KMS v.1.2.136 ~ Cannon Shooters!

1st Part of the Legend Update

[Click to enlarge and view the animation!]

Yay! The legend update is finally here! The patch was only 3.5 hours at the end, but then many servers, Culverin included, was down so I could barely snatch any information. I had problems with HackShield (still do) as well… I made a Cannon Shooter though! With this update, many other interesting things came as well! I’ll describe them just as I did with the Jump! update. I’ll divide the guide into 5 parts:

  • Cannon Shooters
  • Legend Festival
  • Revamps
  • Events
  • Other Changes

Cannon Shooters

[Click to enlarge and view the animation!]

Yep, Cannon Shooters. They are finally released in KMS!

I updated my Cannon Shooter guide with information from this version of KMS, check it out! I didn’t get to experience being a Cannon Shooter enough for a skill build yet, but I’ll do it as soon as possible.

Also, I didn’t post any animations. I was wondering, would you want HTML animations or for me to shoot my own animations as I did on my Resistance Guide? Vote in the poll at the bottom!

But anyway, I did get to make one and so far I only uploaded a video of the beginning, look!


The beginning takes place in Coco Island. As you can probably tell, here’s a short storyline of how the Cannon Shooter met his monkey: he was on a ship, a balrog attacked him, he flew from the ship in a rocket (kind of), crashed in the water and drowned, and the monkey saved him. YAY!

I also never explained the skills shown at the end.

Master of Swimming – Your character already drowned once and was saved by a monkey. Can’t let that happen again! Because of this skill, when you’re swimming your speed will greatly improve and you will not lose any HP like everyone else!

Pirate Blessing – It’s a ‘Racial Skill,’ that’s why it has the button next to it. I’ll describe what that means in ‘Other Changes.’ But for now, the skill adds 15 on each stat and 5% HP/MP. Yay!

Storage of the Master – What the… Cannon Shooters don’t even use bullets so this skill is kind of dumb… The skill expands your inventories, Equip/Use/ETC./Set-up. That’s everything except Cash inventory, which you don’t need anyway.

At level 1, which you get after first job advancement, you get 12 slots. Then at second job, you get 24 slots. It’s awesome! But why don’t jobs who actually need it, such as Assassins get it?

Oh and another thing I added to my guide is their Cash Shop.

Well moving on. I think I talked about Cannon Shooters enough for now.

Legend Festival

The release of the 3 new jobs is exciting enough to create a whole festival about! The festival will be going on for the whole summer, all of July and August!

When you log in during Legend, you’ll see a new icon at the left.

A bunch of Legend Festival quests. I’m going to describe each quests in a second, but beforehand I want to tell you what the whole point of it is.

The whole point of the Legend Festival is to get as many Legend Coins:

Those coins can be used in the Legend Shop, which is located in every town. The keepers of the store are Randolph and Lucia, and you can talk to them to open the shop:

I’ll start with Randolph’s shop!

Each Legend shop is always divided into 3 tabs.

1st Tab – Recipes

Nothing to explain much here. There are many recipes for 100+ equips that are sold for 5/7/10 coins. Most are either time or amount of times limited.

2nd Tab – Legend Scrolls

New type of scrolls called Legend Scrolls. They come in 20%/40%/70% versions. The 20% and the 40% give the same buffs, but the 40% has a 50% chance of blowing up the item if it fails.

There are different scrolls, and they’re awesome! Lookie:

Weapon Scrolls (1-handed or 2-handed weapons) [12 coins]
20%/40% – +5 Weapon Attack, +3 All stats, +15 Accuracy
70% – +2 Weapon Attack, +1 All Stats, +5 Accuracy
Armor Scrolls (specific stat, either STR, DEX, INT, or LUK) [10 coins]
20%/40% – +4 stat, +20 Weapon DEF, +10 Magic DEF, +15 Avoidability
70% – +2 stat, +10 Weapon DEF, + 5 Magic DEF, +5 Avoidability
Accessory Scrolls (specific stat, either STR, DEX, INT, or LUK) [10 coins]
20%/40% – +4 stat, +20 MaxHP, +10 MaxMP
70% – +2 stat, +10 MaxHP, +5 MaxMP
Pet Equipment Scrolls (specific stat, either STR, DEX, INT, or LUK) [8 coins]
60% – +2 stat

3rd Tab – ETC.

Really interesting stuff there.

