KMS v.1.2.138 ~ Demon Slayer & GMST v.07 ~ GMS Exclusive Content!

UPDATE: GMST stuff is up!

3rd Part of the Legend Update

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

<2nd Part Here>

<1st Part Here>

Male Trailer:


Female Trailer:


It’s finally August 4th and even before the patch there was already a surprise, two trailers! They’re identical except that one shows a male version of Demon Slayer and the other is a female one. The patch was very large, 169.89 MB (Download the PATCH file here)! Anyway, I already talked about most of the stuff in KMS so that will be no problem!

Demon Slayer

I updated my Demon Slayer Guide to this version, check it out! Now all the skills consume HP (super annoying…)…

Aside from that, nothing really to talk about.

New Item Potential Rank – ‘Legendary’

Told you about this briefly here, but now I’ll get more detailed. There was also a new Miracle Cube added to get you to that rank! Here are the stats you can get from this rank (this is also updated to v.1.2.138):

STR : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
DEX : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
INT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
LUK : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
MaxHP : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
MaxMP : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
Acccuracy : +8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/96.
Avoidability : +8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/96.
Speed : +8/10/12/14.
Jump : +8/10/12/14.
Weapon ATT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
Magic ATT : +8/10/12/14/16/18.
Weapon DEF : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
Magic DEF : +25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250/275/300.
STR : +6%/9%/12%.
DEX : +6%/9%/12%.
INT : +6%/9%/12%.
LUK : +6%/9%/12%.
MaxHP : +6%/9%/12%.
MaxMP : +6%/9%/12%.
Accuracy : +6%/9%/12%.
Avoidability : +6%/9%/12%.
Weapon ATT : +6%/9%/12%.
Magic ATT : +6%/9%/12%.
Weapon DEF : +6%/9%/12%.
Magic DEF : +6%/9%/12%.
Critical Rate : +6%/9%/12%.
[Required Level: 50] Minimum Critical Damage : +3%/6%/9%/12%/15%.
[Required Level: 50] Maximum Critical Damage : +3%/6%/9%/12%/15%.
Damage : +6%/9%/12%.
All Stats : +4/8/12.
All Stats : +3%/6%/9%.
[Required Level: 30] All Skills : +2.
[Required Level: 70] All Skills : +3.
[Required Level: 70] Elemental Resistance : +5%/10%.
[Required Level: 70] Abnormal Status Resistance : +5%/10%.
[Required Level: 50] Chance to ignore monster’s DEF: 35%.
[Required Level: 100] Chance to ignore monster’s DEF: 40%.
[Required Level: 20] 10% chance to ignore 20% damage.
[Required Level: 40] 10% chance to ignore 40% damage.
Invinciblity duration: +3 seconds.
4% chance to become invincible after being hit for 5/6/7 seconds.
10%/20%/30% chance to reflect 20%/35%/50% damage.
10%/20%/30% chance to reflect 30%/50%/70% damage.
Skills’ MP Cost : -5%/10%/15%.
Skills’ MP Cost : -10%/20%/30%.
HP Recovery : +20%/30%/40%.
[Required Level: 70] Cooldowns : -1 second.
[Required Level: 120] Cooldowns : -2 seconds.
[Required Level: 50] Bossing Damage : +30%.
[Required Level: 100] Bossing Damage : +35%.
[Required Level: 100] Bossing Damage : +40%.
Obtained Mesos : +10%/15%/20%.
Item Drop Rate : +10%/15%/20%.
[Required Level: 20] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 3%.
[Required Level: 40] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 5%.
[Required Level: 60] Chance to auto steal when attacking : 7%.

That and the availability of the new decent skills!

Decent Combat Orders

MP Cost: 64, +1 SP on all skills for 240 seconds.

Decent Advanced Bless

MP Cost: 120, Duration: 240 seconds. +20 Weapon ATT, +20 Magic ATT, +425 Weapon DEF, +425 Magic DEF, +260 Accuracy, +260 Avoidability, +475 MaxHP, +475 MaxMP, MP Consumption Reduction: 12%.

Decent Speed Infusion

HP Cost: 80, MP Cost: 80, Speeds up your attacks for 240 seconds.


The events I talked about here along with:

Travel Pouch Event

You will get Travel Pouches from any monsters. Open them and you may get:

  • Scrolls for Pet Equipment for Weapon/Magic ATT.
  • Cursed White Scroll, it comes in 1%/3%/5% versions. I don’t exactly know what they do (nothing in the description, I’m guessing it’s similar to a White Scroll), but if you fail your number of upgrades available will decrease by two, and you’ll have a 2%/6%/10% (for 1%/3%/5% versions, respectively) chance to blow up the item.
  • Scrolls for 1-Handed/2-Handed Weapons for ATT.
  • Scrolls for Armors for STR/DEX/INT/LUK.
  • Personality traits potions.
  • Transformation potions -> Orange Mushroom, Red Ribbon Pig, Barnard Gray, Gaga.
  • Reindeer Milk, Unagi.

