KMS v.1.2.142 ~ Sea of Fog & Nett’s Pyramid Revamp

This was originally the post for KMST v.1.2.403, but as I explained in my previous post, I wasn’t able to talk about it. There was also a patch yesterday in KMST, v.1.2.404.

Today, however, came the patch that revamped Sea of Fog and Nett’s Pyramid. I got to level 120 on my Demon Slayer in KMST especially for these PQ’s 😀

Anyway, I’ll be describing the changes made to these PQ’s. There are also new events I want to talk about.

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GMST v.08 ~ Ascension!

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

I KNOW that I’m late and I KNOW that I didn’t talk about KMST v.1.2.403, the Nett’s Pyramid & Sea of Fog revamps. Yes, there has been a patch in KMST in the past few days that revamped those PQ’s.

However, when I entered Nett’s Pyramid and was about to try it out, they closed it. I thought they would open it the day after, and then I could talk about it, but they didn’t. It’s been down for days now so I’m skipping that post for now till Nett’s Pyramid is up.

Anyway, today I’ll be discussing GMST v.08 which was also released a couple of days ago. There’s a LOT of interesting thing you might want to know!

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MapleStory Ascension – GMS Jump!

[Credits to XgrantwallX of Broa, owner of MapleTimes for the image. This image is NOT official.]

Wow! After a while of no updates in neither KMS nor GMS, there’s finally something big on the horizon!

I’m going to repeat myself again and say that the image above is NOT the official image for GMS’ Jump! update. Well, we might want to get used to calling it Ascension…

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New Skill Changes Page + KMS Events


Yay, I’ve been secretly working on that page for a little while and now all I have to do is update it with each patch. The reason I added that page is for you guys to keep up with all the changes occurring in KMS, instead of having to check out every single change after every single patch. That way it’s also easier for me 🙂

Anyway, as promised, I have prepared a post on the events I missed while I was away. That, along with the new events.

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KMS v.1.2.400 ~ Dojo & Monster Carnival Revamp

[Click to enlarge]

Description: Both Cannon Shooter and Demon Slayer like Mercedes, but Mercedes likes Demon Slayer more. Cannon Shooter is heartbroken :D. Lively Mercedes + Depressed Demon Slayer, ‘opposites attract.’

There was finally a patch in KMS and the recent revamps we discussed, Mu Lung Dojo and Monster Carnival, were released!

Actually, they made some major changes to Mu Lung Dojo since it was released in KMST, the different modes are actually different now.

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