KMST v.1.2.418 ~ More Aswan Changes


I’m late once again, but whatever. I already got really frustrated while trying to install my Wi-Fi adapter and Visual Studio today (which took HOURS to install, and the installation is still not complete -_-).

Well, only 1 more day till Aswan is released in the real server and therefore there are more changes. One of which is the new video^, and along with that a new page for Aswan (which had this blog’s current background).

As usual, since I’m not a KMST’er, credits to for the KMST images~.

Only thing that really changed in game is this guy, who now sell some weird scrolls. A full list will be provided when it’s released in KMS but just to show you what I mean by weird, one of them (20% One-handed weapon for ATT) adds 12 ATT but consumes 6 slots o_o. The 60% one adds 4 ATT and consumes 2 slots. And there’s also a 50% ,40%, and 30% ones. Sucky scrolls :O.

There’s General Hilla, the big scary boss. Girls please don’t complain about the way she’s dressed (‘half naked bad chick’). From what I heard, Hilla wasn’t even released yet. I didn’t check the WZ yet (no .NET Framework 4, installation is still not done LOL), but that’s really embarrassing if she wasn’t released yet (update is coming tomorrow and the promo was all about Hilla).

Obviously I can’t extract anything at this moment, so I got this picture from also (which got it from Southperry). Map of Aswan! Seems pointless since Aswan is just a mere PQ, but it’s great for me because extracting Aswan would be much easier.

Last but not least, I just want to talk about this creature. It’s CUTE! By the way I’m not a girl, just saying.

Well that’s all for today, I’ll finish installing Visual Studio today (60% done, might have to leave it overnight) and prepare myself for the KMS patch tomorrow. I guess I’m back to coding in Notepad, haha. 🙂


P.S. – This is my 100th post :O.

By shakar96 Posted in kMST

26 comments on “KMST v.1.2.418 ~ More Aswan Changes

  1. My dear you soun stressfull XD Want sum grandma’s hot chocolate? Go take a rest sweet heart. I love the way you update things even while you’re stressful :X

  2. You posted this on the 11th and today it’s the 12th.
    In your post you said the patch was going to released tomarrow, which would be the 12th.

    L>Hilla boss

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that dragon thing looks like (the baby version of) fluffy the dracolich from dragonfable?

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