Brigade General Event

Good news!

Nexon is taking a step away from book events (even though there is one right now), instead of having a dumb book they do the same concept without the book!

You have to get 50 wings from monsters your level. From the quest, you’ll get 1 Legend Coin. However, if you do it for 3 days, you’ll get 50 Power Elixirs. 5 days -> 1.5X EXP, 7 days -> Chaos Scroll.

Same concept but at least it’s NOT A BOOK (still angry though).

That’s everything for this KMS update now…

GMST – GMS Chaos Exclusive Content “Age of Triumph”


It’s a new PvP mode! But before explaining, I’ll tell you why the ‘Exclusive’ is italicized. The new Monster Book system is the exact system that JMS has, so it’s not exclusive.

This update is going to be v.1.0 in GMS! How exciting.

Capture the Flag


A new mode was added to PvP called Capture the Flag:

It’s very simple, it’s just like the real Capture the Flag. There are two bases, Blue and Red:

And therefore there are two teams:

On those bases are two flags. The other team might take it!

The flag can be picked up like an item and once you pick it up, it’s yours. However, if you die with the flag in your hands, the flag will be dropped and the other team may get it and it will return to their base.

The whole point is to somehow get the flag of the opposing team and then go back to your base to score. To score, you must have your flag at your base in addition to taking the opposing team’s flag to your base. The game is pretty long if both teams are good (10~20 minutes!) so it’s not certain who might win! However, if the score is like 3-1, the game is over.

Flash Jump works so that’s kind of an unfair advantage.

Overall, I don’t like it. That might be because I didn’t like PvP in the first place (delays are way too long).

Oh and by the way you can get medals from this mode. It’s based on how many times you take down someone with the flag. The best medal is for doing it 5 times, and the medal gives you 3 on all stats.

Monster Book

It’s the same thing as the old one except better and more organized.

Yep, it’s organized by monsters’ levels and it looks better. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Monster Book system, you basically kill monsters to get a Monster Card:

Pick it up…

Hooray! It’s unlocked now:

Unlike the old system, you can only get 1 and you only need 1. If you click on it, you can see every info you need:

If you unlock a whole set, you get a special buff (unknown what it is yet). Sets are having a couple of cards of monsters that are somewhat related.

Also, each Monster Card will give you a certain amount of points. What are the points for? Well when you start collecting your Monster Cards you’ll get this book:

The book levels up and, if you complete the whole Monster Book, it will be +10 on all stats!

You can check out Fiel’s JMS extraction for more info on that.

Silent Crusade

The Silent Crusade is a secret group that specializes in eliminating strong monsters. You will get a serious of quests and you will be sent all over the place by Wence, the person in charge:

The quests start only at Victoria Island. You can’t join the Silent Crusade unless you talk to Wence in Victoria Island.

You will get a chain of quests.

What are they all for? Well, there are rankings in the Silent Crusade. You need to complete as many quests as possible to get to a higher ranking. The rankings are for the supply box:

This is with officer being at the lowest ranking and Grand Champion being the highest. The shop will allow you to buy stuff if and only if your ranking is the required one to purchase it:

That’s everything it sells for a large amount of mesos. 50,000,000 mesos just to get that Crusader’s Zeal Necklace.

Alrighty now for the quests, I’ll give you a quick list:

  • He sends you to Perion. Rewards:

I’ll post all the equipment stats at the end… And for Crusader Coins, they are coins that you need to upgrade your medal and ranking. The amount needed will also be at the end. Next quest:

  • He wants you to kill 1 Lord Skeleton, which can be found in Prohibited Area (the map all the way to the right of Perion). Go there and talk to that portal:

You will go to this map:

Talk to the girl (Sheryl) and she will want you to ‘take care of the Lord Skeleton for her.’ So do it:

Go back and you’ll get 1 Crusader Coin.

  • Both Sodane and Wence will give you quest now. Sodane will tell you to kill it again if you want another coin. Wence will want you to eliminate King Clang in Warm Sand (last map of Florina Beach). So much traveling and you’ll just get another Crusader Coin…

I pretty much gave up here, LOL. You can pretty much tell what the new monsters are and equipment from Fiel’s Extractions. Go to Character -> Accessory -> Medal to see the medals or Character -> Ring to see the rings. The monsters are also there under ‘Mob.’

Well, to upgrade your medal/ranking, you’ll need the following amount of coins:

Officer -> High Officer = 10 coins.

High Officer -> Grand Officer = ?

Grand Officer -> Capatin = 50 coins.

The rest I don’t know yet, LOL.

The quests start to give you a lot of coins as you go on, though. When you’re a captain, you get around 20 coins! If you like traveling a lot, it should be easy for you.

I’ll be sure to update this when I know the missing info.

