KMST v.1.2.425 ~ Mihile!

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Unexpectedly, a patch hit KMST today and the new job, Mihile, or rather Mikhail, was released! I’d like to start with, HA! to everyone who thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Most of you will complain about my negativity again, but I’ll start off by saying that this job, overall, sucks -_-. It’s not an adventurer like I thought, it’s actually a new branch of jobs. I’m guessing we’ll see every single Cygnus Knight instructor now.

Anyway, I didn’t get to test it yet because I just came back from my tutor. To be updated in a couple of hours~.

Like always, because I always make SOME stupid mistake, I translated all these skills twice. Ugh, Visual Studio, I hate you.

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Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #10!

UPDATE: There are chances this may be an April Fool’s prank. Many people on Insoya say it’s fake, but I’m not exactly sure.

UPDATE 2: Their evidence is plain stupid, they say since ‘출진 빛의 기사! ‘ (the title of the previous entry) backwards is ‘사기의 빛 진출’ which means ‘Light of Fraud Entrance’, it’s an April Fool’s joke. We can’t base it off of that, so I guess we’ll have to wait till concrete proof arrives. Although, it does seem kind of fake.

Kind of unexpected, I thought they’d stick to their regular Wednesday (or Thursday in Korea) to make any update. Thankfully, they didn’t, and they released some really cool stuff!

A couple of days ago, you saw hints of what we thought would be warriors/Cygnus Knights revamp, but it’s actually a new job.

Here’s what he left:

신규직업 빛의 기사 미하일!

New job, warrior of light, Mihile!

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

<소울 어썰트>

<Soul Assault>

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

<샤이닝 블라스트>

<Shining Blast>

New warrior job? And it’s based on an NPC?! Sweet! I really want a Gaga job… Or an Erik job… But this is also good. The skills look cool, and I hope it’ll get released on this weekend.

I have a feeling this job will be super over-powered, I don’t know why. Might be because Mikhail is a strong warrior. LEVEL CAP BETTER NOT BE 120! Or actually, that’s okay if there are benefits to it (UE2, the return of UE’s?).

Soo, now we have -> Warrior: Mikhail, Magician: ?, Bowman: ?, Thief: Dual Blade, & Pirate: Cannoneer. Awesome :).


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GMS v.1.07 ~ Alliance Unbound!

I came home a little late today, and when I came back the servers were down -_-. It’s kind of regular now to see GMS down after every patch.

Anyway, the patch was exactly what I thought it would be and I was right, Masteria Expansion is pretty lame.

Well, I’ll start with the skill changes first. Too lazy to extract them (97 skills were changed…) so I’ll just get it from the update notes.

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Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #9!

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Many of you complained about me being negative on my last few posts, but don’t worry, I’m not going to be negative now (after deleting 27 comments of people complaining about my negativity -_-), because this is actually exciting!

Inkwell wrote another entry for us, and as you can see in the picture above, it’s about the Dawn Warrior.

He left this message:

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Alliance Unbound Hints – Putting Them Together

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Over the past few days, ever since the announcement of the Alliance Unbound patch, Nexon has been putting all sorts of clues or puzzle pieces on their Facebook page. Today, they finally finished the puzzle.

The message says:

Maplers, we need your help. Something is brewing in Masteria.

Nothing to argue over, obviously Masteria Expansion. I have a feeling it’s coming really soon!

They also uploaded a video a couple of days ago:

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KMS – White Day Events

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As White Day is approaching, a couple of new events were released today to the real server. Surprisingly, those events have been running for a while now, since the beginning of the term. White Day is basically like Valentine’s Day, and the events, as you may have guessed, are stupid and annoying. I really wanted to not write this post, but today is a Wednesday so I might as well just write about anything that’s new in MapleStory.

Ugh, this is the second time I’m writing this post. Stupid WordPress, deleted my whole post.

Let’s get this over with.

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