GMS – Renegades Part II!

The patch was scheduled for July 12th (and in fact, in the teaser page it says the last clue will be released on the 12th o_o), but Nexon changed it to July 9th. Bet it’s because the patch was supposed last for 3 days. JUST KIDDING, the data is already in the Wz so it shouldn’t take too long anyway. In fact, their plan is to have the maintenance for ONLY 10 minutes (new record!).

The patch brought Phantom along with some events. Let’s go over Phantom first~



So Phantom… Yeah. You probably already saw my guide, and you might have seen my updated skill tables that I posted on my Jett post.

The storyline of Phantom was actually pretty accurate in my guide. Here’s the storyline from Nexon’s official patch notes:

Hundreds of years ago, Phantom gained fame and fortune by stealing precious treasures from the wealthy. He intentionally left clues at every crime scene so all of his targets would know it was he, the master thief, who had made off with their valuables. Though many tried, no one ever learned his true identity, and many began to believe he was something more than human. He was dubbed “Phantom” by the people.


When attempting to steal the Skaia, a precious jewel rumored to be connected to the power of Empress Aria of Ereve, Phantom ended up falling hopelessly in love with the Empress. The two developed a burgeoning friendship that became more romantic by the day. Instead of attempting to steal the Skaia again, Phantom decided to simply ask Aria for it. Although she found this amusing, she always declined.

Before their romance could deepen, Aria was tricked and killed by an envoy of the Black Mage led by the sinister General Orchid. Devastated by Aria’s death, Phantom offered his help to Freud the Dragon Master, and joined forces with a group of heroes to strike back at the Black Mage. The Five Legendary Heroes were eventually able to defeat the Black Mage and seal him away. Phantom had played his part in protecting the world that Aria had once believed in.


But his victory was not without great sacrifice. Cursed by the Black Mage while sealing him away, Phantom was encased in magical ice for hundreds of years. Eventually, the magic weakened, and Phantom broke free. After hearing rumors that Hilla was the rightful owner of Skaia and heir to the throne, Phantom rushed to Ereve. He stunned the onlookers by proving that Empress Cygnus was the rightful Heir to Empress Aria’s throne and Hilla had deceived them all. Hilla had no choice but to flee, and Phantom has since returned to his personal airship, the Lumiere, to build his strength in preparation for the fight against forces that seek to revive the Black Mage and plunge the world into another age of terror and chaos.

Haha, I love Phantom’s storyline. It’s my favorite story in MapleStory, actually. Every story nowadays is like the plot of a classical Indian movie (if you have ever seen one, you’d know what I’m talking about. And no, I’m not Indian), but this one is unique! Instead of them living happily ever after, Aria dies 🙂 (WTF did I just use a smiley face?). He then goes badass on Hilla and, unlike all those vindictive noobs in stories nowadays, he keeps it cool. He doesn’t go super saiyan on her; he just shows his moves without going nuts or crying like a baby throughout their confrontation. Then he makes out with Cygnus, dayum! That’s how you do it! No regret, and screw staying true to your girl when you can obtain better females.

And Phantom is such a pro, I love how he makes out with females. He “likes women with a smile on their face,” that guy. Oh God, the guy has got so much #swag (getting used to Twitter) that I now understand why he gets all the girls (Mercedes, Athena, and Cygnus. Hot choices, I wonder which he will choose [although, he is probably stealthy enough to have 3 girls at once. Haha, that guy]).

Mercedes, Athena, and Cygnus… Mhm. Now that I think about it, Mercedes and Cygnus are equally hot (Mercedes would be better but she’s an elf :/. That would be weird). Athena looks good in the video but, in reality, she’s not good-looking.

OKAY WHY AM I DISCUSSING THIS o_O… This is pretty creepy, I usually keep this stuff in my mind. o_o.

