KMST v.1.2.389 ~ Mercedes!

UPDATE: Updated with version 1.2.390. More pictures added! Again, thanks to Supermarioz5 of 😀

[PATCH file download, 46.37 MB]

Yesterday, I told you about the Legend update. Today the term WAS SUPPOSED TO END, but it was extended till the 7th and there was a new patch in which the new job, the dual bow-gun Mercedes, was added. Actually, the update is all over the place! Even the official website shows the Legend update!

Since I’m not in KMST in this term, I can’t really show you much. Therefore, I’ll provide you with videos that are not mine. I promise you that I will have a guide for this class by a few days after the 7th, I want to try it myself if I get in KMST (I’m staying optimistic!)! I’ll also have all the skills and stuff translated so don’t you worry!

So anyway, enjoy the following videos!

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MapleStory Legend Update


[Enable Closed Captioning for English subtitles, credit to MazeMaple for the video]

Yesterday Nexon had a conference and they talked about their summer updates. Yeah Cannon Shooters and stuff, but more importantly, a new big update named Legend. Sorry I’m late, the conference was going on while I was sleeping so I watched the replay right now as soon as I got back from work.

3 parts again, lame! And really, what’s with the names of all those updates? They just throw random words in English that somewhat fit.
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Chaos Guide

Update: Fixed the pages and silly HTML typos.
Added missing events (dual blade mastery books event!) and other info you guys told me I forgot.

Woah, this guide took a long time to make. Welcome to my Chaos guide~
As you may have already heard from other sources (or me!), Chaos was a big update that hit KMS a while ago. Note that IT’S NOT NEW, IT CAME LONG BEFORE JUMP!. I know I blogged about Jump! already, but I promised to make a Chaos guide before it hits GMS. And it hits GMS very soon! On June 29th~! So let’s begin.

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Theme Change, etc.

This is what it was supposed to look like^^. I take absolutely no credit for this, it was designed entirely by Vores of Broa. Looks amazing in my opinion! Sad thing is, I can’t make the whole design due to WordPress’s restrictions.

The logo is still very nice though! And I probably said it a million times already, but I’ll say it again, thank you!

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I also removed the sidebars. Tell me what you think, hopefully it’ll make things a bit easier to read.
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MapleStory Adventures!

[Sorry the music is messed up, my recorder didn’t work properly.]

FULL credit to Tony (ResistBattie of Khaini) for providing me with a key and making this possible!!! I would also like to thank Hyun for offering me one as well!!!

The new game I told you about, MapleStory Adventures, has its closed beta open right now. It will soon be open for everyone, so I’ll guide you through the whole game~!

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MapleStory Adventures?

MapleStory Adventures [Closed Beta]

I didn’t notice the announcement made nor have I heard anybody freaking out about it. I just figured it out last night, so I’m sorry if I’m late. The registrations for the closed beta are closed for now, but I’ll keep you updated in case they open them again~ Oh and don’t worry, there’s another way you can play it (just read on).
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