Oh and one more thing:

I don’t know what it says in Japanese… But you can view the person’s Monster Book:

And along the Silent Crusade quests there should be some powerful monsters:

It will be released on Augst 10th.



58 comments on “KMS v.1.2.138 ~ Demon Slayer & GMST v.07 ~ GMS Exclusive Content!

  1. In the Halo announcer voice.

    “Capture The Flag”

    Going to love that, i wasn’t really like the PvP stuff so far, i hope this is pretty good.


    The mounts coming aren’t confirmed on whether they will fly or not, but I hope so. They confirmed that the monster book drop tables are dynamic, therefore they reflect the server drop tables. Also, when you finish a “set” of cards, you can “equip” that card set’s effect. (2 diff stats, some being weapon attack 6% at max book level, others including wdef, matk, STR, DEX, LUK, INT, etc.)

    inb4 more hackers and CTF sucks -.-*

    I bet CTF will be very strategic and fun.

  3. Omg did the demon slayer really think he/she could beat the black mage. He must be laughing at the resistance, cause it is futile, one of the legend class probably make the black mage go 20% though 5 legends 20% for each class lol.

  4. You should annotate the videos with the translations
    and I don’t think its cursed “bag” scroll
    it more like curse white scroll

  5. i cant download Tespia! 😦 i always get Eror Code: -40 and that installation failed/ error occured during installation sum1 plz help!

  6. Are you sure that the server is up already?

    웹작업시간 : 2011년 8월 4일 목요일 오후 3:20 – 5:30보다 편리한 서비스를 위해 준비중이오니 많은 양해 바랍니다.약속된 점검일정을 지키기 위해 최선을 다하겠습니다.(단, 점검일정은 상황에 따라 불가피하게 변경될 수 있습니다.)

    THIS appears when I’m trying to access the website, and from what I understood in Google Translate, there’s an ongoing maintenance from 14:30-17:30. The thing is that now it’s 17:50 KST.

    Is it delayed or I can log in now somehow?

    I always log in through the website.

    Thanks for the information by the way!

  7. ok, so on which equips are the new decent skills available? based on what doesnt have anything so far i’m gonna guess boots, top, and cape… can you confirm/deny this?

  8. Hey, this is my monster book in the bottom!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😀 (With the 84 cards)
    looking forward to see the video. 🙂

  9. i cant korean but hell i cant job adv with my demon slayer cause im 31+ D:
    got such a exp potion whatever…i want job adv 😦

  10. How much is everything in the Crusader stuff? And is the Shuolder pad potentialable? Cause a 8 w / m att potted shoulder pad would be bad ass c:

  11. can anyone enter Tespia now? if i cant with my main i may try with my backup acc, I look forward to see ya there also i want to try Crusaders
    btw i lost my PW idk how

  12. Hey Shakar, when I try to log into my newly made Demon Slayer, I get a black screen. On my Mercedes, I’m frozen in a prone position.

    I need help!!!

  13. Demon Salyers cannot play Player VS Player.

    Its obvious why though because they would own kill people grab orbs= No Pots Needed (Except HP but they have High HP).

  14. I think the set effect is crappy thing like (extra exp if you kill in this map << who wants extra exp from snails) just a guess.

  15. wanted to mention when you finish the silent crusade quests, its supposed to be kind of a love story between you and the npc (at least for the girl version). haven’t gotten any pot scrolls so cannot tell you if you can pot the new shoulder. however to get more crusader coins you have to go and kill all the bosses for the quest once a day.

    order is iirc : perion, florina beach, orbis, el nath, orbis, ludi, korean folk town, ludi, omega sector, mu lung, herb town, ariant, magatia (2x), leafre.

  16. Hey, Shakar. I looked up the Japanese bits. They’re verbs for ‘to give a ride’ and ‘to drop/let off’…which sounds to me like the buttons for taking off and landing flying mounts!

  17. Can we keep going back inside the boss room as many times as we want? Or a set time? Any limitations or rules that you guys know of?

  18. Hey I think your blog is informative and good but you have alot of errors

    Eg: ‘Cursed ‘Bag’ Scroll’, you just directly translated what the korean word sounds like. “백” means ‘white’, so it would actually be Cursed White Scroll (Although doesn’t make sense since it’s Black :P)

    And you said Demon Slayer gets trapped in an egg by Akylum, this is also wrong. After Akylum has the small fight with Demon Slayer, he prepares to fight him with all his strength now, but stops when the door opens, and the Black Mage lets Demon Slayer in. In the main server, the short cinematic scene of the battle plays, and it is implied that Demon Slayer is locked in the egg by the Black Mage, not Akylum

    other than that your blog is good, just needs more detail and correction.

    • Uh, I see. I thought it was ‘Cursed White Scroll’ but I looked at it and it was obviously not white -_-.
      And I get the egg thing now, I was unsure about that actually after I saw the video. Thanks for explaining.

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