KMST v.1.2.437 ~ Luminous Storyline!

[Entrance to the Black Mage’s room]

[Black Mage’s Throne!]

UPDATE: The teaser was added! Check the bottom of the post.

On my last post, I really wondered WHEN this patch would come because the job is coming to the real server in 8 days. Unsurprisingly, they released this patch. Oddly enough, the trailer wasn’t released yet. Even more odd, the actual beginning of Luminous was not added yet, just a couple of quests for levels 10+.

This patch includes a lot of content besides the storyline, such as Guwaru, Magnus, and even the Black Mage! They’re just NPC’s for now but I really wonder what they’re for. There are also more ID’s from the same race, except, while the other one was a warrior, this one is a pirate! We can assume that both Guwaru and Magnus are being released, and one of them is a warrior while the other is a pirate. Black Mage commanders as jobs, mhm.


Again, the full storyline was not released yet. However, quests for levels 10+ were added, and I can give you the gist of the storyline.

Luminous was a part of the 5 heroes who sealed the Black Mage. We don’t really know what happens to him exactly (because there’s no tutorial yet), but he wakes up hundreds of years later, weak and without remembering anything. When he wakes up in the house of Rania (shown above), he starts training to strengthen himself and learn to control his dark power. To do so, he first works on controlling light. After all, after hundreds of years, he’s not so used to light anymore.

He goes and asks Arwen the fairy of Ellinia about just how much the world changed. He also mumbles about Eurel (?) vanishing and then he introduces his bigger concern: his Aurora. His Aurora is what gave him light power back in the day.

Arwen tells him to go to the Magic Library of Ellinia to ask Grendel (which I just realized is called Heinz the Librarian in KMS) about the Aurora. He goes there, but Grendel is not in the library. Instead, he meets a kid named Loro.

The kid tells him that the spiritual power of the Aurora is found in some scrolls. If you get the scroll, you may find the Aurora. He also tells Luminous that he will get the scroll for him in the library. Meanwhile, Luminous was generous enough to do his chores for him, and clean up the library (psh, noob).

So the kid finds the scroll and Luminous tries to read it. He suddenly remembers a place named Serenity, his home town. He realizes that he has to go back to Serenity if he expects to get his Aurora. However, the scroll doesn’t really tell him how to get there, and so, he waits for Grendel. Until Grendel returns, he does another favor for the kid. You may think it’s cute, but it’s not; that just means more tedious quests for you to do. When Grendel finally returns from work (he has a job?!), he asks him about the scroll. Grendel says he needs some time.

Grendel’s solution is pretty… Dumb… He tells him that the secret is helping people in Ellinia (?! Cheesy). Luminous is dumb enough to fall for that, and he helps people. He helps Anne with his dolls. Then, he goes to bother Shane (isn’t that the guy who gave me an apple when I was a noob?), who sees that Anne is sick and asks for herb seeds. Anne’s mother, Dr. Betty (they are related?!) then asks him to get some of her broken samples. Apparently, Dr. Betty also has patients, and one of them is an angry elf whose wings are plagued, so she makes Luminous do more work.

After doing all of that work, he goes back to Grendel who found a second scroll that could potentially have more information about Serenity.

Grendel further analyzes the scroll, and tells Luminous to find the 4 contradictions of the Maple World. First one is the cold flame that mixes with Flaming Golems. Grendel asks him to kill some golems using a weapon he gave him (Reverse Lantern). Then I gave up :O. No worries, though, I’ll continue (might not be as accurate, though). The next contradiction is the hot breath in the mud of Kerning City of Muddy Sprout Monsters. Kill those. Next is the light trapped in darkness in shells of Torties. That confuses him, light is trapped in darkness? And what darkness is light? Final one is the darkness and light that are found in the curses of Melodies. And those are all the contradictions.

Now he’s ready to find the path to Serenity. He is lead to Golem Temple, and sees the gate to Serenity.

When he goes through the gate, he arrives at Serenity:

Wow! He finds his friend Beuwon who has been holding his Aurora for all those years! He takes the Aurora from him and asks for help. Beuwon tells him that the forces of light and darkness are equal, and therefore he is not protected from darkness. Luminous realizes that he has to face darkness on his own…

That’s as far as I’m going. I’m not sure if everything there is 100% correct (because I just translated the quest summaries and did a lot of guessing. Also, I hate dialogues), but anyone is welcome to fix me.

There are more quests but then it would take me forever to translate them. But here, I’ll throw some pictures at you of the other quests:

And some pictures of the [potential] tutorial:

Haha this guy:

Always with a smile


^Magnus (new job coming soon).

