anniversary, Fantastic Park, and The Return of the Legends

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I don’t really have much time to write this post, so I’ll just rush through the update right now. Sorry, but I am very busy now since the year is almost over and every teacher decides to assign projects -_-.

Anyway, in this update the 9th Anniversary events were added along with Fantastic Park, which is basically Malaysia in GMS and other MapleStories. And also, the Legends jobs (Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer) were added and revamped. Honestly the revamps were lame. You might have not known this, but every time I put ‘by …%’, it means that all Nexon did was change 1 number around, and therefore the change applies to all levels.

So yeah, let’s get to the skill changes:

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KMST – Second Term Signup

Nothing special to talk about today (5-hour site maintenance, and NO updates) so I’ll just briefly guide you on how you can apply to KMST. This term will be very exciting because it includes many summer updates (Return of the Legends for sure, perhaps even PVP revamp, and so on) which, as we know, are much more exciting than any other update. The term will run from May 1st until summer, they didn’t really specify when. Applications are due by the 24th.

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KMS v.1.2.156 ~ Warrior Revamp & GMS v.109 ~ Alliance Eternal

UPDATE: Important news about GMS at the bottom of this post added!

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So, the patch that came to the test server less than a week ago was released to the real server yesterday. Yep, yesterday, I’m late once again. I was away in Atlantic City in case any of you care, plus I spent 4 hours today trying to fix a problem my computer had (Vista users – Do NOT use Automatic Updates).

Very late this time, but it’s not a big deal since there aren’t too many updates this time. Only thing I’ll focus on is events, which are pretty bad.
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KMST v.1.2.427 ~ Warrior Revamp

Nexon broke its rule, and instead of releasing this update on Thursday, they released it today (Friday). I haven’t been negative in a while, but it’s pretty lame. Only 1 new skill which they already showed us, and the rest is just crap. Ugh, hopefully they’ll make more changes before it comes out to the real server.

Anyway, I’ll be going over the skill changes first~

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Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #11!

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BEFORE I START, I’d like to start off by saying that the last post was an April Fool’s joke. Sorry if I caused any harm.

Anyway, Inkwell wrote another entry in his diary! It seems to be a revamp to Paladins or some other warrior class from the picture above^^. Not sure though. Here’s what he left:

필살! 레이징블로우!!

Deadly! Raging Blow!!

Honestly Inkwell? Can you be even more vague?

Well, that’s all for now. I predict the update will come this Wednesday (and what sucks is that I deleted the Paladin I made for the April Fool’s joke)!

Tired of revamps? Or want more? Buy some NX today!


KMS – The Removal of Mihile

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I logged on to KMST today, and noticed one major thing: Mihile was removed. And not just from creation, but from the actual game. No more Mihiles…

Kind of sucks, I wanted to be Hawkeye. Well, I guess the hypothesis people made about it being an April Fool’s joke were right.

Anyway, I’ll guide you through what happened to existing Mihiles. This is the first time Nexon actually removed a class o_o.

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