Let’s go back to Phantom and not specifically his amazing personality features that I somewhat envy (just kidding, not really. “I HAZ DEM ALL”). Long story short: Thief who uses canes and cards, gets a mount for 10,000,000 mesos at level 100 that upgrades at 200, can steal skills, and is FRENCH.

A romantic French guy + an empress… That’s hot.

Again, for the skills, JUST LOOK HERE:



Phantom Celebration Day
[July 9th ~ July 14th]

From the 9th till the 13th, you can get a box. Then, you can open it on the 14th. Same thing as the Jett event, except different rewards (obviously DEEPYDEEDERP): 1 Raven Persona (STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, Max HP/MP +200, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, 10 upgrade slots, unhammered. BONUS: When you are 3rd or 4th job as Phantom: DEX/LUK +5, Weapon ATT +5, MaxMP +30%. Comes with hidden potential, which will alway [HAHA NEXON MISSPELLED IT) be Epic tier when revealed. Tradeable with a Sharing Tag), 20 Renegades Coins, and one of the following: Unidentified Love Letter (sucks for you if you get it), Pendant of the Spirit (7 days), or Advanced Potential Scroll.

Phantom Welcome Event: Free Character Slot Coupon
[July 9th ~ August 8th]

Log in. Get a character slot coupon. Double-click it. Nexon will mess up so you’ll be able to get another 1. Yes, you get ANOTHER character slot. Dammit Nexon Korea, I still have 4 slots on my KMS account -_-.

Renegades Coin Shop Update

The shop now has level 80-120 canes, a recipe for a Reverse Cane, and a Mystery Mastery Book for Phantom.

New World Events: Renegades
[July 9th – July 31st]

As I predicted (well, not really predicted since I saw it in the Wz), a new world came out called Renegades. Obviously, there are some events related to the new world. First, get to level 70 (accept Cassandra’s quest first!) and you’ll get a Renegades Bandana (REQ LV: 70, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +18, Weapon/Magic DEF +180, AVOID +25, Diligence +10; 10 updgrade slots, unhammered. Untradeable).

Other event is at level 10. Talk to Teo (or Ferdi for Resistance hackers) and he’ll give you a quest to collect stuff. Reward: 150k HOW WONDERFUL.

The same people will now give you 300k (ZOMG YES) at level 30 if you collect MORE stuff. Awesome.

Needless to say, a 2x event will be held in the new world. 7/9 till 7/22. That’s a lot of time, enough to reach level 200 on a Phantom (“them haxors”).

Next new world is either Azwan or Raven. I’m saying Raven because I found another bandana in the data called “Raven Bandana.”

Aside from that, some events are continuing from the Jett update. You know what they are, no need to list them.

And uh, I was too enthusiastic in this post so now it’s time for the bad parts. On the teaser page, they left the following message about Phantom:

Communique from Black Wings to General Populace
A criminal and enemy of the state masquerading under the legendary pseudonym Phantom is on the loose. The Black Wings are officially extending a handsome reward for any information leading to the arrest and capture of this pretender. Phantom has been known to leave tokens behind at crime scenes, mocking the plight of his innocent victims. Phantom should be considered armed and dangerous -alert your nearest Black Wings officer immediately of any sighting.

Really? Are you serious? Nexon, I’m so disappointed. You’re now giving us a message from Black Wings?! You’re saying we have to listen to the evil guys? And you’re using “a dangerous criminal…” AGAIN?

Okay, I’m done for today. Hopefully you learned a thing or two from Phantom. Oh and for any of you who are in it for the competition, you can click HERE for the Phantom ranking (obviously it’s not up yet, just wait till it is).


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53 comments on “GMS – Renegades Part II!

  1. I like how GMS made their Phantom “French.” The skill names are a bit obnoxious though…

    I think the note from the Black Wings is relatable to how we accept quests from the Black Wings in Edelstein. That’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • I think he was French to begin with. In fact, the literal translation to like every skill is “Carte.” Then again, I assumed KMS just meant Card. Either he was originally French or everything was just translated too literally.

