Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #13!

Two days ago, we saw another entry on Inkwell’s diary. The entry before that was months before. For whatever reason, though, they are began updating it very quickly. We can’t predict when the next one will be, I guess.

Back on topic, this entry relates to what I think may be Chaos Pink Bean. He left a small note that makes it really obvious~

혼돈의 카오스! 충격의 핑크빛 공포가 온다.

Chaotic Chaos! Fear the arrival of the shocking pink.

Definitely Chaos Pink Bean. About time, really; people can already solo it easily.

I really wonder if it looks like this, haha. Probably won’t, seeing how chaos Zakum/Horntail look the same as the original versions.

Anyway, you can expect Chaos Empress soon also. It won’t be long before someone solos Chaos Pink Bean.

In addition, the picnic event was added. Unlike the KMST version, they added some new rewards if you care:

Those are the rewards from the box^. Same as usual…. In fact, those rewards will NEVER EVER change. If I participated in every recent event, I bet I would have over 9000 sunset dews/reindeer milks.

You also get some rewards for completing the event (as in, getting 3 rows/columns/slant lines):

After the 1st row/column/diagonal line and 2nd: 10% Clean Slate Scroll & 1 Gallant Emblem. 3rd: Special Potential Scroll, 2 Gallant Emblems, and 1 Picnic Pendant (+4 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 4 slots. Comes with a hidden potential).

This event is “LOL”-worthy. Bye.


UPDATE: I’m stupid, I forgot to include what I wanted to talk about the most. “Justice” in GMS is called Renegades. You can view the teaser page here.

So, the Renegade update seems to release 3 things: Phantom, Jett, and Hilla. Sorry guys, but it seems like there won’t be any pirate/thief revamp for now :/.


Citizens of Maple Planet:

A dangerous criminal has fled to your planet after committing a heinous crime (CLASSIFIED) against the planet Cerberus and its people. We are hereby offering a hefty reward to anyone with information leading to the identification and capture of the intergalactic terrorist known as ‘Jett.’ Contact the Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force immediately with any leads.

– Cerberus Rapid Reaction Force HQ

Currently, the teaser page only contains information about Jett, and nothing else about Phantom and Hilla. In the teaser page, they show the video above as one of the clues, and they will be releasing more clues on 6/15, 6/22, and 6/27 (And, according to the D-XX counter on the teaser page, it will also come out on that day)!

Seems pretty stupid, maybe because the video and the message presented are stupid. But I REALLY want to know more about Jett.

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71 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary ~ Entry #13!

    • TBH i think the name Renegades is actually fitting for the update IMO. And lol at the animation video for Jett.

      • you dont know yet if its not coming. i think we should get it cuz the reason TWMS got no pirate revamp was the dragon warrior being a pirate and his skills are only revamped pirate skills. which sucks. if we dont get the revamp and we get Jett instead, that would suck. they got an exclusive class too and they basically get the pirate revamp. no1 ever asked for an exclusive class we would all rather have the revamp 😦

    • They should release it or release it in a later time or like Pirate revamp with Jett then thief revamp with Phantom or Aswan with the Thief/Pirate Revamp.

      • +1 i agree…
        we”ve been waiting for this too long…. I really hope jet class will be good 0_0

    • nvm, 2nd, and also, nexon made a lul video that shows how they work, 5 minutes of getting sunbathing, and then work, thats why it take them so long to bring updates

  1. this is the charactar

    just prees “ctrl” and “+” to the max and you will see the male jett and female jett

      • or, its a pirate but it doesnt use m.att. if its a pirate i dont think it uses m.att

      • did you jett’s hat in the video… he/she is wearing a cowboy hat and why they showed nautilus in the video… my guess for now is he/she is a pirate probably a dual gun user pirate or a pirate who uses a saber…

    • This is Justice. Although they are going to release a new exclusive job instead / with the pirate and thief revamp, they will still release Phatom and Azwan in the second and third updates.

  2. whats the point in making making jett an alien? To grab the star wars fans? maple already has a fine alien themed based area , which is in urgent need of expansion.

  3. this sucks i was really looking forward to restarting my gunslinger D:
    did the teaser page say anything about when jett is coming?

  4. It should be noted that the different parts of that teaser unlock through July. You really think we won’t get a patch until mid July? Revamp is not definitely postponed, there’s a high possibility that the revamp comes this month, followed by this huge Renegades patch.

    • I think they may throw us the revamp to settle us down because they think we want phantom and JETT more (which is true for a lot of people who aren’t pirates or shadowers). The JETT previews are weekly until the end of the month, Aswan and phantom are even later.

    • The Jett page in the teaser site is already open with the first part of Jett’s teaser and more parts to come until June 27, which is probably going to be his release date (The first update of Renegades’ update). The teaser site for Phantom will be unlocked in July 2 and will release few weeks later with the second update, and Azwan in August with the third update. (Sorry for my English)

  5. i think GMS knows that people follow KMS news… that’s probably they didn’t released justice patch because they know that where expecting and patch for the pirate and thief….. their probably watching us right now…

    well played GMS….well played..