^Guwaru (that’s also a new job o_o).

^OMG Black Mage!

Other Changes

  • Some skill changes. I’m not including Luminous skill changes, which are mostly changes in how much each skill contributes to the gauge. There were some changes for Phantom, however:

Phantom (Beginner)
Judgment Draw
Critical Rate Bonus Doubled (5% -> 10%).

Judgment Draw
Critical Rate Bonus Doubled (10% -> 20%).
Unfamiliar variable changed from 22 to 20.

Phantom (3rd)
Piercing Vision
Critical Rate Bonus Decreased (50% at max level -> 30% at max level).

Phantom (4th)
Pouvoir Emprunte
Cooldown Increased by 60 seconds (60 seconds at max level -> 120 seconds at max level).

  • Empress equipments no longer have a secondary stat requirement.
  • New ID’s:


What it means: A pirate class of the same race as the 61XX job, which we assume is Magnus. Soo 65XX is Guwaru?

That’s all I’ve got for now. Oh, and they STILL didn’t release the teaser -_-.


UPDATE: Here’s the teaser:


It’s called Inkwell’s Tempest Conference  (1). Pretty stupid.

Basically explains most of the stuff we already know EXCEPT:

  • Something big for high-leveled people (again…).
  • A new race (we already knew about that), but with a picture!

It looks like Magnus with a dragon head o_o. And the way they presented the image makes it seem like a new job… So, cool! It’s being released, along with another, pirate, Black Mage commander (could be Guwaru). Or maybe it’s not Magnus but that’s pretty messed up.

[Click to enlarge]

And on Inkwell’s Diary, this awesome Tempest poster was posted! He left:

숙명을 거스르는 자, 운명의 결단을 준비하라!

Those who defy fate, prepare for destiny’s decision!

Patch is coming later on today.

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82 comments on “KMST v.1.2.437 ~ Luminous Storyline!

  1. I doubt guwaru is a class
    Magnus kills him in one of the animations
    It’s on Max’s blog
    And omg
    Warrior and pirate
    Sounds interesting
    U always find something Max doesn’t!
    Nice work

    • Well, that’s the assumption.
      If we’re going to assume that Magnus is the new job (with ID 61XX), then Guwaru MUST be the other one.
      But then again, it can be something other than Magnus. Although, we got too many hints of the job.
      But I can tell you this for sure: 1 warrior and 1 pirate.

      • UHNO. 6001xx = Equivalent of Beginner. So basically, 65xx = Pirate Job with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Job Advancements. How can Guwaru be a job? You should look for more evidence.

      • its not guwaru, how can we play a treeish stone? o.o anyways i guess its random race or something? and maybe kms will get rip off jett ?

      • I dob’t belive Guwaru is a class too… Maybe it’s like the pirate hero? o.O Even though there are already 5 heros. I was pretty shocked that we have 2 mage heros and no pirate. Maybe it’s some sort of an allie.

      • Btw, about the new job adv lvls and the new high level maps and the fact that this is the biggest update, bigger than BigBang, would it be possible the arrival of the 5th job adv? I am a really old player and I do miss (I think) the days where it was hard to level.

  2. Anne’s mother, Dr. Betty (they are related?!)

    yep, there is a noob quest in which you help Dr. Betty to retrieve some stuffed drake skulls from her daughter Anne, you might remember that little bitch asking you questions to make sure you’re actually sent by her mother, such as…

    her mother’s…

    earring color
    book color
    shoe color
    underwear color
    when she last got laid

  3. Aran: wounded
    Mercedes: passed out (?)
    Freud: heavily wounded
    Demon Slayer: also passed out

    Phantom: doing just fine 🙂

    • if u did all the silent crusade quests, then ud know, mercedes died. then, a mapler came along and use afriens essence or something to revive her. freud didn’t die till after she woke up.

    • I know you’re just asking shakar but I learned korean by this site

      OT: Guwaru as a pirate based class O_O weird…he doesn’t seem pirate looking type…just a walking wood that can do magic lol. But I’m not going to go jump into conclusions lol

  4. Shakar, I know this sounds very rude, but
    Although, (in my opinion) it would be possible for Guwaru to pass as a “Pirate class” since it works under the Black Mage, but I really cannot imagine Maplestory creating a whole bunch of animations for the Guwaru to be playable.

    • Also, since when was Aran female? It might be official canon for Aran to be a girl, but many trailers depict him as a guy and one specific quest for the Silent Crusade shows an NPC of Maha next to a male Aran.
      Please clear up this misunderstanding, as I’m super confused.

