KMST v.1.2.431 ~ Archer Revamp, Grand Battle, and New Jobs Hints!

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Aside from the new jobs hints, this patch is pretty lame. They revamped archers, as we expected earlier, and it was even lamer than I expected. Again, many variable changes but now it’s even worse (less skills changed). And hmm, I had to wait till midnight ban was over to test out the new PvP mode (which is called Grand Battle, Hard Core wasn’t released yet :/), but IT’S TIME RESTRICTED. DAMMIT. Whatever.

I’ll just show you the skill changes, not that you care anyway~

KMST v.1.2.159 -> KMST v.1.2.431



Arrow Blow
Damage Increased by 40% (220% at max level -> 260% at max level).

Weapon ATT Bonus Increased by 10 (20 at max level -> 30 at max level).

Damage Increased by 10% (200% at max level -> 210% at max level).

Bow Master
Damage Increased by 10% (250% at max level -> 260% at max level).

Spirit Link: Phoenix
Massive variable name changes, but none of the values changed. It also has a new feature, abnormal status resistance, but I don’t know specifically how much (variable missing).

Iron Arrow: Crossbow
Damage Increased by 20% (360% at max level -> 380% at max level).

Weapon ATT Bonus Increased by 10 (20 at max level -> 30 at max level).

Damage Increased by 10% (200% at max level -> 210% at max level).

Dragon’s Breath
Damage Increased (350% per hit for 1 hits at max level -> 140% per hit for 4 hits at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (1 -> 4).

Ultimate Strafe
Damage Increased (270% per hit for 6 hits at max level -> 205% per hit for 8 hits at max level).
Number of Attacks Increased (6 -> 8).
New Feature! Has a 20% chance to ignore mob’s DEF at max level.

Piercing Arrow
Hmm, damage pretty much stayed the same.
Number of Attacks Increased (3 -> 6).

Spirit Link: Frostprey
Massive variable name changes, but none of the values changed. It also has a new feature, abnormal status resistance, but I don’t know specifically how much (variable missing).

Advanced Final Attack
Moved from other 4th job archers to Marksman.

Cygnus Knights

Wind Archer (1st)
Double Shot
Max Level: 20 -> 15.
Required MP: 14 -> 12.
Damage: 165% at max level -> 155% at max level.

Wind Archer(3rd)
Weapon ATT Bonus Increased by 10 (20 at max level -> 30 at max level).

Damage Increased by 10% (190% at max level -> 200% at max level).

And, of course, many Hard Core mode skill changes.

Grand Battle

PvP is back with Maximus being fired! Hehe. It’s for levels 70+ now and, for whatever reason, Cygnus Knights can’t participate :/.

Well, Hard Core mode wasn’t released yet but, instead, they released Grand Battle mode! At least I think, I’m not entirely sure. Looks like I waited for Midnight Ban to end for nothing:

It starts at 1 P.M. and ends at 10 P.M. WHAT IS THIS…

Can’t ever try it out, I guess. 1 P.M. in Korea is 12 A.M. here, and I really don’t want to wake up in  the middle of the night to play MapleStory o_o.

But hey, at least they added new level 130 equipment!

They added 5 sets, one for each job (warriors, mages, thieves, etc.). Therefore, each non-weapon piece of equipment (hat, shoe, etc.) is different for every set.

Weapons are sold as well, as you can see, but they are very expensive. In reality, it’s not really worth getting the whole set because even the set’s bonus sucks (mostly adds PvP damage, not REAL damage).

But hey, for collectors out there this is for you! Or if you just want level 130 equips, then buy some.

And hm, I found this video of the new mode:


It was uploaded to LeafreTV but it’s from Insoya. It’s not mine, so I take no credit for it.

New Jobs Hints

So, once again they put new job ID’s in one of the quests (Winning Challenge, 승률에 도전하라).

The job ID’s are as follow:


Those are some pretty weird ID’s, I wonder what kind of jobs will be released this summer.

If you don’t know, 2XXX means a HERO. The next digit determines what kind of hero… There are 5 adventurer classes, so it can be 1~5 (21XX = Warrior hero (Aran), 22XX = Mage hero (Evan) ….. 25XX = Pirate hero (Unknown female whose name starts with an L)).

