MapleStory Legend Update


[Enable Closed Captioning for English subtitles, credit to MazeMaple for the video]

Yesterday Nexon had a conference and they talked about their summer updates. Yeah Cannon Shooters and stuff, but more importantly, a new big update named Legend. Sorry I’m late, the conference was going on while I was sleeping so I watched the replay right now as soon as I got back from work.

3 parts again, lame! And really, what’s with the names of all those updates? They just throw random words in English that somewhat fit.

It was long but kind of interesting. Legend consists of the release of new jobs, the 3 new jobs we knew all along! And it’s coming really soon~

  • July 7th – Cannon Shooters: Yep, we heard all about those guys. They’re the first part of the Legend update!

  • ‘Mercedes’, Dual Bow Guns – July 21st: We already saw some sneak-peaks a little while ago, but now we know more about it! Yes she’s a hero and just like Aran, she was frozen in ice by the Black Magician. What we also didn’t know that her bows are not exactly bows, they’re actually guns!

^Just like Evan is to dragons or Cannon Shooter is to monkeys, this job is related to unicorns. The one on the left is the level 70 one and on the right is the 120 unicorn.

^Different Dual Bow-Guns!

^Left – Dual Hurricane, hurricane that damages twice as many times as the original (which is twice…). Click here to see it’s animation! Right – Gust Dive, just attacks the enemies in front of you.

She’s got other skills too:

^In both of those skills, you fly up and attack. Left – Leaf Tornado: You fly up and attack your surrounding enemies. Right – Legendary Spear: Looks just like Arrow EruptionΒ  except here you fly up and drop a lot of arrows at the enemies IN FRONT OF YOU. Animations here.

^Left – Wind Effect: Shoots fire unicorns (I STILL THINK IT’S LIONS) at the enemies in front of you. Right – Quake Rush Link: Throws the monsters up and you shoot lasers at it o_o. Animations here.

^Left – Painshot: Shoots the monsters up and attacks them using what seems to be a tree. Right – Demolition Kick: Shoots the monsters up and attacks them multiple times. The beginning looks the same but then Dmolition Kick is obviously more aggressive. Animations here.

^Stylish Move: Let’s you fly really quickly up a ladder and the fly a little more up and land in style. [Animation]

  • ‘Demon Slayer’, Resistance Warrior – August 4th: I didn’t really talk about this one because there was nothing related to it. Now I see why they kept it a secret. Apparently, it’s the strongest of all jobs or something like that.

^Interesting storyline…

^New sick weapons for this class! Also, they do not use MP. They use a point system called Force. It’s purple!

^Their mounts are wings! They can fly!

^Skill demonstrated – Max Force. Basically throws a dark purple thing in front of you. [Animation]

^Left – Dark Spin: Jumps up and lands down and hits the enemies around you. Right – Devil Cry: Very similar to the Vampire skill except much better. [Animations]

^Left – Death Throw: Basically throws a two-way chain to your right and left and pushes all the enemies to you. Animation here. Right – Dark Devil Cry: It’s an ultimate, similar to the Wild Hunters’ ultimate. A wheel with the ghostly symbol of this job appears and shoots the enemies in the map. Animation here.

Other Changes

  • Max amount of pots you can have per slot changed from 100 to 300!
  • +20 Speed for everyone? o_o
  • The new jobs have some special buffs, don’t know too much about them yet.
  • Profession skill enhancements:

Says something about NPC reminder and quick way to get there or something, new ability to sell items bought by mistake, and new items are available to be created.


  • 3,000 days event or something.
  • 1+1 Event, drop rate for potions and equipment increases:

I think I missed one there, but whatever.

Here’s another video that shows the gameplay of the new jobs:


Well that’s about it for this update! I would like to thank for the images and the owners of the videos for the videos.

Moving on to GMS, Chaos is coming today! Well, actually already came. All the events (and more) that I listed in my guide are in there, so good luck everyone! Lucky you have till August 14th for the level up event +_+. YAY!

List of events here!


UPDATE: If you use the automatic level 50 thing on a Dual Blades, you will NOT get the Mastery Books. 😦 You will not get the Boom Up event either 😦

Also, for some reason you’ll get the Profession Skill quest. Don’t get excited, you can’t enter the map till July 11th. Lastly for now, NO SP RESET SCROLLS! Dang it.

Update 2: Unscheduled maintenance. Because of that, jumpstart Dual Blades can get the free Mastery Books. Also, everyone will get SP reset scrolls!

Other changed:

  • The Hoblin King PQ issue will be resolved.
  • The Summer Boom UP EXP event issue will be resolved. Obviously there was an issue since it’s GMS-exclusive.
  • The issue with losing items when closing Hired Merchants will be resolved. Lost items will be returned.
  • Characters stuck in the Cake vs. Pie waiting room will be moved to Henesys.
  • The new Chaos world will open.

Oh and also, if you’re planning on getting rings from the event, don’t get more than one. I have a feeling they will not stack.

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118 comments on “MapleStory Legend Update

  1. Btw is it a bad Idea to have a ”brake” till this canon shooter releases from the point that Chaos got released?
    Ore are there things I should do in Chaos before having this ”Brake”?

