KMS – Justice Update

UPDATE: This post is updated.

It’s weird that they had a patch right before releasing this, but the wait is finally over. We saw the exciting (yet disappointing) video here, and now they’re coming back at us with a better one:


[Credit to for the original upload. Click on ‘CC’ for Closed Captioning.]

The Justice Update is made up of 3 parts (oh, how original):

  • Beginning of Revenge – December 15th. Thief/Pirate revamp.
  • Phantom the Thief – December 29th. New thief legend.
  • Free Aswan – January 12th. A new town called Aswan.

I’ll be using pictures from the post made by the official website.

12/15 – Beginning of Revenge

This is basically the Pirate and Thief revamp. I don’t fell like it’s necessary to explain it again, so in case you haven’t seen it and have no idea what I’m talking about, go here:

[KMST v.1.2.409], [KMST v.1.2.410]

Some pictures of the revamp in action:

Thief Common Changes:

Night Lords:


Pirates common changes:



12/29 – Phantom the Thief

One of the five heroes who sealed the Black Mage, the thief hero is coming back to the Maple World.
Hundreds of years ago, he was famous among the wealthy merchants and noblemen. He deliberately left traces when stealing, and even then people did not even know who he was. They called him Phantom.
Throughout the Maple World, Phatom was honored. However, the death of a close friend caused him to choose the path of becoming a hero. After a fierce battle, he and the five heroes sealed the Black Mage and saved the Maple World… However, due to the curse inflicted by the Black Mage, they were trapped in ice and went into a deep sleep. The curse had the same effect on Phantom.
And now, hundreds of years later, the unrest of truth and falsehood engulfed in Ereve revealed back Phantom. A triumphant smile, a confident attidute, and splendid elegance of the past! How and when he awakened from the Black Mage’s curse? You cannot tell. Obviously, a goddess’s bless brought him back to Ereve.
A friend who loved the Maple World has came back to defend the Maple World and battle the Black Mage a second time. The Phantom Thief is back.

That’s the storyline^, now they listed some facts about the job.

  • Their weapon is a Cane. Like assassins use claws to throw stars, Phantom uses canes to shoot Cards.
  • Avoidability/Critical Rate = HIGH.

  • Cards Stack system! Every time your hit is a critical hit, you get 1 card. When you hit the required amount, you can use a skill called Judgement to get a random buff.

  • Just like Mercedes/Demon Slayers, you can create both a male and a female character (in KMS you can only make characters of your sex unless it’s a Mercedes, Demon Slayer, or Phantom). They will come with that awesome set^.

  • You can choose one of the hairstyles shown above when creating one.

  • Get some sick mounts.


Phantom has its own town, and that ship above is the way to get there. Familiar, huh?

The map is called Crystal Garden. On the video, they show us a quick walkthrough of the map:

NPC’s of that map:

Main Skills

Okay now these skills are super cool:

  • Skill Steal – Choose any character in your map and take their skills.

  • Phantom Thief’s Talent – Changes your Cane into a weapon of that job.

Here’s an example:

  • Other skills:
Skill Description
Phantom Shrouds Look concealed by teleporting very far.
Deadly Instinct Link Skill, a passive skill that increases your critical rate.
Card Breeze/Phantom Charge/Twilight Move forward to perform a spectacular attack.
Tempest of Cards An attack that widens its range.
Ultimate Drive Continuous attack of monsters close in front of you.
Soul Steal Steal your enemies’ buffs.

January 12th – Free Aswan

The first MapleStory rivalry between worlds began when a new Brigade General ‘Hilla’ has emerged.
The Brigade General Hilla, along with the Black Mage, cursed the city of ‘Aswan’. Aswan is a brilliant civilization that was founded deep underground. It is a beautiful city and it must be protected from Hilla. Aswan gradually lost its strength and beauty; Hilla dedicated the entire city to the Black Mage. In return, he received eternal power, youth, and beauty. The Brigade General Hilla, under the Black Magician, became the person to take control of the souls that live in the city. Death filled the desert land for hundreds of years. The poor souls of Aswan are waiting for some justice, for someone to protect them from the Black Mage.

Aswan is supposedly an underground city (under Ariant) that was controlled by General Hilla for hundreds of years. Part of the quests of being a Cygnus Knight will be to investigate this town.

Nexon didn’t tell us much about it, just that there’s a new boss:

General Hilla. For whatever reason, she looks like Empress to me.

Other Changes

  • New skills that ALL your characters in a specific world can get.
  • More customization for characters.
  • Map Navigation System – GPS. Choose a map you want to go to and you’ll be guided to it.
  • Multiple parties can enter Zakum, Horntail, and Von Leon.

Off-topic: Could this be real, after all?



P.S. – GMS got Cannoneer! One thing I forgot to mention in my GMST post is a GMS exclusive thing, chairs for all 3 jobs:

Nautilus Chair:

Royal Harp:

Demon Throne:

[Click on them to animate]

59 comments on “KMS – Justice Update

  1. OMFG holy…….. dam that looks so awesome but the theif hero looks ultra OP but i dont mind cos i love new classes plus can someone make subtitles i understood about 100 words throughout the entire video. Also i want the PIRATE revamp why wont it go faster and you notice they turned the third part of a seperate update into the start of an entirely different series of updates and also you notice that with the new city there is a shadowy figure which i believe may either be a boss OR a new class

  2. Really…The Maple legends will spell out M.A.P.L.E. -_- I can’t believe no one saw that one coming…Looks like they made another OP class. Nexon has been copying skills to new characters but at least they decided to be direct with the thief legend; the true thief, he who literally steals other classes skills lol.

  3. nexon lied, they said that they will release all the heros by the end of this year and since phantom comes out on 12/29, the pirate hero will be pushed to next year

  4. So apparently the Thief legend can steal monster’s buffs (as shown with the Ani demonstration).

    Wonder what happens when you steal Damage Reflect?

  5. Was looking forward to Cannoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer. Then saw Viper and Pimp Daddy Phantom skills in video. Doesn’t care about Cannoneer or Mercedes anymore. So as I wait, Unlimited Cane Works.

  6. Well its not much of a surprise that the thief legend can steal other character skills, i mean if regular thieves can only steal cash from other monsters then you’d expect the legend thief to be able to steal something really significant. I wonder if you can steal holy symbol, or any other useful buff that would be soo awesome. AND of course op lol

  7. Hey man. when are videos up for Phantom?
    I mean, when are Phantom getting in KMST so its open for everyone to play it?
    I wanna see some real gameplay with it :))

  8. Hmm… I wonder what they are going to do with Phantom using Evan skills in terms of graphics.. Will they give him a temp dragon by any chance?

  9. This new class is definitely my cup of tea. I mean, what can be cooler than moving while poking your opponent with a stick and card games on stronghold?

  10. hey if you guys remember that map “Tent of the entertainers” could it be possible behind that tent is an underground where Hilla is hiding??? This is just a guess but hey i got the weapon right for the thief hero, (Knew it was a cane, possible thief relevant weapon besides ninjas) hopefully my guess is right. If wrong, oh wells i steal going to eat muh cookies! 😀

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