27XX? 7XX? Huh? Don’t tell me there’s a new adventurer (or rather, TWO new adventurers. 6XX and 7XX. The heck?). Or maybe they’ll just release a hero without releasing its adventurer form…

But anyway, it’s just a hero for now. It’s not based on any existing adventurer, but maybe it will be in the future.

It is PROBABLY GMS’s exclusive hero. As for the other ID’s, let’s discuss those now…

So, I know I’m boring you with ID’s but there’s one more thing you should learn. Each RACE is divided like this:

<1000 = Adventurers
1XXX = Cygnus Knights
2XXX = Hero (I just said that before)
3XXX = Resistance
4XXX = ?
5XXX = lulMihile’s race, whatever it’s called.

A new race, wow. And since it goes in the pattern 61XX, it’s a warrior.

TL; DR: Hints for a NEW HERO with a NEW CONCEPT, along with a NEW RACE (and of that race, most likely a WARRIOR job).

So, more hints for two more jobs. They will probably come up during summer so just wait patiently (not like last time… “WHEN IS THE THIEF HERO COMING OUT? OINK OINK OINK!”).

Other Changes

  • Tutorials for Cannoneer and Demon Slayer improved.

  • Some stuff added to Cash Shop. Oh my, they’re selling a Pink Bean pet! Sucks that it sucks, haha. The demon pets are much better.

  • “Fast Wedding” was added to the data (already saw it a while ago, but now I have pictures!). Don’t know much about it.
  • Battle Points and other PvP-related stats stuff were removed. Speaking of stats, the window changed:

  • Some bingo game was added to the data.
  • Some cool effects were added to the data! Lookie, they are for Phantom I believe:

  • A new event chain quests is coming, it’s called ‘Picnic.’:

Since the ‘Bingo’ UI that I talked about above also contains ‘Picnic’, I assume one of the quests involves the game of Bingo.

That’s all for this patch. It will probably come out to KMS with some more unoriginal events tomorrow, so stick around (eh, not really)!


P.S. – I opened a Twitter account a couple of days ago (as some people, believe it or not, requested) because I’m rarely active on any MapleStory websites. It’s also good because that way I can tell you about the updates before I write up a post about them (for example, you would have known that new job hints were added 2+ hours ago if you were following my twitter).

It is actually @shakar962 (yep, someone took @shakar96). The link is also at the top-right, along with other links.

So please follow, I guess~ I don’t really know much about Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/any other social networking sites, but at least I know how to ‘Tweet’.

Oh and I also added a Facebook ‘Like’ button and share buttons for Twitter/Google+ below v.

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119 comments on “KMST v.1.2.431 ~ Archer Revamp, Grand Battle, and New Jobs Hints!

    • its interesting how u found out the meaning of the numbers though, i still think our exclusive class will get to u but just we get it first. i actually hope they make a new thing like the sub-KoCs. maybe sub-heroes xD?

  1. What number race are the Chief Knights?

    So based on the new IDs, do they HAVE to make a new race PLUS two new classes or could they just have been thrown in there to seriously mess with us?

      • GMS refers to a lot of their Jobs as Heroes so I wouldn’t take them literally and expect a Fought-The-Black-Mage Hero.
        AS for the 27xx Job, doesn’t that mean that two new classes need two new races will be added eventually? Y’know, to fill the x6xx (and x7xx) and the 4xxx spots?

  2. New Race = something like Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief and Pirate? A completely new set of equipment? Or just a new class like Phantom, Mikhail, etc. ?

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  4. I’m beginning to think that Nexon has no interest in retaining their older playerbase at this point, sans those of us who like making new characters. We haven’t had any high leveled content in ages. I’d really like PVP to have something more in-depth, and Aswan just isn’t that popular.

    • They don’t care
      Even if they left
      Nexon has a bazillion other people they can make money off of
      And honestly
      This is keeping it fresh and new
      As long as the new classes r god damned op

  5. Stupid theory, but maybe the 26XX+ will be SECOND heroes or something? And they would follow the same pattern as always
    What I mean by that is that 26XX = Warrior hero #2, 27XX = Mage hero #2, etc.
    And, stupider theory, maybe they will spell out ‘STORY’.
    Come up with your own theories~.

