KMST v.1.2.432 ~ Attack of the Black Mage

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UPDATE: News about the next GMS patch added at the bottom!

Well, yesterday v.1.2.160 came out to KMS but nothing was released… Just some hair styles. I don’t think it will be long before the revamp will be released, but PvP will probably be released in a while. For example, some of the new quests say that PvP will be available after July 3rd o_o. Not that it matters to me because there are time restrictions anyhow, and I don’t think I’ll be able to try it out.

There is only 1 more (non-PvP) skill change, but aside from that, there were only changes to some maps and PvP. Other then that, the Black Mage returned~

Remember of Advanced Final Attack was added to Marksmen? Well, it was removed.

Also, 4 new skills were added, and they look exactly like the demon pets’ skills. Are there more pets coming soon that give buffs?

The first skill is +3% Critical Rate and +2 PvP damage, the second is 5% ignore mob’s DEF, the 3rd is +1 PvP damage, and the last is +3 All Stats and +3 PvP damage.

Awesome skill changes. The rest were for Hardcore, once more.

But the main thing that was added in this patch was the return of the Black Mage. Well, not really ‘return’ but he’s attacking the Maplers once more! Ereve is under attack, but the Cygnus Knights held him off easily.

PvP was also attacked by the Black Mage! Oh my, scary.

Enough burning? NOPE. Orbis Tower was also burned. All the floors between the 9th and the 15th (including those floors) were burned!

Huckle was saved from the destruction, and is now at 16th floor. He’s pretty much stuck; the bottom is all burned :/

For us, the only way to get down is through the gate NPC (not the one shown above). Even then, it won’t send you anywhere between the 8th and the 16th floors.

At the 8th floor, the damage is the same except it’s at the top, obviously.

Anyway, Huckle noticed that the Mystic Gate at the bottom turned from green to red.

This is not a good sign… He wants you to kill a couple of monsters to preserve its redness to see what happens.

Explosion, what do you know. Huckle thinks that that might be the reason to why the floors exploded, but it might also be the Black Mage. Not sure, he didn’t really talk about it too much.

I haven’t been there yet, but it seems like Chryse was also burned down (once again). Maybe it was the Black Mage, after all.

Well, enough of violence, let’s talk about PvP. So, a lot of quests and events have been added. But once again, I can’t do it because of my time zone -_-.

It’s open from 4-10 P.M. on weekdays and 1-10 P.M. on weekends/holidays. Only way I can ever do PvP is if I wake up early, which is something I wouldn’t do for MapleStory (sleeping is more important).

Some new mustache dude called Hector is the new Drill Instructor, and he’ll give you a lot of quests.

I’ll discuss the quests more in detail when they come out to KMS, but they are pretty much go-PQ-and-we’ll-give-you-some-Gallant-Emblems.

Speaking of Gallant Emblems, mobs don’t drop them anymore. PvP is open so… You must go do PvP to get some.

Old Maximus is still there, and he’s giving out quests. Some of his quests include receiving titles. The titles you can receive are: Fighter, Avenger, Ailing Owner of Charm, Throw, and Ultimate Fighter.

On other news, a new event quest series was added: Picnic! I already predicted that last time, and now I see what the bingo thing is.

The whole point of the bingo game is to fill 3 lines. They can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

You get a random bingo board that you will have to fill. You can get the items necessary by doing 1 of two quests.

You can choose from two quests (not really choose, but you can always forfeit and restart till you get the desired one): Kill 300 monsters around your level or get 30 boxes from monsters around your level. And by ‘around your level’ I mean in the range between 11 levels lower or 21 levels higher than you.

From the quest, you will get a basket. The basket will give you a random picnic item that will be saved in your set-up inventory.

Now you can use it on your board. However, I don’t see why you would; you never know what you will get next. Don’t use it till you know you got a full row/column/diagonal line.

A new thing was added to Cash Shop, House Wedding Ticket. It’s used for the ‘fast wedding’ I discussed last time.

I didn’t try it, but for any of you who do, I know you are just doing it for the rings.

I am shifting from topics quickly, I know.

This weekend (which is actually Memorial Day weekend), several Hot Time events will be held.

5/26 -> Epic Potential Scroll (100%) & Vicious Hammer (100%).

5/27 -> Positive Chaos Scroll 50% & Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60%.

5/28 -> 9th Anniversary Medal (+9 All Stats, +99 MaxHP/MaxMP, +99 Weapon/Magic DEF, +2 PvP Damage) & 20 Maple Coins. You also have a chance to get the I’m a Lucky Guy medal.

There will also be 2X EXP between 1 and 4 P.M. on those days.

That reminds me, Memorial Day weekend starts on this Friday. Mhm, I might be going somewhere so if I miss an update, don’t be shocked.


UPDATE: On May 31st, GMS will be getting v.1.11. As you can see in the update notes (reproduced below), it’s actually pretty exciting.