SP Reset Scroll (Available for 7 days) [50 Coins]
AP Reset Scroll – Resets every stat except HP/MP (Available for 7 days) [50 Coins]
Artisan’s Coupon – Levels up your profession skill (Available for 7 days) [20 Coins]
Go! Legend Festival – For 1 hour, +20 Magic Attack, +20 Speed, and +10 Jump. (Available for 1 day) [2 Coins]
Advanced Potential Scroll [15 Coins]
Advanced Enhancement Scroll [15 Coins]
Clean Slate Scroll 10% [25 Coins]
Chaos Scroll [20 Coins]
Secret Mastery Book [20 Coins]

Second Shop

1st Tab – Weapons

Basically what you see there are weapons with hidden potential and buffed stats. By buffed stats I mean that they’re only around 2~5 Weapon Attack more than the original ones. Just a little better.

The shop sells Level 80, 90, 100, and 110 weapons. The prices are 20 coins, 25 coins, 30 coins, and 50 coins, respectively.

2nd Tab – Potions

Not even worth the screenshot. Just a normal potion store. And no, it’s not a potion store that sells potions for coins, it sells it for Mesos…

3rd Tab – ETC.

Back to interesting stuff!

EXP Pendant (7 days) [15 Coins]
EXP Pendant (30 days) [30 Coins]
Golden Shovel [7 Coins]
Golden Axe [7 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Earrings – +1 All Stats, +20 HP/MP, +12 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy/Avoidability, 5 slots [4 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Earrings – +2 All Stats, +45 HP/MP, +18 Weapon/Magic DEF, +15 Accuracy/Avoidability, 5 slots [6 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Earrings – +3 All Stats, +80 HP/MP, +27 Weapon/Magic DEF, +20 Accuracy/Avoidability, 5 slots [8 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Silver Ring – +1 All Stats, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Accuracy [6 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Silver Ring – +2 All Stats, +15 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy, +5 Speed [8 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Silver Ring – +2 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +20 Weapon/Magic DEF, +15 Accuracy, +5 Speed [15 Coins]
(Level 120) Maple Legend Gold Ring – +4 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +50 HP/MP, +40 Weapon/Magic DEF, +25 Accuracy, +15 Avoidability, +5 Speed [30 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Leaf – +1 All Stats, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed [4 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Leaf – +2 All Stats, +20 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed [6 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Leaf – +3 All Stats, +40 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed [8 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Scarf (it’s a SCARF, not a bandana. It falls under the Pendant slot) – +2 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +15 Weapon/Magic DEF, 2 slots [4 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Scarf – +4 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +25 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots [6 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Scarf – +6 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +40 Weapon/Magic DEF, 4 slots [8 Coins]
Maple Legend Umbrella – Level 10, +20 Weapon Attack, +20 Speed, +10 Jump [5 Coins]
Maple Legend Flag – Level 10, +20 Weapon Attack, +20 Speed, +10 Jump [5 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Gloves – +1 All Stats, +20 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy, 5 slots [4 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Gloves – +2 All Stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, +20 Accuracy, 5 slots [6 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Gloves – +3 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +45 Weapon/Magic DEF, +30 Accuracy, 5 slots [8 Coins]
(Level 30) Maple Legend Commemorative Hat – +1 All Stats, +30 HP/MP, +25 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Accuracy/Avoidability, 7 slots [4 Coins]
(Level 50) Maple Legend Commemorative Hat – +3 All Stats, +45 HP/MP, +35 Weapon/Magic DEF, +15 Accuracy/Avoidability, 7 slots [6 Coins]
(Level 70) Maple Legend Commemorative Hat – +5 All Stats, +60 HP/MP, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF, +20 Accuracy/Avoidability, 7 slots [8 Coins]
Under The Maple Tree… Chair [3 Coins]

Okay that’s it for the rewards! Now, how do you get those coins? Simple! Just do those Legend quests I was talking about.

1. Making the Legend’s Maple Syrup

Yeah Gaga will give you one of those gravy things and ask you to hold on to it.

Yeah hold it for 30 minutes. Isn’t it the most original quest ever? Never seen that concept before.

So anyway wait for 30 minutes then talk to him and he’ll give you one Legend Festival coin. You will also get some useless 30 minute buff called Legend Sweet Syrup Buff.

For doing the quest once: +500 MaxHP and +100 Weapon/Magic DEF

For doing the quest twice: +1000 MaxHP and +200 Weapon/Magic DEF

For doing the quest… er… thrice?: +1500 MaxHP and +300 Weapon/Magic DEF

You can only do this quests 3 times a day.

Legend Festival Fun! [7/7~8/31]

Between those dates, just log in and the Maple Admin will give you one coin for FREE. Just pay shipping and handling.

Challenge! Clear the PQ’s 5 times!

