Revamps coming soon!

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October – Resistance, Aran, and Evan revamp.

November – Warriors/Mages/Archers, Cygnus Knights, and Ultimate Explorer revamp.

December – Pirate and Thief revamp.

It’s all official, the revamps will be coming really soon! The signups for the 4th term of KMST are up. Follow these instructions except the URL, go to

Those revamps will be coming up in the 4th term of KMST :). Pirate and Thief revamp will come last but at least we know it will come for sure.


P.S. – Updated my Sports Event post with the second part.

P.P.S. – Guild BBS was updated.


Not my video, credit to uploader.

What you can do in your Guild BBS:

  • Paste ANY HTML codes and view it. If you want to post a YouTube video, for example, you’d go to the video on the internet, click on ‘Share’, click on ‘Embed’, and finally paste it into your Guild BBS.
  • Navigate to any website you want if someone links you.

69 comments on “Revamps coming soon!

  1. Im returning to KMS today, but when i click the button on the site, there’s no space to put my e-mail…

    What’s wrong?

  2. hey shakar do u know by anychance if a revamp can debuff a class???? because i find it weird that they are giving a revamp to those 3 types (warrior mage archer) before they do whit pirate…. and thief…

  3. Started this blog, and love it Shakar πŸ™‚
    To update: YES! I love Battle Mages, hope they get seriously upped, no one makes them anymore 😦

  4. would cannon shooters get buffed? cause i heard the three new classes from legend won’t get buffed, but it seems like cannon shooters will be the worst class if they aren’t buffed since everyone else is buffed.

  5. Kind of late … but then again I’m fine with that … But it’s just that if we reply on you for news, then I think it should be given on time, but thanks for posting about this πŸ™‚

    • Welll to some ppl this could be the first time hearing about it. I know I don’t have the luxury of time to spend looking at other sites. I just plop in here every night before bed to check up news then I go to sleep. That’s all the time I got. But I understand where your getting at.

      • yeah because what I Mean is that other news sites have already given this news like 2 days before. So technicly you guys are getting the “news” later then you could have.. It’s like your local newspaper would always provide you with news that is a couple days old .. You always live 2 days in the past since you only know what is happening 2 days in the past, and not yesterday or now .. so you are always behind in what is happening in the world

  6. i think the dates are wrong becouse october 10th is already past and no revamps came that recenly….

    yayz now my wh mite be able to compare to normal archer again XD

  7. λ©μ²­ν•œλ…€μ„ν•΄μ„λ²Œμ„œλ˜μžˆμ–΄: Dumbass It’s already translated

  8. I hope wild hunters dont end up beating bowmasters and bowmen again. And finally, the resistance was a joke, the supposedly legend evan is like the worst magician, the overpowered demon shits die along with the gay guys making a nearly gender locked mercedes

  9. Well shakar, I’m fine with you posting this late and all, I just check in here to see if I missed any information. Once again, I’m not saying I can do a better job, so I appriciate what you are doing, I really am, don’t get me wrong here πŸ™‚

    • I get it, I know I’m late (due to many reasons, such as having no computer/iPod for the past few weeks, a lot of school stuff to do, or my bad time zone) and I understand that you’re fine with that and I appreciate that.

    • why are you posting about him being late? Really, just because he made a blog isn’t a reason to lose his life for it. I know you didn’t mean this but it’s bad people throw everything in one person shoulders.

  10. Shakar for your 3rd job build you should add 1 concentration at the start, with 1 attack speed you will notice a huge difference and the extra damage is a nice bonus. I hope demon slayers never get nerfed like mechs because i’m going to invest a lot in mine :3

  11. YEEEEA!!
    MERCEDES, DEMON SLLAYER! Bow down to the old jobs!
    But they r still awesome…
    (mercedes just robbed me offmy@ cash*
    Nice blog again by SHakar96

  12. you might as well consider close this blog, since everything you posted were about the same with orangemushroom blog, and you’re fucking slow

    • I agree with davyjonesx. You don’t have to follow this blog, so there’s no reason for you to be here if you’re only going to be a nuisance.

      Besides, shakar posts about the GMS stuff that Max does not, so it’s not like there isn’t a reason people follow this blog.

    • Sir, we all know you aren’t Max from OrangeMushroom.
      You might as well give up trying to intimidate shakar with your gay efforts.
      Now please stop trolling.

  13. hey shakar tespia has been open for like half a week now and they even anonced it in facebook by now could you please check out what is it i am asking you because i really dont trust other bloggers..i will understand if u are having problems or are really busy.. but i think your timesone is no excuse by now =P

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  15. Why does it look like the last two pictures were drawn with less effort/not properly finished o__o. Anyways, thanks for the update, I can’t wait for the Pirate revamp.

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  17. Who cares if he was a little late. One more thing, if GMS is getting the Cygnus Knights, and Ultimate Explorer revamp , will we get thePirate and Thief revamp update next month? Also after that patch is in, in the same mounth will the thief hero come out?

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