      • Oh, and not that it’s a concern of mine; but I sense a revised attitude coming from you. I know that you’ve been taking a lot of heat because of your outlook on KMS’s recent updates, but I can tell that you’re making a push towards being more “cheery.”

        Just thought I’d let you know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed~

  2. also,
    hilla: “this frail child”
    phantom:”i prefer a woman with a smile”
    why u hitting on a child? perverted phantom!

  3. Phantom is my least favorite character. Perfect in every way, a totally unimaginative mary sue that can do no wrong.

    At least Super Saiyans have HEART. They don’t just start hitting on little girls right after their woman dies. That’s terrible. This is MapleStory, not an ero anime.

  4. Shakar, this is probably one of your most entertaining blog posts xD

    I personally like Mercedies more because of how awesome she is PLUS she is an elf 🙂

    Anyway: Is excited for Phantom 🙂

    • i agree, i liked how you go on talking about how phantom could have Mercedes, Athena and Cygnus all at once XD
      Its good to see this side of you compared to just hating everything (no, offence, just constructive criticism)
      Personally i like Cygnus the most ^_^

    • We’ll be getting pirate revamp right after phantom,
      and I assume it will take place in a bit less than 2 weeks; yet dont get your hopes on.
      Though I’m completely sure it’s right ahead of us, and just like phantom – no update required.

    • Ikr I don’t personally like the revamp takes away the essence of being a pirate but any thing is better then nothing . My bucc is so useless it’s not even funny anymore. To many new jobs last and final should be pirate hero\ledgend does t have to of fought the black mages just make them use knuckles…

    • sure their taking away some of the unique skills that pirates have but we us pirates needs this revamp in able to keep to other classes who got stronger. i personally like the bucc’s new skills because it gives bucc’s long range attack due of our slow mobility like Drkknight having dark impaler and sair’s got stronger and faster so they don’t getting ks a lot. jett is stealing sair’s uniqueness now there so OP pirates in the whole maple world i hope they nerfed!

  5. The maintenance is now going to last 1 hr and 10 mins, from 6:50am (PDT)- 8am(PDT)…so yah…10 mins now to 1 hour 10 mins…

  6. It is quite clear to see how over powered phantom is and will or can be in the future but does anyone know if he can steal ulitamtes like ex gene from a bishope?and if that is the case phantom could have potentially four ultimates. His own, two Mage ones and dragon wariors from 3rd job. And why can’ t he steal shadow parter=s I mean cleary he is already op so who cares

    • Nexon isn’t THAT stupild. Nether is Korea.
      Every skill that is a passive one, or classed as summon (Shadow partner is classified as that). Nether he is able to use Ultimates or Beginner Skills.
      Also, to your infomation: He can steal serval skills, and have them ‘saved’ in his stolen skills-tab, like in our skill-tab. But he is ONLY able to have one stolen skill per .th job at a time. So you can’t have (1st Job) Arrow Blow and Magic-Claw ‘active’ at the same time, but Heal (2nd job) and Magic-Claw (1st job) can be.
      It’s not like he can steal EVERYTHING and be EVERY job.
      Phantom has it’s restrictions, but it’s not OP. As far as I remember, he has a high avoid, but low HP. Thus he dodges more than he gets hit.

    • i think there gonna be OP if there funded. but other wise where good. but jett tsk. even if there not funded there still OP and probably hackers will find a mobing skills that phatom has and abuse it!….

  7. Hey shakar.
    is it possible for resistance to have a thief job. it has everything except that…….
    just wondering…

  8. oh my gosh, this is the first time i ever notice the tiny black smiley face at the very bottom of your blog. i thought it was a spec of dirt on my screen at first

  9. while u guys are fascinated buy phantom jms had released 2 new jobs……hope u cover them soon…..

  10. Dont talk about the patch . It screw over MORE than half the player. My account cant log it self off ,even when i turn off my pc.

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