You’ll get 3 quests that will ask you to complete a PQ 5 times. The Maple Admin will ask you to complete any 5 PQ’s, and the others are just obvious (Monster Park and PvP).

Do it and you’ll get 1 coin if you’re not a character that was released in the Legend Update (non-Cannon Shooters, Mercedes, or Demon Slayers), and 2 coins if you are (except Monster Park, which you get 1 coin whether or not you’re a Cannon Shooter/the other jobs).

Construction Stone Support

Just accept the quest and you’ll be given one Legend Construction Stone that we talked a little about before.

You get half an hour to teleport yourself from one town to another as many times as you want. You can only teleport to major towns. It looks a lot like Dimensional Mirror!

Profession Skill Leveling Event!

You’ll see the reason for that event in the next section actually, but for now, let’s just focus on the festival.

All they basically want you to do is level up your profession skill. You’ll get a quest for both your primary and secondary profession skill.

Whichever one you level, you’ll get the same rewards. The rewards are coins, and the amount varies by what level your profession skill is.

If you get to level…

2~4 = 1 Coin

5~7 = 2 Coins

8~10 = 3 Coins

Not too bad. Good luck~


There were a couple of revamps actually.

Profession Skills Revamp

Already told you this was going to happen. It’s a big change to the Profession Skills! I’ll tell you some changes.

  • Fatigue became 200 instead of 100. That’s great! You get to craft/mine/shovel/whatever twice as many times then you could beforehand!

Also, the EXP needed has been lower! I logged on and my Mining skill was already level 8, which I don’t believe it was.

  • Multi-crafting was added. If you didn’t know already, you could only craft one thing at a time before this revamp. You had to see the whole boring animation 50 times to make 50 plates or whatever you’re making. Those days are over!

  • The map to train your primary profession skill improved. Instead of only being able to go in it once a day, you can now go 3 times a day. Also, there are more maps! Now there are maps for up to level 8!
  • For people under level 30, you can experience some harvesting/mining action. Well, sort of. You will be able to click on herbs/minerals.

And once you click on them they’ll drop something useless.

  • Heart Minerals and Golden Flowers actually have drops now!
  • Mechanics/Wild Hunters can mine/shovel better.

  • 8 Slot bags were added. No clue how to get them yet.
  • The NPC that introduces you to the profession skills, the one on the top left of the map, is not useless anymore. It gives you quests now. I think you get the bag by doing his quests.
  • Nack’s shop was changed! More tickets are available because of the new training areas. Also, she now sells ores and herbs.

I saved the best for last…

  • Lots of new items were added!!! Very cool things πŸ˜€ I’ll give you a detailed list soon, but for now, just know that new 125 equips were added and other cool things.

Those are actually level 125 equipment! They level up like reverse items. The thing that’s probably most interesting there is the last one at the really bottom-right. That’s the White Angelic Bless ring. It adds 10 on every stat and casts a 12 attack buff! I still didn’t see anyone wearing it and I don’t know where to get the recipe.

Quest/Monsters Revamp

Many monsters’ EXP/HP/other stats changed in this update. More monsters were added as well. The biggest changes occurred in the maps above; Ellinia, Henesys, Perion, Nautilus Harbor, and Kerning City.

In addition, the quests are made so that you can do them in order kind of. By that I mean that if you’re a Cannon Shooter for example, you’ll only get Nautilus Harbor quests at the beginning. Then you’ll have quests that will take you to other towns and then again and again. They expect you to do every quest :O

Now other changes in quests:

  • No more questions in 3rd job advancement.
  • Quests were made easier. The Legendary Spirit quest, for example, doesn’t need the 100% scrolls, 1 million mesos, or red whip anymore. All you need is 100k πŸ˜›
  • Adventurers get their own map for Griffey and Manon for their 4th job advancement.

Thanks to KremeChoco of


Lots of events…

Legend Leveling Event

Level up a Cannon Shooter (or actually any other job released in the Legend update) to a certain level to get rewards.

  • 2nd Job – 1 Legend Coin.
  • 3rd Job – 3 Legend Coins
  • 4th Job – 6 Legend Coins
  • Level 50Legend Ring, the ring I talked about a while ago.

The ring adds 1 on each stat and 1 attack at first, but it gets better. It levels up like a Timeless equipment and the ending result is 3 on each stat and 4 attack.

The ring has a total of 6 levels, ‘MAX’ level included.

  • Level 70 – One Mastery Book (100% one, you choose).

Character Slot Coupon

This might not be exciting to you people in GMS, but it’s very exciting for us in KMS! I only had 3 character slots, so this coupon is really good for me. You get one per account and you just double click it to get a character slot!