      • They happen to, in Tespia there was a Bowmaster taking over the whole area, he was in the lead for most of the PvP. (Keep in mind everybody was evenly matched at Lv200 haha)

  2. It doesn’t way “roses increased”, It says “μž₯λΉ„” which means equipment. (I could see how you could get μž₯λ―Έ-rose and μž₯λΉ„-equipment confused)

  3. Demon Slayer is going to be sah-weet! But is it me, or is the Demon Slayer’s weapon in his off-hand akin to a Dual Blade’s Katara? Regardless, I’m going to have tons of fun putting the “laughter” in “slaughter” when we get it in GMS in, by my estimate, next February or so (just takin’ a shot in the dark from the hip).

      • Yeah, I was thinking that too. But I said February because it comes in 3 separate updates, so I counted it off like Big Bang, sort of: Cannoneer – December
        Bual Bow: January
        Demon Slayer – February

      • If I’m reading your post right, then no. It says that each class is released on 3 separate dates in each month of summer. I wish they were all released on the same day so the population of people trying the new classes would spread out over Victoria, wherever Dual Bows start, and Edelstein. This would reduce number of crammed maps on the same continent and lessen the lag (slightly, but it’s better than every map being the equivalent of Channel 1 FM Entrance).

      • LOL. I just noticed. Major err on my part. Then I’m adjusting my previous statement:
        Cannoneer & Dual Bow: November/December
        Demon Slayer: December/January.

  4. Hi. I noticed something from your blog. Was just wondering if i could use on of the pics nd use the info from this blog on BasilMarket. Thanks. πŸ˜€


    i was exited about Cannon shooter but now im just waiting for july 21!!!!!!!!!!
    how about you…
    i love the game play mechanism of mercedes….
    how about you Shakar?

      • how do you create another account on kms?
        i’d love to do that-tear face-
        i only have one account and i JUST deleted mydb and aran for the new jobs!!!
        lemme know

      • Hey Shakar GREAT blog. Thanks alot for that, and also thanks for the thing too. I am so pumped for the mercedes and Demon Slayer class that i just cant wait. I am a GMS player and I am dying to try these. I know a KSSN is required to make a KMS account or Korean Nexon account, but if you have a spare account for KMS or something id LOVE to try out the new classes πŸ˜› Thanks

      • Sorry but I have no spare account 😦 However, you can go to and they’ll just make you an account! No KSSN required~

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ i assume you meant but when im on where would i go to ask for one? O.o Thanks again :3

  6. Your statement about the boom up event being gms exclusive is possiblely untrue because i read something about it or something similar to it in spadow’s blog. Just look up all of info relating to chaos and you will find it. However I think that hyper teleport rock event is the exclusive if anything but its a guess Other than that I think you are doing an amazing job of filling spadow’s shoes and I find you a very informative source. Keep up the great work.

    • I said the Boom Up EXP event, not the Boom Up event. The Boom Up Event was in KMS, you can even see it in my guide.
      And yes the Hyper Teleport is GMS exclusive~

      • would be awesome if that was the gms exclusive =)

        All three of the classes look really fun to play =) especially demon slayer

  7. For some reason you keep on feeding the savage noobs with information. Maybe nexxon is okay with it but i dont like it, why can’t you let people learn about things when they come… I for one am opposed to the event ever coming to GMS, along with rebirth and various other reasons. If this patch does come, i hope dragons nest is fully released and you haven’t made a new wordpress. I mean lets face it, your a fake version of spadow, I didnt like him either actually but everyone seemed to like him. Your trying to get your spotlight now that your main competitor is gone and its just lame. If you love writing these blogs or whatever they are go work for nexon, they are looking for tech junkies who work 24/7. At least you would be payed for what you do.

    #What a dork

    • Fake Spadow much? Just a tip – you don’t get WordPress e-mails. Next time you try to be fake, remember that an e-mail like ‘’ doesn’t exist.
      Back on topic, what are you saying? Not trying to be like Spadow, I’m blogging for fun and I never even mentioned Spadow or bragged at all. I don’t see why it’s any of your business what I like to do and that I don’t get paid for it. Also, I don’t exactly play for 24/7 I have no idea why people say that. Yes I put a lot of effort into my blog, but that’s because I work efficiently and am able to divide my time. I also always release things late because I don’t spend enough time on the computer. My eyes start burning after less than 2 hours on the computer.
      Lastly, I like how you said ‘What a dork.’ At least blogging is doing something, trolling people online and pretending to be someone you’re jealous of (Spadow) is really nothing. I may be a dork, but no matter what you’re a bigger one.
      Dude, I remember you from last time now. You said you’re not coming back yet you did. Please take your words and if you have to flame, stay away from here.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

    • YOU JUST JEALOUS CUS NO ONES PRAISING YOU FOR INFORMING OTHERS ABOUT WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. WHY ARE SP GUIDES MADE SO QUICKLY, CUS THESE GUYS. CUS THEY INFORM US. Since we know wats coming we know how to react. They’re actually being really useful. And you some fake shit calling urself spadow. πŸ˜›

  8. and shakar,
    this is off topic but you know how in gms, you can do the quest for tha GFA 60%?
    well, is there something like that is kms?
    i am running really low on money-3 mil left……..
    thx if you know!
    -your newest fan-

    YOU”RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    thx agaain-
    -hoping gms finally ends the server maintenance………….