  6. I think that Maplestory developers realized that people get the information about jobIDs and trolled everyone from the jobIDs. The dragon warrior is a pirate but has a ID of 61xx(making it assumed as a warrior) while Jett is supposed to be a pirate with the ID 27xx(making it assumed to be a mage).

  7. I don’t recall people worrying about what class JETT is going by job ID, they were more interested in the fact that the name JETT was found in the data. And of course Nexon knows that we follow KMS, they in fact said it in the overquoted blog post about new content as we move into June. This isn’t them mixing things up to throw us off, that makes more work for them, they are just doing this because if they follow KMS 100% all the time, when would they be able to release their own exclusive stuff? and as I said, people are seriously ignoring the timeline they put out with this teaser, if it’s all meant to be one big superpatch, or at least 2, then the earliest we’d even see JETT would be the very end of June or at least early to mid July. That gives us time for a patch in between.

  8. This is what i think
    -Jett/Pirate revamp comes on the June 26 because on jett teaser site is says D-20 and in the video they also showed pirates.

    – Phantom/ Thief revamp comes on July 4 (nexon usually release patches on wednesday) because its after the teasor will be open and Phantom is a thief class so why not ass thief revamp

    -Hilla Might come on july 20.

  9. What if GMS sort of copies what TMS and CMS are doing and instead of giving us a pirate revamp, they just make a new class (Jett) with all the abilities that the revamped pirates would get, akin to the Dragon Warrior? I think that would be interesting and cool.

  10. This is only a prediction, but I think the Pirate/Thief Revamp will be coming out the same time as Dual Blades Revamp, so they can do it all in one go.

  11. Nexon America MUST improve their animating
    and dubbing, the video is horrible compared to the Koreans’ Phantom teaser

  12. and he will out at the 27 because there is a cloxk that counting days to the relese at the jett page and today he is on 19

  13. Shakar, TWMS and CMS are fusing the Pirate Revamp and Dragon Warrior, and the thief revamp and Phantom. Stop saying that Justice is canceled for GMS. All we see are pictures of the jobs, but who knows, maybe they will fuse Pirate revamp and Jett, and Thief Revamp and Phantom like TWMS and CMS

    • im sorry, but what? phantom is being fused with thief revamp? uhh no hes not, hes not the exclusive class and he has his own skills not just thieves’ post revamp skills

  14. Maybe they are going to release Jett and Phantom as Renegades and make Justice the Pirate and Thief revamp with the Dual Blader revamp…moo

  15. Has anyone considered the idea that nexon will weave JETT into the revamp? They could come up with some theory about how JETT has come from another world and has taught/inspired the renegades of our world new skills. Pirates and thieves are renagades, how are they not perfect for this update to receive a revamp?

    All I’m saying is, the lack of a teaser on any content does not equal a cancellation or suspension of that content. Nexon is putting emphasis on new classes and a new area with a boss, they aren’t gonna showcase a revamp for existing classes on the same threshold even they it’s so important to us. So much baseless assumption that is being spoken as fact, when you can easily try a little thing called optimism.

  16. Probably Awesome new job with a lame story line, nothing new with Hillia and Phantom, and pretty stupid events….
    It’s so disappointing there won’t be any pirate & thief revamp for now…….

  17. I kinda want the revamp so these idiots on basilmarket would shut the hell up about Nexon. First in Nov. 2011 they hate the revamp and nexon, now the want the revamp and still hate nexon.

    • You do realize that the people there started questioning the revamp because of Shakar saying it flatly isn’t coming lol, and now it’s just gone beyond that into chaos with nexon not specifically mentioning the revamp. Not saying it’s his fault that people are stupid, but that’s when this started.

  18. i think Jett is going to be out at 28/06 since theres a counter on top of the video and tht counter say the days left for us to play Jett xD

    • we’ll have to wait for Jett’s next trailers and if pirate revamp isnt with Jett, we have to wait for phantom’s trailers. if thief pirate revamp isnt before phantom, there probably isnt one so we’re screwed

      and lol renegades gms justice.

  19. i think they woulda said no revamp in renegades already, and not by doing the Phantom Azwan Jett, if they werent gonna put the revamp inbetween Jett or Phantom or even in the patch.

    I Mean come on guys! REJOICE! We finally get a character on the bad side of stuff 😀

  21. Except I’m sure there will be more to the story, since Jett is being introduced as a regicidal outlaw. Basically a murderer lol, since Jett isn’t the bounty hunter, he/she’s the subject of a bounty. Though Nexon is starting the not give a crap about it’s own ratings for its games so maybe they’ll surprise us and make Jett as badass as it sounds.

  22. I quit lol my lvl 200 nl has gone gone waste dude. This is what we get for urging nexon america to get “creative” good job nexon, have fun with all the people eagerly w8ing for the vamp. Any other update… They had to choose his one to mess up…… QQ

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