Happy (?) U.S. Memorial Day!

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So, like every year, I’m confused about what to say about this holiday. All I hear is “Happy Memorial Day,” but this day isn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t be) happy at all o_o. For those of you who are not from the U.S.A., here’s how it works: There is a parade in basically every town, and after the parade everyone goes shopping (because there are sales and such) or sets up a grill and starts barbequing. It’s a celebration, even though it’s supposed to be a memorial day… Seems terrible to everyone who lost a loved one while that person was protecting this country.

What do I know, though, that’s just what I think. If you are from the U.S., please take a moment to remember everyone who sacrificed his or her life for us to enjoy this “holiday” (more like, a day off from school so kids don’t complain that there are no vacations in May :P).

Now, I know most of you are staying home today (because either you’re not from the U.S. or the holiday is just meaningless to you), but just remember that there’s another [freaking] 2X event today.

It’s from 2-6 P.M. (Pacific, 5-9 Eastern), as the picture says. And look at the notes, they still didn’t change that picture of the Big Puffy Daddy (Hmm, the cake o_o) even after I humiliated them. Again, if you have Firefox (LATEST VERSION), go to the notes page and drag the picture to the top (to the tab) and look at it.

And don’t forget! v.1.11 is coming out this Thursday~. I briefly touched it on my last post, and I might talk about it on Thursday (if not, maybe the day after).

Well, enjoy (or not) your holiday (if you are from the U.S.)! I can’t say ‘see you next revamp’ because I probably won’t see you till Thursday (or, if I will, it probably won’t be a revamp), in which there will be no revamp.


P.S. – If you are around New York City, I suggest visiting Governors Island. I was just there earlier today, and it’s beautiful! It opened today and it will stay open for only ~3 months (until October I believe, then you’ll have to wait till next summer), so you might as well just go today (Bicycle rentals are free today also)!

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28 comments on “Happy (?) U.S. Memorial Day!

  1. :O Never knew you lived in NYC… I don’t live down there 😦 I think I’m going this summer though :3

  2. well the reason people “celebrate” is to recognize and make light of those who have fallen.. its not celebrating their death, its remembering what they did, and celebrating their heroism. At least thats the way i see it.

    • ^ agreed. It’s like the Day of the Dead in Mexico, they celebrate all the good things they did; people don’t mope around, we’re proud of what we’ve done!

      • It’s a big pride thing. “This is what we have thanks to them. Let’s not waste it! Why let them die for our freedoms in vain? We should thank them and celebrate our freedoms that they so bravely gave to the rest of us!” Of course, that pride thing just makes other nations see us as lazy idiots cheering at another’s death.

        Memorial Day is in fact filled with a lot of memorial services, but its also a big “thank you for giving us the freedom to do this,” cos in other nations, you’re repressed from things as extreme as dancing and singing in public, to what religion(s) you’re allowed to believe, to who you can vote for, to speaking out about your government. America’s clearly not 100% “free” (as that would be anarchy), but that’s mostly to contain ethics, and prevent people from limiting others’ freedoms. It becomes a big celebration of our freedoms, since that’s what our soldiers fight and die for. Every one of them is doing it with the intent of protecting our country and letting us keep the sovereign freedoms we want without fear of another nation pushing itself on us and treating us with the same way that they treat their own citizens.

        Of course, that just brings up the whole thing of America being the very type of nation it wants to eliminate from the world… xD

  3. I don’t really know how it is in the USA, but in Israel in the Memorial Day, every school makes this sad ceremony and there are 2 min when a siren is played, and everyone stands for 2 min to remember our falled soldiers (yep, the whole state stands for 2 minutes in the same time). In the TV there’s nothing except of some sad movies/memorial day related programs, and of course there is an official governmental ceremony.

    This day starts at the evening and ends in the evening of the next day, when the memorial day ends, we start celebrating our independence day. 😀 (In the evening of the memorial day). Usually in the 2nd day of the independence day everyone sets up a grill and starts barbequing.
    It’s really nice moving from a sad day in which we remember our lost soldiers to celebrating our independence. 🙂

    • Insoya isn’t the official site, but that all does look pretty goddamn legit. And it does excite one’s jimmies. If it’s real, and doesn’t get nerfed to hell because of some whiney crybabies, then there may be hope for the game yet.

      Looks like there’ll be a male resistance flute user with a fixed harp shield (an offensive bard with some party buffing and recovery magic as well), a male one handed shield(!) adventurer(?) with a fixed(?) lance “shield” and a badass female anchor hero with a fixed anchor chain shield who, despite the destruction such a weapon could cause, will probably be a mid to bottom tier damage dealer due to having two handicaps, one being a slow attacking speed and the other overly balanced damage percents that don’t make up for the reduction in attacking speed, instead of simply trading just one handicap for one strength. It seems like it’ll be Cannoneers all over again. But a free offensive party buffing/recovery class (Evan doesn’t count, as it’s pay to play in GMS) and a flashy new lancer are both pretty damn cool. I can’t wait for some gameplay videos to come out.

      Also thanks to Google Translate, this line:

      “- Top Archer adventurer Charlotte [New York] ”

      Maybe it’s the GMS exclusive?

    • I think it’s fake. The background image for the knight resistance class I’ve seen on google images. Search “Dragon Knight”.

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