It’s supposed to be for Legend, but really you can make any character you want!


Gave you a background, but now I actually see it.

As you level up, that bar will load. When you hit level 30, you’ll get this potion:

It will give you 116,916 EXP. Then at 70 you’ll get this one:

It will give you 6,092,171 EXP. I know it’s a lot of EXP, but you can use parts of the EXP. By that I mean that if let’s say you have 20% and that potion would give you something ridiculous like 400%, you will only get the EXP required to complete the 80% and then you may use the rest of the EXP in the capsule later on.

That EXP is so large that it got me from level 70 with 0.00% to 81 and 20.00%! Yay!

Hot Time Event

Log in at 2:30 A.M. KST at the specific date and you’ll get 20 coins and an AP reset scroll GUARANTEED. Then, you might also get some of the new profession skill equipment (the level 125 ones) or even this badge, Legend’s Hero Badge!

Legend’s Hero Badge

Level 10
+10 STR
+10 DEX
+10 INT
+10 LUK
+10 Weapon Attack
+10 Magic Attack
+10 Speed
+200 HP
+200 MP
Platinum Scissors of Karma may be used.

Another book event?!

Must I really explain? Everyday you have to do this quest by the way:

Hunt monsters up to 11 levels lower or higher than you to get 50 of those.

The rewards are useless so don’t worry about it. Just the last one adds 1 on all stats and 50 DEF. The only thing that’s good is the other rewards they don’t show, if you do the quest for 10 days. Only then you’ll get:

New World – Legend Event

New world called Legend. Not describing this because this is ridiculous. You basically get a bandana at 70 which adds 18 on each stats and stuff like that, and you get the same crystal earrings you would get if you created a character and leveled him/her up to 100 (which add +4 on each stat, 100 HP/DEF). Same as always. :O

Leveling FREE Equipment Event

This actually falls under the Legend Festival because it’s one of its quests, but I had nowhere to put it so I’ll just put it here!

When your character reaches (or is already around) level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, or 70, you will get that box. You’ll need 7 slots in your equipment inventory to open it. Why? Because it gives you a whole set for your job for that specific level! Yay, I was really lost with where to get Dual Bow Guns on my Mercedes in KMST, but I got some from this instead (Pictures coming in a Mercedes guide :))!

There are other events I didn’t talk about and that is because it’s not in KMS yet. I’ll talk about them when they’re released.

Other Changes

  • A new quest was added to Nautilus Harbor that’s very interesting. The monsters from that quest give 400 EXP. Obviously too good to be true… There was just a patch that nerf’ed them from 400 to 32 EXP -_-.
  • Nautilus Harbor was changed!

You can now jump down each floor!

Also, all the maps’ styles were changed. They are all much smaller (easier to travel) and very Florina Beach-like. Also, new maps were added (these are the maps after the map of the Blue Ribbon Pigs)!

^Yellow Starfish – Level 17, 28 EXP.

^Angry Starfish – Level 20, 35 EXP.

^Jellyfish – Level 24, 50 EXP.

^Angry Jellyfish – Level 24, 56 EXP.

And finally, the map after that is Florina Beach:

  • Henesys was changed too. Athena’s house was moved to the actual town map of Henesys on the right.
  • Speaking of Athena, she was replaced with a younger version of herself:

  • Golem Temple was changed:

Stone Golem – Unchanged.

Mixed Golem – Level: 26 -> 24, HP: 580 -> 495, EXP: 47 -> 50 (<- that's kind of weird).

Dark Stone Golem – Removed! Map changed (Mercedes friendly!):

^Fire Mix Golem – Level 28, 720 HP, 63 EXP. Awesome!

  • See that little NPC button on the mini map? That’s a new feature!

Click on the NPC and it will point it to you on the mini map!

  • See that button under the mini map? That’s a new system! Quick Move:

Click on where you want to go. From left to right -> Randolph’s Shop, Lucia’s Shop, PvP, Dimensional Mirror, Monster Park, the map above the 6 way crossing map in Victoria Island (the one that takes you to Ereve, Edelstein, or Orbis), Free Market, and cab.

You can only use it in town maps (Ellinia, Henesys, etc.).

  • Potions now stack to bundles of 300.

Additionally, potions from Alchemy can stack to 400 or even 800!

  • I told you about the ‘Racial Skills’ earlier, but now I’ll explain it. Once you’re 70+, you can actually kind of like transfer the skill to another character.

The character from your account of your choice will get this skill for as long as you want. You can also change your character, but you can only do that once a day.

