KMST v.1.2.444 ~ Angelic Burster Storyline

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I know you have seen me say this a bagillion times lately (since Angelic Burster came out), but she looks so CUTE in that picture. I’m not being creepy, just being honest. Excellent picture, I might make a new logo using that picture.

LATER ON. No time for anything today. In fact, once again, I’m only leaving you with a video (which took me forever to upload; such a long yet lame beginning):


The video has the beginning. I’m currently trying to get it translated for you guys and perhaps put subtitles. Although, it’s much like Kaiser’s storyline, except the part where she meets Escada (the dragon). Escada then transforms her into Angelic Burster and she gets awesome powers. She also looks better than she was :P.

Aside from that, the patch changed the following things:

  • Added the Daydream skill (which I found a while ago) for Angelic Bursters. It teleports you back to her room:

  • Level 200 quests were added for Angelic Burster.
  • Easier to recharge, other skill changes, and voice was added for Angelic Burster.
  • Recipes added for Angelic Burster equipment (no duh).
  • Emblems and rings for Angelic Bursters have HP bonuses.
  • New Nova and Tyrant equipment:

Credits to (via for the images (because I couldn’t find them in-game).

Crazy stats! I really want those.

  • 1+1 event added for Angelic Burster.
  • Lab of Madness added, not much information about that.

  • Future bosses^. From left to right => Belderose, Victor and Toolgool (?).

That’s Belderose. Mhm. That traitor, like Magnus.

  • Hair stylist added to every town (don’t understand what that means, really. Not a big NX fan).
  • Hot Time hat for Angelic Burster added. I’ll talk about it when it comes to KMS anyway.

See you soon (actually, very soon. Mutiny update is coming to GMS)!


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25 comments on “KMST v.1.2.444 ~ Angelic Burster Storyline

  1. Real comment now:

    ZOMG, she is so cute!!! :333
    She’s like a pink Miku, but prettier.
    Actually, I think she is almost EXACTLY like Miku, cause there was a picture of her singing, wasn’t there?
    *le gasp*

  2. To bad the players aren’t cute when they choose Angelic Burster… Perhaps they would scam and stuff well i guess thats how Maplestory is.

  3. Shakar, You play kms and speak korean i think, Would you know of any patch or something at all an english player can use to translate kms into english? Thanks ^^

  4. I think that besides Hyper Skills, the only way they could make this patch bigger than big bang is to add more onto Grandis, Pantheon isnt big enough or high enough lvl for anyone to care about it right now. They could just as easily added Pantheon to Victoria island as of now. They need to expand Grandis

      • Are you completely sure the Nova guy is a new EVIL boss?
        Maybe he’s a tutorial boss of some kind, but a LOT of people hoped he would be a Nova Thief later on 😦

      • ok, i meant that they should add entirely new towns. like victoria island has the 5 main towns + sleepywood. And ariant and magatia are on the same continent. Itd be nice if they added other Continents to Grandis so itd be like a whole new world.

  5. Added the Daydream skill (which I found a while ago) for Angelic Bursters. It transforms you back to her room:

    “lol transforms you”

  6. i sure belderose is a thief but fights with is evil side etc (@_@)
    and mage nova and archer will have completly different storyline like ds=ressistance

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