  5. There are actually too many jobs now. I wonder what magnus’ race is gonna be called. I wonder what the thief of that race is. I WONDER WHERE THAT THIEF RESISTANCE IS. I can worry about this in 4 months when i have 2 months to prepare. And i hope the last resistance is out and cooler than phantom, who is very cool. Also i dont think tempest is gonns be the biggest patch, i hope it doesnt change as much as the big bang. I just want job adv changes, luminous, black mage, a lot of new exploreable areas, and NO UI change/ exp change. Also no 5th job or revamps.

  6. I think magnus is no the new job i feel the story will like that his sword leave him and going to find another new master ~ and the Guwaru is dead and his spirit was choosen a ppl the be a new job ~ XD

  7. Well… If Magnus was to be a job, and we saw the GIF of Magnus killing Guwaru…
    I’d like to think Magnus’ race will be called “Rebels”

  8. Pouvoir Emprunte
    Cooldown Increased by 60 seconds (60 seconds at max level -> 120 seconds at max level).

    60 seconds (X) 57 seconds (O)

  9. and last thing…
    inkwell post magnus!!!!!
    the video is from her dairy and at 2:56 there is magnus photo!!!!

  10. i saw a video that video (above my post) that was a bit translated (not all the video) and one of the translations was “light and darkness, ready your choise”
    and seeing magnus and guwru made together with the sentence me thinking maybe they are “evil” side jobs and we (the players) will need too choose a side

  11. new inkwell diary and videos sound super awesome, and at the end you see magnus *-* and seems like he is with some wolf head, maybe a transformation. Awesome !!!! and new content for high levels that update will kill me.

  12. its not magnus -_-. i compared the pic to his pic magnified. it looks more like a dragon. everything is the EXACT SAME as magnus except for the dragon head.

  13. I really don’t want to correct you Shakar, but Guwaru and Magnus are probably not the new jobs, seeing how Magnus basically kills Guwaru and steals his life energy in an animation. Proof is at Orange Mushroom’s blog, animation is there.

  14. i think magnus probably a class or he are the master of the new class, but i think guwararu is not a class, but can be the professor of one class, or maybe he no have nothing related which one class, but magnus probably are related with 61xx

  15. I think there will be a line of classes that work on the dark side :DDDDDD
    thats what they are kind of hinting :X

  16. luminous and the new jobs seem ok, tempest not so much, i dont want many big changes like the big bang, the teaser-nexon got even stupider. i couldnt even watch the full teaser. sometimes i wonder if i should quit MS and play Assassin’s Creed full time… maybe when AC 3 comes out.

  17. I think I got it. Magnus is an evil dictator that rules over the new continent.
    In this new continent, there’s a town from which Magnus was born, a town of Dragon People, like Magnus and the character on the teaser.
    It can’t be Magnus because Magnus’ wings are old and his right horn is broken, and the character on the teaser has both his horns complete and his wigs look pretty new. Both have tails.

  18. Hey Shakar, I’ve been wondering:
    Since it’s not possible in my opinion that 3 new classes will be released in 1 update
    (Luminous, Guwaru and the weird dude in the dark picture)
    Perhaps Guwaru will be a monster which will follow the weird dude in the dark picture?
    Like Evan and Mir?

    • there is a picture that you see there guwaru as NPC in elin forest… elin forst is the past of elinia and luminous livies near elinia BUT AT THE PAST SO NEAR ELIN FOREST SO I THING HE IS SOME HOW RELATED TOO LUMINOUS

    • well in my opinion something really different as a new class would be very nice! so yea im in on this boat (if its even gonna be a new class)

  19. if you look closely it either looks like hes holding his sword or he is a deformed version of chucky from edelstien 🙂

  20. Did anyone see that it said at lvl 110 GUWARU IS RESURRECTED!!!
    Proof: Max’s Blog.

    This clearly poses that Magnus kills Guwaru in the tutorial and possibly Guwaru agreed to his death knowing he would be revived? You decide.

  21. Magnus the nortorious Dragon Slayer…
    Guwaru the mysterious and mystical “Shaman Pirate”

    anyway the idea of having the Black Commanders being playable characters would be EPIC awesome, and like Explorers, Cygnus, Resistance, and Heros, this new “group” can be called “The Black Order” or Black Wings. ;p

  22. Actually the dragon knight guy is a new class called Kaiser whose part dragon and part human. There’s also supposed to be a new class released in KMS in December.

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