KMST v.1.2.441 ~ Kaiser Storyline


UPDATE: There was a mini patch today. There’s more information about the Pirate Nova!

Enjoy this video for now. I’ll leave my extractor on and I’ll check it either today or tomorrow. Although, aside from storyline (I’ll explain it tomorrow or a day after for sure), this is it in a nutshell -> Character slot max increased to 18, emblem added to Kaisers [and the Nova pirate] (in fact, they have coordinators: . Not sure what those are, though, YET), 4 new potential stamps and a miracle cube were added, and 3 new pets.

The Miracle Cubes adds Additional Potential:

Pretty much another line (or two, two is the max) of Rare, Unique, etc. (any potential rank) on an item that has a potential. Thanks KremeChoco of for the image and explanation~.

Also, a new NPC (3000109) named Angelic Buster was added:

And a new picture:

Enjoy and see you~


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33 comments on “KMST v.1.2.441 ~ Kaiser Storyline

  1. The new Dragon pets’ horn rings seem to match the ones on the character outline on the coordinator menu…

  2. Good thing they added more slots I’m already at 14 and I really don’t wanamaker delet any chars. Gratzed 1 I made as a pure storage mule . But now since mts is gone I need way more mules lol… Cool story line looking coward to her naova pirates, and rest of the jobs if they making those also?

    • lol
      “she looks stupid with that stupid hairstyle”

      I like how you used the word stupid in such variation.

      so whats recap on them Job IDs?
      anyhints of new jobs like Thief Resistance? or the other Cygnus Captains?

  3. I think her face ruins it more than her pink hair. They shouldv just made it so that we could choose 1 of the 4 hairstyles they already showed us, and so that we could change the hair color like phantom.

  4. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    The vocaloid hair got in.
    Sure, it still doesn’t match her all too well, but it sure beats those other unrealistic hairstyles. 🙂

  5. Why cant they just call her Angel? Angel Buster is like the name of her weapon.
    I hope GMS doesnt adopt “exactly” copy and paste as KMS, seeing how they changed Justice to Renegades that is, and some of the names of Phantom Skills. lol

    I think KMS is trying too hard, and they will ruin their product if they do.
    They should focus on Thief Resistance and 3rd Bowman branch and maybe more Godly revamps like Aran and Evan and others (though we have enough revamps as it is.)

    We need more PQ content, more theme dungeons, more new world maps/training content, more content instead of moar characters.

    Make Alien PQ a theme dungeon for GMS lol

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