The Tempest Update

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Well, just came from work only to find out that more information about the Tempest update was released. Not surprising, it’s 2 days away -_-.

Anyway, I found this article on and it contains some information about the update. There is also another entry in Inkwell’s Diary.

I know the article is short, but here are the key points:

  • The update is divided up to 5 parts.
  • The first part, which is in two days, is named “The Storm’s Prelude” or “Rise of the Storm,” doesn’t really matter. Content of the update?

Nobody knows. We can safely assume, however, that it will bring the system changes (i.e. 3rd job at 60 and 4th job at 100).

  • Teaser for that update will come out tomorrow.
  • The second update is called “The Choice of Light and Darkness” and that’s obviously referring to Luminous. The update will take place on the 12th of July, exactly a week after the first.
  • It’s supposed to be the biggest update. Continues till August. Legends brought 626,000 people so they are expecting to beat that.

Well, That’s all they have. If you want any more information, let me get you the trollface image again.

Actually, hold off on that. The Inkwell’s Diary post, right.

NEEDLESS TO SAY: New job. The Magnus thing we talked about in the past. That’s his weapon alright.

>August update.

And he left:

거센 폭풍을 가르는 검의 집행인

시공을 초월하는 태초의 대검,
검의 선택을 기다리는 자는 누구인가?

Rough storm slicing through the sword’s executer.

Installation beyond the begging of sword.

Who’s waiting for the sword’s selection?


Yeah okay thanks bye.


p.s. – [<- wait was that just an indirect advertisement?] Forgot what I wanted to say now… Oh wait I remember: +_+

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56 comments on “The Tempest Update

  1. Shakar I answered on the forums, that text on korean is like “The last hero, Luminous, who fought against the forces of the Black Mage, is going to emerge as a new job”

    • Yeah
      I was about to say that too
      I don’t think black Mage is coming out for like another year or so <.<

      • Maybe they r gonna hold a meeting or something like that with the black Mage or one of his representatives but the agreement doesn’t work out and full out war begins
        (that lasts a year and then black Mage finally makes an apearence )

      • I believe it’s too early for Black Mage… Maple Story has so much to invest before that. Maybe this new class is like an warrior explorar. (like thiefs got DBs and pirates got Canoneers).

      • Pretty much what mithi9 said, I think he’s going to make some sorta of attack, and there’ll be saying Maple World is in war! But in reality will be as normal as ever.

      • U forgot one thing
        And no
        It’s a new type of class like resistane heroes etc …
        61XX remember

      • Im hoping that it means a new side to things
        meaning we can play as evil characters and stay evil
        then later when black mage comes out everyone has to choose a side
        something cliche like that

      • First off I’m annoyed at this pink avatar, but that besides;
        There is a new race ID with slots for a warrior class. There’s a sneak split-second peak at a badass DS-ish dude with a sword –> New DS-like class who uses swords instead, perhaps the replacement for the old DS, and knowing the sorting algorhytm of evil he’s going to be stronger, perhaps stays evil, perhaps not, perhaps a faction of its own (God of War style. I know Nexon wants to try that archetype out someday)

        Then comes the Black mage; to me it seems like we’re going to get a 5th job sometime soon, seeing how everything effectively got dragged up 10 and 20 levels, making the job algorhytm 10, 20, 30, (assuming 4th skills don’t get changed) 100 –> there are 40 open levels, or 120 (+1 to 5 advancement SP, knowing Nexon) SP, which means enough to max four conventional 4th skills, or 3 superskills (Nexon’s style; less work is good).
        Seeing how bosses were designed for being tackled by a certain job grade or higher, Zakum is probably getting levelled down to 90, Cygnus to 140, etc. –> the top dog position is now open for a new superboss; either chaos PB (doubted) or the black mage.

        I wonder how this’ll work out, got to say Nexon is making kind of a mess now, making a class effectively lacking purpose and fluid gameplay (Luminous), kicking the sacred sand castle of job advancements, they’re planning on something for sure… but what…

      • 거센 폭풍을 가르는 검의 집행인

        시공을 초월하는 태초의 대검,
        검의 선택을 기다리는 자는 누구인가?
        this means

        A fierce storm is the Executive of splitting

        Experience that transcends time and space, precisely
        Let’s wait for the selection of swords?

    • Not exactly. Phantom is coming 2~3 days after Luminous.
      Luminous is coming on July 12th in Korea, which is July 11th here. Phantom is scheduled for July 12th, but don’t call me Shakar anymore if the patch is not extended until the next day AT LEAST.

      • haha… ur so right 😛
        The update with Jett and thief revamp and alot of glitched was delayed due to maintenance i believe. But I’m from Portugal so I don’t know if ppl in US waited till the next day like I had to wait.

      • Actually… You’re not going to be called Shakar anymore…
        Phantom has already been patched into the game and is completely playable, all Nexon has to do is press the magic button that enables its creation..
        Many Private Servers already have a 1.12 version that allows for Phantom Creation

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure his release will be like Mercedes where he will just appear at midnight, seeing that all his skills are already implemented into the game. But I may be mistaken.

    • Hm I actually said no pirate revamp, only THEN I denied the thief revamp also because they made NO announcements about it.
      This is supported by an article and the official website. Overall, it’s legit. Although, the Magnus part could be wrong (maybe it’s not called Magnus, but a new job is coming alright).

  2. wouldnt it be awesome if there was a legit evil themed job? Not like a misunderstood hero that was framed or something

  3. What is your opinion about this job, shakar? It looks identical to Demon Slayer, let’s hope at least it has different combat mechanics, animations and storyline, and one more warrior?

    • I said it may be Demon Slayers father. Remember DS said “My father was a demon” WAS meaning he abandoned his own father because of the leafre fire? IDK. CANT W8 for this job tho. its like a SUPER DS.

    • I have always hated warriors since they always have high HP and can tank so much….. The only warrior class I find fair with the CORRECT defense and offense balanced is Aran. The HP aren’t very high and they can only tank a little when they max Combo Barrier but in the end, the thing that ruins that fact is Combo Drain….

      • In a way i cant call some of the warrior classes warriors these days… They always have super high range even though they should be close range

  4. Is this Sword in the stone now? After reading Inkwell’s diary I thought of “Sword in the Stone” right of the bat.

  5. Kinda hating on Maple a bit if they release Magnus…mainly cause it is 99% gonna be a warrior (1% because they may make it awesome and have it be all classes at one time, somehow) and we haven’t even seen or heard anything about a thief resistance char from them, that and they should make a Extra Archer class (if they follow a trend of having a diff job for each class)

    • and roll down until you see 3 photos and add all the photos you saw there and at the top of the page and add them… tou need those pics

  6. obviosly magnus is waiting for the sword but that other commander would get so he will kill that stone guy and then he’ll get the sword, oh and the sword will be a new weapon type called a short sword… not a dagger or a sword

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