KMS – November Update Info

Yep, there have been no updates for a while (well, there was a KMS patch of recycled events), but Nexon finally decided to release some information about what they are planning on doing this month! And I must say, it’s not so great. I expected more…

Here’s what it says:

  1. Demon Slayer revamp.
  2. Cannoneer revamp.
  3. Resistance Hyper Skills.
  4. Monster Park EXTREME (sounds awesome. Not really).
  5. PQ rewards changed.
  6. Kerning Square revamped.
  7. New Theme Dungeon – Gold Richie’s Beach.

How exciting, can’t wait. I literally am feeling the excitement running through my bloodstream, as if something amazing will happen this month. Hopefully something will! I actually really believe that something will :), but not in MapleStory. If that’s all they’ve got… Wow.

Well, isn’t this great news. I anticipate a patch in KMST soon, bringing another revamp to Cannoneers and Demon Slayer. Just keep this in mind that it may be bad like the last one.


P.S. – Who is going voting today? I’m not, and I don’t think I ever will, mainly because voting is so pointless. Popular votes mean nothing because of the Electoral Colleges system. Obama pretty much secured a victory; so much for a democracy… But if you are voting, who is it that you are voting for and why? I honestly can’t decide anyway ^_^.

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21 comments on “KMS – November Update Info

  1. OMG! You didn’t die! Welcome back from Sandy. This november update will probably be good, I’m gonna have good hopes on Nexon. Also, it’s so nice that voting is not obligatory in USA, seems nice.

  2. Main thing about electoral colleges is that it’s not even popular vote in the state… its a bunch of guys who end up deciding. the good ones go with the pop. vote but some just decide for themselves

  3. I will be able to vote in 2 years, but if I could vote, I would probably end up voting for mitt romney ๐Ÿ˜› I know it kind of sound stupid but all I know is that obama will raise taxes for richer people, right? I come from a wealthy family so…. yeah.

    anyways, nothing exciting about the november updates. I’m waiting for the final resistance character, final archer explorer, more level 200 cygnus classes and the rest of the nova :PPPP and the black mage of course. Oh well.

  4. lol right now it doesnt look like obama is winning
    romney has quit a bit lead at the moment
    but i hope it chnages
    romney gonna screw us all

  5. Well, I live in CA, so Presidental Voting doesn’t matter either. However, it more about the Props. IDK about Your state (NY i assume), but there other part to voting other then President.

  6. Mr. shakar96, do you still blog about GMS? I know that you’ve been gone because of the Hurricane, but you didn’t do anything after Champions. Well, either way, WELCOME BACK! โค

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