  10. Lol at all the people who said “The hero’s names are all gunna end in -an.”
    I want the Thief Hero to be named Nyan :3

  11. wow… before the i just made a level 50 dual blade from that thing only cuz i was expecting free skill books ><. Guess i'm gonna delete it and make a new one…

    • They reall shouldn’t have done that. I mean, they give you these 3 options; Arans, Evans, or Dual Blades. Nobody needs an Aran for the ring, don’t know about you but already got an Evan, and Dual Blades are useless without the Mastery Books. If they were given, then I would be satisfied. Looks like this level 50 event is only good for the free character slot…

      • actually, if you check the update notes for the unscheduled server maintenance, a jump-started dual blade can enter the hideout and get the mastery books from peacekeeper’s aid now! πŸ˜€

  12. Hi i was wondering is the legend bow class really called mercedes or dual bow gun cuz Mercedes is a girl name in spanish n i feel it would be really akuard for a male character be a Mercedes class O_O

    • Blah, looks like lions to me. I’ll change it though. And for the buffs I’m just going to wait till it comes out to KMS because it will probably be nerf’ed.

  13. I made a dual blade with the automatic lvl 50 thing and got the 4 mastery books (TS 20, FA 20, MI 30, SS20) are you sure that’s not supposed to happen O.o

  14. SHAKAR! I must say i lost some faith in you when other blogs and news were circulating before you posted this. However the post forces me to eat my thoughts. This is so in depth and masterfully done. I thank you so much for this info.

  15. actually if you make a jumpstart dual blade, you WILL get the mastery books, i just made one a few minutes ago

  16. Off topic, but how do you play KMS if you live in New York? Is it even possible. And is there a way to translate things?

  17. shakar from what you have seen what you think about mercedes, OP or not?

    i think not, but i been said im wrong, she does a lot of multi damage but compared to aran after chaos i can’t see it.

    • Since it’s still in KMST, it’s hard to judge. However, I do think she’s OP because she’s really fast and also I’ve seen some of them do really high damage even though it’s a test server.

  18. Shakar, when will kmst let us know if we got in or not?
    I really hope
    I get in
    Do they randomly pick people or do the acctually chichi the char and stuff?

  19. I was just wondering what type of weapons Demon Slayers use so i can prepair before the price of the weapon sky-rockets! If you could also but some Skill-Builds up that you recommend for Unfunded, Medimum Funding, and High-Funding, and some stat builds. I would appriciate it ^^, this was very helpful and i will come to u more often now πŸ˜€

  20. yeah i really want to know when is the legend uptade in gms so that way i could know if i should wait until it comes out on gms or just make an account on kms

  21. nahh ill just make a kms account when mt brother comes he is like really smart whit computer he should be here like in 30 min i think

  22. demon slayer is actually a servant of black mage who turned to the good side.
    mercedes is a legend.
    cannon shooter is an adventurer upgrade like dual blade

    • No it isn’t, the beginner skill is the mount. Demon Slayer just get wings naturally and besides maybe if you BOTHERED LOOKING INTO MY NEW GUIDES instead of looking at an old post then you’d know.

  23. Hey shakar don’t take tht shit “spadow” the fake one gave u man he just doesn’t have a life and insults people to take out his anger about having no life i suggest u ignore him i don’t want u to stress out or something like tht i love to be informed about things like this. And a Message to the FAKE spadow STOP tryin to put people down and not all nerds play games
    a bunch of populer kids play games 2 and plus i am like almost the most popular person at my school and i play Maplestory stop putting people down and IF u r the REAL spadow the real spadow would support Shakar in wht he is doing because he had a good time blogging and he probably thinks tht when he seees somebody like shakar who does somethin close to him he remembers what a good time he had blogging

  24. Oh yeah and Shakar i hope u choose to ignore Fake spadow ok? don’t let him make u stop wht u love to do and i bet this is just ur hobbie =)

    • MapleSEA is not what it used to be. I remember joining MSEA to try out pirates months before they came out to GMS. Don’t know what happened but they’re no longer ahead, they’re behind GMS.
      Since GMS will get Legend in 2 months and MSEA just RECENTLY got Chaos…
      GMS Chaos – 6/19. Legend – 12/XX. 6 MONTHS.

  25. Hey shakar i have a question do u know if every lvl that mercedes lvl she get a new pair of bows or i will have to buy them?

  26. pls reply me when i went into my account to see if there were the new legends character but i did not see any new characters come out why is that happening

  27. Pingback: KMS v.1.2.156 ~ Warrior Revamp & GMS v.109 ~ Alliance Eternal | shakar96

  28. after legend patch then DB cant be create anymore because of revamp, after revamp will Dbs get sp reset scroll?

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