KMS v.1.2.139 ~ Union’s Birth, Cross Hunter, and Akyrum

4th Part of the Legend Update

Over the past few days there was another patch in KMST that strengthened the new boss discussed in the previous blog post, Akyrum. Its damage is 3 times as strong!

There was another patch now but this time it was KMS! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the WZ for KMS and expand this post. If not, I’ll be back home in about a week or a little more anyway.

So anyway, the patch brought all the things we discussed. Apparently, it’s the 4th part of the Legend update.

Since I’m WZ-less, most of the info will come from the official website and from Fiel of Southperry.

Heros Revamp

A lot of changes. I’m not really going to discuss this till I get back and give you the extractions and such, but you can check out Fiel’s Extraction.

Along with that, quests were added to Arans and Evans!

United Maple

We kind of talked about this, but now it’s out. Basically, as you can see above, all the jobs got together to defeat the Black Mage! More importantly, you’ll get some quests and their rewards are good. One of them is a useless medal (+500 HP/MP) but another is a new beginner skill!

Union’s Will. The skill adds 5 on each stat and 5 Weapon/Magic ATT, awesome!

Area Changes

    • Quests for Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square, and Chryse were changed, made easier, and their EXP was raised!
    • New mini dungeons!
    • Hidden Streets were added to Sleepywood, they’re found in the following maps:

Cross Hunter

Same concept as GMS’ Silent Crusade, but it’s a little different.

In GMS, it was for levels 36 and up. In KMS, however, it’s for level 75+. Therefore, the monsters are a little stronger.

Basically the same rewards as GMS’ Silent Crusade. However, the way you obtain them is different:

Instead of paying mesos to purchase stuff, you use your coins. Therefore, there’s no need for ranks/worrying about doing quests to get coins just so you are able to purchase them with mesos, you just do the quests to have enough coins to buy whatever you’d like.

New Boss – Akyrum

Akyrum’s betrayal and conspiracy ruined Temple of Time…

A couple of maps with new monsters were added. All the monsters lead to one final boss we already discussed and have seen in the Demon Slayer’s storyline, Akyrum:

As for its drops, it drops some pretty cool stuff. Those equipment were added in the Profession Skill Revamp but were pretty much unobtainable.

^You get the recipe for that awesome pendant! You’ll also get that blue rock which you can scroll it with! The blue rock has a 70% chance of working but 100% chance of blowing up if it fails. It adds 3 Weapon/Magic Att, 3 on all stats, 25 Weapon/Magic DEF, 25 MaxHP/MaxMP, 30 Accuracy/Avoidability, 3 speed, and 2 jump! And the pendant has 5 slots!!!

^More nice rings that were also added in the Profession Skill Revamp.


I hate talking about events without in-game pictures, so I’ll just update this when I get back!

Oh and if anyone who would like to give me the WZ, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me this KMS version’s:

  • Map.wz
  • Mob.wz
  • String.wz
  • NPC.wz
  • UI.wz

I’m planning to make some cool program this time so I’ll need those WZ files! Again, thank you very much!


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35 comments on “KMS v.1.2.139 ~ Union’s Birth, Cross Hunter, and Akyrum

  1. You know what would really kick ass but would most likely never happen? Cygnus/Akyrum boss nerf, pirate/theif revamp, and Black Mage boss battle that can’t kill everyone in the map with one hit.

  2. nice, but kms cross hunter is so much better than the crusade. kms dosent need mesos so its easyier for unfunded and it also gives a better medal

  3. @Shakar, it’s better than a 70 stat CHTP too from the looks of it. By the way didn’t the beginner skill also give 5 W/M ATT?

  4. Can we also know the storylines behind new content? For example, Akyrum.. what’s the story behind him? What is he trying to do to the Goddess of Time and how did he open a dimensional crack there?

  5. lol

    but its true … there both a bit… ridiculasly strong
    then theres evan… sorry old buddy no dog treats for you!

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