KMS v.1.2.159 ~ Mage Revamp

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So, not too many changes recently. The last patch I told you about was KMST v.1.2.429, which is the patch that came to KMS today. However, there was another patch yesterday to KMST but it was really small and I didn’t feel like it was necessary to talk about. There were little to no changes between KMST v.1.2.430 and this version of KMS, so I’ll just go through what changed.

Ignoring all the Hardcore mode hints (just more pictures that nobody cares about) and massive skill data for Hardcore mode, 4 new skills were added for beginners.

Those are what they looked like in KMST^^. Now, however, they look a little different.

The skills are actually for the demon pets. Nexon found a new way to attract people to buy pets, offering them buffs for doing so. What do you know, beginner skills that give you permanent buffs:

So there are 3 levels of the Demon’s Noble Blessing skills which are given to you as you have more demon pets. If you have 3, you get levels 1, 2, and 3. If you have 2, you only get 1 and 2. Etc…

So what the buffs give are as follow (the crossed out numbers are the stats they gave in KMST, oh and as previously mentioned they have new icons):

  • Level 1: +10 +3 Weapon/Magic ATT.
  • Level 2: +10 +5 Weapon/Magic ATT.
  • Level 3: +15 +7 Weapon/Magic ATT.

And another change in Cash Shop happened.

The fireballs are food for the demon pets, but there are new packs of 5 X 8-slot coupons. They are kind of weird.

When you use them, they will become tradeable USE items:

Now, you can either sell them or use them.

Kind of stupid since KMS’s Cash Shop items are tradeable. I guess Nexon Korea thought about GMS and all the other MapleStories that copy their content.

Last thing I want to mention is that a new shop was added:

They added Inkie. She sells the new level 99 Maple equipment:

The first tab includes those equipment (remember, you CAN’T get the weapons from the shop. That’s from the gift box). Pretty expensive…

The stats are as follow:

I basically modified the picture of the original equipment to suit this one. No icons were changed so there was no point to make a new one, really.

It’s pretty much the same set except the stats are buffed by a LITTLE BIT. The set’s bonus is also a little better:

For equipping 5 items: +7 Weapon/Magic ATT, +200 Accuracy/Avoidability, +250 HP/MP.
For equipping 7 items: +9 Weapon/Magic ATT, +7 All Stats.
For equipping 8 items: +11 Weapon/Magic ATT, +15 All Stats, +10 Speed/Jump, +10% HP.

Also NOTE: The shoulderpad has 1 slot and therefore it can have a hidden potential!

At the bottom of the first tab are the following two rings:

They also have 1 slot so they can have a potential! The first one adds 3 on all stats and it’s for level 30, while the second one adds 5 on all stats and 1 Weapon/Magic ATT.

As for the second tab, it’s filled with scrolls. 9th Anniversary scrolls, obviously. However, at the bottom there are some other scrolls:

The two scrolls with the lame number on them are just scrolls for 9th anniversary items, the one below is a potential stamp for 9th anniversary items, and the scroll at the very bottom is a feather scroll. The feather scroll does the same thing as the Joy Bird feather scroll, except for 9th anniversary equipment. They upgrade level 79 equipment to level 99 ones.

And, as you may have imagined, the boxes from monsters now give level 99 equipment and those feather scrolls. Along with the potential stamp. Yeah…

Well, that’s pretty much it for this patch. New events were added for magicians, of course, but they are essentially the same as the ones from the warrior revamp. I’ll just rush through them.

[Events from 5/17 till 6/6.]

  • Every magician gets an SP reset scroll.
  • Get to level 50 or kill 3,000 monsters and you’ll get the same ring that’s almost the same as that of the warriors (+3 all stats, +2 Magic ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy. Bonuses: +2 INT, +1 Magic ATT for mages 3rd/4th job and +5% accuracy for 4th job mages).
  • Get to level 75 or kill 3,000 monsters (after you got the ring) and you’ll get the following:

Wand: Level 73, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +93 Magic ATT, +57 Weapon ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Bonus for level 98+: +20 Magic ATT, +12 Weapon ATT.
Staff: Level 75, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +95 Magic ATT, +62 Weapon ATT, +10 Accuracy, 7 slots. Bonus for level 98+: +20 Magic ATT, +9 Weapon ATT.

  • Weapon boxes (of course).
  • Leveling event (same thing).
  • Job advance event (pretty much the same):

2nd Job: Wise Wizard’s Earrings – +3 All Stats, +1 Magic ATT.

3rd job: Scroll.

4th job: Mastery Book.

That’s all.

Well, see you next revamp!


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50 comments on “KMS v.1.2.159 ~ Mage Revamp

  1. Okay, done changing servers. Had to change the URL’s of my old server to the new Assembla one (because Googlecode banned me :|) on all 131 posts :/.
    It was kind of interesting, however. I use the server for extractions, and I never posted any extractions when I talked about GMS and, actually, in my old posts. Also, looking back at my old posts, I feel like I was better then. I guess the competition and my being busy more frequently worsened the outcome of some of my latest posts, and they were plain extractions.
    This realization does not mean, however, that I will all of a sudden change my ways. Just saying.
    Oh and I might need to clean it up a bit. 1 GB of pictures, haha.

      • Double-what? You were banned by Google? Thats worst than being on the FBIs top 10 most wanted list. Larry Page is like Obama. Times 10. Plus the Queen of Europe. After eating a Golden Apple. Riding on top of a llama. What could you have done wrong shakar!

      • LOL. Not Google, GoogleCode.
        It’s because I uploaded 1GB of pictures for this blog over the year. No worries, though, I cleaned it up a bit and opened a new server at Assembla.

  2. Well, couldn’t say I didn’t excepted this. You screwed up, Nexon. You made patchs very predictable. Of course, some weren’t, but most were.
    Next revamp…guessing it’ll be on Resistence again? That, or the Pirate Hero.

      • And FYI, I posted this before Leafre. No way you saw this EXACT SAME THING anyway. And why would I copy from Leafre? They know just as much Korean as me if not even less.

      • Firstly, they posted this 5 days earlier. Secondly, I was not saying it in a derogatory way whatsoever. I said it was a good post. My respect for you dropped to zero WHEN you started f-bombing me. I am also going purely on information other Leafre-ers have shared with me. They said that you do not know a single ounce of Korean. Have you considered how they make kms accounts? Some people there are KOREAN. I am simply going by the information I heard “He rarely actually plays ms, and he ‘borrows’ information from insoya, ellin, and leafre because he cannot speak korean”

      • That’s a damn lie. 5 days earlier? That makes no sense! You’re an idiot.
        And no, sorry to break it to you but people in EllinForest and Leafre can’t speak Korean. Making an account has NOTHING to do with being Korean.
        After all, I made my own account.
        And of course I got mad, how would you like spending hours translating and making stuff and then some retard comes and says you copied it all? It’s as if those hours spent were for nothing, only because one guy makes a claim. A stupid one also; I heard people saying I copy from Max but not Leafre (as if there’s anything to copy from Leafre).

      • First of all, don’t you dare call me autistic. Do you even know what autism is?
        And second, are you stupid? I had this post up AN ENTIRE DAY before Leafre.
        4 days, yeah right. Because I would even bother blogging anything that’s 4 days late.
        Stop with the bullshit, your arguments don’t even make sense. You only look like a bigger idiot.
        I don’t know, maybe you are autistic if you think that I plagiarized. You should probably go check that out.

      • Or not. I am just stating what I know to be as fact. I am not making opinionated arguments against you. Take debate. Oh wait, you’re ten.

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