Well, as you know, tons of people are nostalgic about the ‘Old Maple’. Therefore, GMS will be adding the old versions of Lith Harbor, Henesys, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, and Sleepywood!

Nothing cool, really, because they have backups of all the old maps and they are just copying them.

So, go to any town you want and talk to the Dimensional Door:

When you do quests in those areas, you will receive Old Maple Coins. Old Maple Coins can be traded for many old goodies that are pretty rare nowadays through [old] Inkwell:


Looks like I’ll be doing old quests instead of studying for finals this June :).

Another thing that will be added is really bizarre. Apparently, June is bug extermination month o_o.

They didn’t say much, I’m guessing it’s a lame event in which you have to burn bugs.

Then, all the way on June 6th, the Bounty Hunter event will be released.

The monsters above are the 3 fiends you have to find and fight. To do so, you must travel and find “danger” signs.

When you kill one, you will receive EXP, a random item, and a Bounty Mark. The Bounty Mark can be sold for some “cool mesos” (I’m guessing like 10 mesos), but it’s also a part of a competition.

There is a ranking, and the people at the top 20 of killing those bosses will receive the Maple Bounty Hunter medal (which is actually pretty nice, the stats are in red in the picture above).

In addition, monsters over the Maple World will drop Wanted Criminal Clues. Gather 50 of them and you will receive a belt and a pretty nice badge.

And something else is interesting…

That’s strange. They seem like something a bounty hunter would wear…

What do they mean by that? A new job? Weird.

Well, see you on May 31st!

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62 comments on “KMST v.1.2.432 ~ Attack of the Black Mage

  1. First to say anything but place! The bingo event doesn’t look very interesting, but at least its original ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I honestly wish GMS could move as fast as KMS. I think Vitoria island is next. The black mage really hates the maple world. I wanna know who he is! >:O

  3. shakar the pets already is known to give buffs.
    Those 4 are probably old KMST icon fillers

    1 Pet = 1 Skill Level sooo
    1 Pet = 3 Attk/M.Attk
    2 Pets = 8 Attk/M.Attk
    3 Pets = 15 Attk/M.Attk

    “Buff is removed when pets aren’t active”

  4. Blame Cannon Shooter for the tower since he almost killed 1 man who hasn’t moved for 9 years in KMS 0.o that mustive been hard….

      • then of course Nexon will remove it, they are experts on everything that is related to making players mad, and btw, is there a new weapon, or is it just an old unused number? since I saw its number (01392000), but it has no icon or anything that is showing how the weapon looks like, and its both in GMS, KMS and KMST files

  5. they said in the may 31st patch they were gonna remove the MTS, and i was hoping the may 31st patch was our thief pirate revamp. oh well. but this is gonna be awesome

  6. “Thatโ€™s strange. They seem like something a bounty hunter would wearโ€ฆ”
    Our new bounty hunter class is…..
    Bobba Fett lol >_>

  7. The GMS items do kind of look Phantom themed, wouldn’t you say? Haha, who knows, maybe the GMS team actually came up with a unique class instead of depending on KMS for all their updates. :3

  8. o_O? A bounty hunter job hope it would be interesting as MSEA always copy-paste GMS’s patch and most likely we will be getting what they are getting ><

  9. It’s not a bad idea to remove the old Maple.

    Think about it: You’d be more excited to adventure through those lands when(if) they put it out next year. Whereas if it stayed, you would be bored of it within 3 months. (trust me, you will)
    And plus it would cost too much space on Maplestory’s database to keep. :/

    Don’t you just wish that every video game could have unlimited space? But then again, the ‘best’ game would have knocked Maplestory out 5 years ago.

  10. Honestly i havent played maple in 3weeks i fear gms isnt doing so good who knows i might be wrong i have 2 200’s and i havent played in 3 weeks ive played the game everyday for 3years straight and all i have to say is my server is pretty much dead now in gms i feel like just selling all my gear i hope gms updates soon :/

  11. I finally have a reason to go back on maplestory!!!! WELCOME BACK OLD HENESYS HUNTING GROUND, AND HENESYS <3333333

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  14. but today the henesys hunting ground is lame because we all not stuck in lvl30 any more…. big bang…

  15. shakar do a post about the name of the new job/ bug in GMS!!!!

    “when your job is JETT (3) or JETT (4)”

  16. that think above me is the same in the new belt///
    i thinking that JETT i wrong spell for jet

      • no… but i saw it…
        and if its from jan’ so its hasn’t effected from the new badge and event so it may be real…

      • Just cause the sheet say its from january doesn’t mean that actual source came out. The actual person that posted it posted the paper a week ago and straight up said it was a lie(It was also posted on nexon forums and employees said it was a lie). How he got the name Jett is a mystery to me but it was a troll.

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