  6. I am guessing some sort of class that can use any sort of weapon/armor, but has to train to be proficient in them. For example, at the first job advancement (lvl 10-30)You can put a Skill Point into Warrior Armor Proficiency I, and then you would be able to use Warrior Armor up to lvl 30. Once you get to lvl 30 though, and get to your next Job Advancement, you have to train in Warrior Armor Proficiency II to be able to use Warrior Armor up to level 70. And for the auto-assigning of AP, it calculates what you have weapon proficiency in, and then it uses those and determines what you would need the most. Also it would have little folders in the skill tabs (sort of like in Crafting or Quests) and once you gain a proficiency in a Weapon, it gives you a new little skill tab with some skills related to whatever weapon you chose.

  7. i think each ID is one of the following Mage of fire (Oz), Theif of darkness (Eckhart), Archer of wind (Irena), Pirate of lightning (Hawkeye), a resistance theif, an archer subclass and a pirate legend. That makes a total of 7 out of 10 IDs so the 3 left are perhaps the re-introduction of a former class or as suggested new race of 5 classes and the cycle begins once more XS oh boy.

  8. im guessing that there will be new adventurers and a new Race of jobs.
    lol. 100 dollars its on the summer update

  9. How do you know the pirate hero is female? I think I missed something so I just want to get catched up

    5XXX = lulMihile’s race, whatever it’s called.
    6XXX = WTF IS THIS?!
    i literally LOL’d when i read that LMFAO, anyway thanks for the update 🙂

  11. Shaker you think that the hero’s code 27XX and not 25XX would mean that it might be a new type of job such as adding the pirate Explorer a few years ago?

  12. Taiwan ms will have a new class.
    nexon and agents to communicate
    wz have pictures

  13. How do you can to open the char in notepad? when i tryed my computer crushed…
    Sorry for writting errors English is not my language

  14. so 3 new classes Orpheus a theif uses a flute and a harp (perhaps resistance) , Laurent a pirate uses anchors (probably legend) and Marcel idk but uses shields (maybe an archer subclass but some say its a new warrior)

  15. pretty exciting kinda wanted to see the thief resistance and bowmen third job tree first though but nevertheless good stuff

  16. Just thought of something…
    How about 27XX is another hero who’s not an adventure.
    How about even an anti hero… Maybe…….. LOTUS? (Orca’s twin)
    I think that playing as the black mage commander, who hasn’t been revealed on the game yet could be awesome.

    Of coure I might be gms’s exlusive hero (>.>), but who knows, maybe gms thought of my idea first. XD (probably not though)

  17. I’m not too sure how that whole extracting data thing works, but did you find out about the job IDs from playing KMS or GMS? If you got the data from KMS, wouldn’t that cancel out the chances of one of the new jobs being GMS’ exclusive hero? I say that, just because it wouldn’t really make sense if KMS had data for GMS’ exclusive hero. o: Or maybe there’s no difference between the two, and I’m stupid. LOL

      • posted seven times so far, you should put a sentence at the top of this page in bold, underlined, and size 1XX or something saying that it’s fake

      • for sure this was fake lvl genius … i post this fake classes in my fb maple group .. i know its fake but i like more keep my friends dreaming 😛

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  19. Oh it’s foreign blog ㅋㅋ I wonder that new job. I want Resistance(right?), 아 영어쓰기 힘들다 ㅠ (Ah, writing English is so hard;;)

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  21. Hey, about the IDs..whats up with the other two numbers? for example 27xx (those two “x” slots). what are they? there is 2711..2712..i dont understand.

    • 2 = race (2 == hero)
      7 = job (i.e. 1 = warrior, 2 = mage…. 5 = pirate. 7 doesn’t exist).
      Last two numbers say what job it is. 00 = 1st job, 10 = 2nd job, 11 = 3rd job, 12 = 4th job.
      It can also be 20, 21, 22 or 30, 31, 32 if you have multiple jobs of the same race and job (i.e. Hero, Paladin, and Dragon Knight).

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