U.S. Memorial Day…

I don’t even know what to say. Should I say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ like the others? Or not, since it’s a sad day?

According to Wikipedia, “Today, what is now known as Memorial Day, commemorates all U.S. Service Members who died while in military service“. So shouldn’t it be sad remembrance day to all those who have fallen? Then again, people go shopping, barbeque all day, or go to Macy’s one billionth mattress sale. For others, it’s just another day of no school…


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:D / D: / O_O

Got some good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad news – I got a really big research paper to do. Because of that, and here come the good news, my parents gave me back my computer! I turned on my computer for the first time after so long right after school and logged on MapleStory, something I didn’t do for an even longer amount of time. My KMS got deleted (installing it now), so I went on GMS instead. I went on GMS for the medal, but I got some time enough to hunt for a bit of time. People told me Lucidas are good for Maple equips. Sooo, I went there and trained for around 20 minutes. Among all the crap I got, I got a Maple Pyrope Crow!

Right now, I don’t even know what I’m doing for the research paper -_-”

GOTTA THINK! Thankfully, I got it just in time without missing anything big. 🙂


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KMS Website Update & GMS Server Maintenance

I kind of got used to being without a computer… Only bad thing aside from being unable to blog is school projects. Schools shouldn’t give more than 1 project at a time (I have 7 projects so far, and each is on-going, so basically this whole month I have to do projects)…
Well anyway, I managed to sneak into my brother’s computer and look into KMS’s website, and I found a couple of interesting things.

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GMS 2X Events

Still didn’t get my computer back, and it’s SOOO BORING. I am limited from going to the Korean MapleStory website because you can only go there on Internet Explorer, and I can only use Safari from this iPod Touch…
So just to bore you a little more, I’m just here to warn you about another 2X EXP/Drop event blah blah blah IT’S ALWAYS 2X EVENTS!!! Really, make something new this is way cliché.

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