KMST v.1.2.417 ~ Part Time Job

As more changes occur to Aswan, the new system which we saw earlier was added, the Part Time Job along with the Character Cards. I’ll start off with the Aswan changes first, then I’ll get to what the Arbeit thing is. As usual, thanks to for the KMST images~.

First off, the server wars was given a little bit of a boost. The participants of the winning server will receive 5 coins and the losing team will receive 3. You can enter the battle/check the scores by using this portal^ at the right of the map.

Aside from that, Hell mode was added (which I already predicted). You can also enter more easily by clicking on the Aswan War window. Lastly, this dude is now selling the Inner Ability reset scrolls:

No NX required, just coins~ That’s all for Aswan…

Now for the part-time job system.

Just pick your character in the log in screen and click the Part Time button. You have the choice of getting the following part time jobs:

Rest: Rest your character and you’ll get various buffs, including EXP buffs.

Herbalism: You get herbs and recipes. The rewards are better if you have mastered Herbalism (the profession skill).

Mining: Ores/recipes, better if you mastered Mining.

Merchant: lolPotions & maybe scrolls.

Weapon & Armor: Drop Rate bonus buff and some equips.

So how does it work? Simple! Choose your part time job. Your character will have a clock over it:

Now all you have to do is NOT log in your character for 6 hours. If you do, it will be canceled.

Once you’re done, go to Ms. Accounts (o_O) to claim your reward:

You can find her in every time.

My opinion = stupid idea. But who cares… Let’s move on to another system, the character cards system.

This is even stupider, guess what? More buffs for doing nothing! Yay!

For each character you have in your server, if it’s over level 30, you get a card. You can only have 2 decks of 3 cards in effect.

Based on what characters you choose, the characters the cards represent in that deck will get specific buffs. Just keep in mind that every card has a different rank based on the character’s level:

B – Level 30~ 69. A – Level 70~119. S – Level 120 ~ 199. SS – Level 200.

Cygnus Knights will get an A rank if they’re level 120.

So basically, select the characters that give the best buffs (for you). I’ll give you the buffs in just a second, my computer is like going crazy right now.

So anyway, pick your favorite card combination and enjoy the free buffs. Yay, making people even more OP now +_+.


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34 comments on “KMST v.1.2.417 ~ Part Time Job

  1. the part time thing sounds a lot like SWTOR’s system when your companion characters craft things and do missions for you while you’re logged off… But that’s just a thought.


    Something that isn’t a cash scam that everyone can equally take advantage of? Pleasantly out of character for Nexon. Although, unfortunately, Nexon America will probably put those resets in the cash shop to capitalize on their necessity. They already did it with cubes.

    Nexon Korea, y u no have english language version?

  3. Um, could you like update your skill change page. It’s been quite some time and you’ve haven’t even mentioned or DECIDED to add anything there! You could also update your video page as well.

  4. Shakar, I think you’re immature, annoying, and dishonest. Good Job stealing Spadow’s work. I refuse to use your blog anymore, MAX FTW. Oh and, how is the card system more buffs for people who do nothing? Do you realize how easy it is to level in this game? Anyone can have all those buffs. Does it require nx? No. You can do this yourself too, spoiled brat.

      • dude shakar96 is trolling in the post you replied to, and quite honestly, proving the trolling of the troll he was trolling right about the immature part. but what that troll was trying to disprove that it was buffs for doing nothing, but his only evidence is proves the opposite but on the other hand he probably was thinking about the making everybody more op part but forgot what he was talking about before he mentioned what it was, because, technically, you cant make everybody more op, because if everybody was more powerful, than nobody is any more powerful compared to anyone else, so up (under powered) people would still be up and they wouldnt be any closer to being op.

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