KMS v.1.2.175 ~ Halloween Events

The patch recently arrived in KMS but there are currently no notes regarding the Halloween events that were added. Therefore, I will discuss the events tomorrow. I will also add GMS’s Halloween events, but until then you can read about them here.

For now, this point is a translation of the patch summary. Read on to learn about the patch~

OH NO! Hilla and her dudes expanded to Pantheon! With Magnus, she will be unstoppable! What can we possibly do?

Honestly, who gives a f… But I’ll tell you anyway. A new party quest (?, not a PARTY quest, more of a multi-stage quest) called Dimension Invasion was added. The quest consists of 5 stages in which you will have to delete Hilla’s minions and prevent them from reaching Pantheon. You can enter in a party of 1-4 members, if you are level 140+ you can do a ‘challenge,’ there’s a secret stage, blah blah, blah, just wondering, are you guys still impressed by this?

Stage 1:

Kill the monsters.

Stage 2:

Kill the horsey.

Stage 3:

Kill all the skeletons. Also, kill flying skeletons for a bonus.

Stage 4:

More skeletons, I think you have to pet them and perhaps offer them to have friendship with you and love you forever because after all we are all beings of the same world and we must be nice to each other and heck don’t forget that one shall never kill NOPE, kill them.

Stage 5:

WAIT, WAIT, I THINK THIS STAGE MIGHT HAVE A UNIQUE CONCEPT! Just messing with you, just kill the statue.

And there are also 3 hidden stages. Hidden stage #1 contains that huge cute animal Hilla has:

Hidden Stage 2 is Hilla vs. Magnus, both of their minions together. Finally, Hidden Stage 3 has Magnus minions.

And heck, what good is a party quest with no rewards? Well, even with rewards it’s not good in most cases but it would be even worse without them.

Yes, interesting stuff. The Sunrise Dew caught my eyes; WHERE IS MY REINDEER MILK?!

If you get into hidden stages, you can get BONUS rewards!

^Hidden stage 1.

^Hidden stage 2.

Also note that the pieces you see are pieces of gloves.

The pieces can be connected into 1 glove. Just tell me, how COOL is that? Pretty awesome.

BUT THE FUN DOESN’T END THERE, you can also get medals! Here are some of them:

Some more things that were added in this patch were more Hyper Skills. Here are the main animations for those of you who haven’t seen them already:

And now you know why it took you forever to load this page.

Don’t forget, until October 31st (UGHH, JUST STOP TAKING THEM AWAY), you can make Dual Blades.

And now you can also challenge people to a Pokemon battle, that comes in the shape of a rock-paper-scissors game.


With the advent of more Hyper Skills, more events were added as well. NOTE: The events are only for the jobs that got Hyper Skills.

First of all, bonus EXP rates! Remember that it’s for the entire event period. Levels 1~29 = 4X EXP, 30~69 = 3X EXP, and 70~119 = 2X EXP.

Next event is solely about the advancement to 1st job. Pretty crazy, you get all of the items above for just hitting 1st job.

The event after that is for the other levels. At level 30, you will receive a secondary weapon, and at 50 a ring (surprise surprise). At 70, however, you will be given a weapon and a Mystery Mastery Book.

And hey, we can’t forget about the Halloween events! Let’s explore some of the events added to celebrate the holiday.

First event is a FREE costume every day! It’s random, but, even worse, it only lasts for 1 day.

Next, get 50 Halloween candy pieces from monsters and you’ll get a box. The box contains a badge.

You are still reading? Wow, you must be very interested in the events! Well, forget about it now. A box is dropped from all monsters that contains random stuff. The rewards are above, but the main rewards are the Reindeer Milk and Sunrise Dew.

Wow, I’m guessing you really like milk from reindeer. For this event, every time the clock hits XX:20 and XX:40, you’ll be sent to a maze/race. You have 5 minutes to beat the person you are up against and complete it first.

The winner will get a gift box and the badge box. Tie – just the gift box. Loser – Only the badge box.

Just how COOL is that?

Next event is pretty odd. Find some dude and give him candy from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. You’ll get fame and, after 5 times, a box that contains the following:

But mainly, of course, the Reindeer Milk and Sunrise Dew.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Every day, whoever gives out the most candy pieces gets a hat. Yes, this is very competitive. 1st place get a permanent hat, 2nd place gets one that lasts for 50 days, 3rd place gets one that lasts for 40 days, and 4th and 5th places get a 30-day hat.

There are also a few new Halloween-related quests in the redesigned mansion. You get rewards.

Thought 1 event with a letter above your head is enough? You are wrong. We need at least 1 more. Every 20 minutes between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M., you will be invited to kill a ghost and get rewards. Joy.

ANOTHER BONUS! At 8 P.M., you can get 1 of those rewards. One of the chairs, a mount, either of the hats, or the 8 Weapon/Magic ATT medal!

And you may be wondering, what are the mask pieces for? If you get 30, you can get an accessory that lasts for 1 day. If you get 150, however, you can get a permanent version.

Oh what do you know, another Hot Time event. It’s on 10/20 and 10/21. The month is going by so quickly. 😦

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading it!


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15 comments on “KMS v.1.2.175 ~ Halloween Events

  1. After maxing all passive skills, will the effects happen 100% of the time. For example, does max octopunch hit 9 times 100% of the time after maxing out the skill? Or does the passive effects happen randomly or by chance %?

    • Actually GMS at the moment is putting the content out pretty fast, The gap came down to 6 months, And we will have tempest in December, So I think this pace is nice, Its also good for new classes that will be coming up, We can prepare the items that we need and such, But yea.

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