  • Repurchasing system was added, if you NPC’ed something somewhere, you can buy it from that NPC you NPC’ed your item into.

It actually makes sense! You basically NPC some item first. Let’s take this item as an example from which I earned 80 mesos from NPC’ing:

So I NPC’ed it and got the 80 mesos. Now I can buy ONLY ONE for 80 mesos. No money lost!

The max amount of items you can repurchase is 10. After that, the item you NPC’ed first (of the list) will disappear from the list and you will not be able to repurchase it again.

  • Although it’s not visible, 20% speed was added to every character. By that I mean that if you have 100% speed, it would feel like 120% speed.
  • You can’t type in your PIC anymore. I know in GMS you can’t even do it now, but it was possible in KMS. Now it’s not, you have to physically click on each number.
  • Don’t even worry about this one, it’s just that they combined game and system options:

  • FM was changed, it now shows you recent NX items added to Cash Shop and lets you try them on!

How? The camera is facing the wrong way!

Well, that’s all for now!

By the way, KMST’s term was delayed AGAIN. Now it will only open on July 11th. That’s actually kind of good, I need to play GMS instead. I didn’t actually play MapleStory for a long while now, and I’m losing at the Chaos Leveling event :O



56 comments on “KMS v.1.2.136 ~ Cannon Shooters!

  1. I can give you more info on the 125 equipment, they are basically upgraded versions of the Reverse and Timeless gear. You can upgrade your own equipment.

  2. So if you sell a item to a NPC “by accident” you automatically get the option to buy it back, couldn’t people just sell some extremely rare item “by accident” and buy like 10 more back? If you do happen to sell a scrolled equip, when you buy it back does it still have all the scrolling on it?

  3. i could have used that repurchasing thing on monday when i was so distracted i didn’t notice that i was npcing the stuff i thought i was putting in storage…

  4. maybe u can only buy it back once if u only npced? that would seem a logical thing to do but then again u never know… thanks for great post ^^

    • I added the revamp at the real end so I forgot :O Thanks for reporting though, I’ll change it tomorrow.
      Also, I’ll double check the repurchasing thing again tomorrow.

  5. OH MY GOD I JUST WENT NUTS WHEN I SAW THE PINK BEACH CHAIR. If this comes to GMS, I will go insane. I love chairs with a passion and getting an awesome-looking chair like that will make those 10-days of event questing seem like half a day.
    Had to gush over this chair, lol. As for everything else…the new tweaks in the game seem really helpful. Now we won’t have people crying over NPCing their goldy WGs or PACs lol. Also the new map warp feature is awesome. I don’t have to worry about walking too much.
    As always, thanks for the update and all the hard work you put into your posts Shakar. πŸ˜€ You’re the new Spadow for me. πŸ˜›

  6. I didnt catch hot time …
    Tried logging in 30 minutes before but couldnt… Crash crash crash

  7. Well I had fun lvling to 41 on my cannon shooter.
    I’m taking it rlly slow =p
    The hot time event sucked like shit.
    And I love those exp bottles =D
    I never feel like grinding some more and more and more when I hit 70.
    No I ca just skip over 5 lvles =p

  8. So, with this “20% speed increase for all characters”, did the skills that increase speed get changed as well? Would a Wild Hunter’s Jaguar or a Thief’s haste make them move at an even higher speed than before, or did they get nerfed to match the new speed levels?

    • No the skills are the same. As I said, the speed increase is not quite visible, but you can definitely feel it. So max haste would feel like 160% and so will jaguars.

    • Yeah they do -_- Some people just prefer to play in the Smaller Resolution where do you think The Widescreen resolution Option came from Global Maplestory Lol

  9. has nothing to do with this post but i leveled up 17 times today in a total of 8 hours

    from lvl 40 to lvl 57

    with an Aran

    was fighting monsters 20+ my level every 4 hours.


    Gotta love weekends.

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  16. I believe that they are preparing for Legend in GMS because Nautilus Harbor is so weird. The cab doesn’t work in that sole area, and the cab always sends you to the 3rd level of the ship.

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  18. Hi shakar i would like to ask you a question: does the exp bottle work with several characters like for example if you created a cannon shooter you would have ofc the event but if you create a mercedes and a demon slayer moreover will they have this event ? Or is it available only for the first legend job you decide to choose ? Thanks in advance for your answer. I don’t know by the way if i explained it right xd

      • Thank you very much for this fast reply, that is such a good news for me because I’m going to make all of them and in case the event occured only for the first legend character I made, I would have waited for Demon Slayer. Keep up the good work, this blog is just amazing

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