GMS v.1.11 ~ Maple Class Reunion

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The update was supposed to come yesterday, but Nexon delayed it for another day. This is the update in which ‘Old Maple’ came, and more updates will come.

We also have more information about the new job. His name is Jett, and I’m ASSUMING he’s a Bounty Hunter. It also seems like it’s a magician, since most of the rewards from the event give you M. ATT stuff (especially the BOUNTY HUNTER event).

And, unfortunate news but, it seems like the pirate/thief revamp won’t come. Nexon only discussed Phantom and Jett (which, by the way, might arrive on 6/27), but they never even mentioned the revamp once. AND IT’S ALREADY JUNE!

TWMS said they are not revamping pirates because of their exclusive pirate class, but then again, who knows. Maybe Nexon is thinking the same thing, that the exclusive job will replace the revamps. I hardly doubt that they would release the revamp AFTER Phantom. Or maybe that’s their exciting summer content.

Anyway, let’s go over the update~ A lot of it was not released yet, but I’ll go over everything.

Old Maple


There is a crack in the Dimensional Mirror which can take you back to MapleStory as it was before Big Bang. Well, at least SOME parts of it.

[Click to enlarge]

On EVERY visit (not just your first), you’ll be sent to the old Maple Island. From there, you can do quests and move on to different parts of the old Maple Island and to the old Victoria Island.

From each quest you complete, you will get 1 Old Maple Coin.

The coins can be traded to [old] Inkwell which is in [old] Henesys:

In his shop, you can buy:

All of these items suck. Basically, every item of “new Maple” is much better than any of those.

And, besides, it’s a bit disappointing for another reason.


I feel like I wasted a lot of time to get it…

Ignore the hair, please; it was ruined during the random style event.

But, in reality, the only thing worth getting is the Tuna Fish. It’s pretty expensive, though, and not really worth the effort.

Anyway, as I was saying earlier, you start off with the old Maple Island. In Maple Island, you are given a lot of quests that are the same as they used to be.

However, unlike the old Maple Island, you can always go to [Old] Lith Harbor and go back to Maple Island. Some quests (such as the Luca’s invitations to all the job advancers) even require you to leave Maple Island.

Almost every quest gives you 1 coin, and you can only complete it once. You will get around 11 quests on Maple Island, and the rest are from Victoria Island.

In reality, this Old Maple thing is REALLY stupid.

First of all, there are NO NPC’s or portals, aside from those NPC’s that are everywhere (such as Cody, Maple Administrator, Gaga, etc.), one NPC in each town that gives you quests (and the job advancers), and two portals on the right and left side of the town. Lith Harbor only has a right portal that leads you to the other towns of Old Victoria Island.

Each town, as mentioned above, has two portals. The LEFT (<-) one is used to teleport back to Lith Harbor while the RIGHT (->) one is used to teleport you to an old map of that area.

There aren’t too many maps you can teleport to. In fact, that’s all you have:

Right Around Lith Harbor
Henesys Pig Farm
Henesys Hunting Ground I
Henesys Hunting Ground II
Hot Sand

Dungeon, Southern Forest III
Monkey Forest I
Monkey Forest II
Tree Dungeon, Monkey Forest II

Land of Wild Boar
The Burnt Land I
The Burnt Land III
East Rocky Mountain II

Kerning City:
Northern Top of Construction Site
Caution Falling Down
Line 1 <Area 1>
Line 1 <Area 2>

Hunting Ground in the Deep Forest I
Cave of Mushrooms
Ant Tunnel I
Sanctuary Entrance I
The forest of Golem
Drake’s Meal Table
The Cursed Sanctuary

The NPC of each town (i.e. Maya in Henesys, Aya in Perion, etc. It’s in order, so for example you have to finish all of Maya’s quests first and then I’m guessing Aya’s and later in all the other towns) will give you a quest to complete, and then you’ll get a coin.

It’s not really worth it, though. They make you do a lot of annoying things (like get 50 of ETC. items from many different monsters -_-) for only one coin, which can be traded for crap later.

Once you are done exploring, you can exit through the [cracked] Dimensional Mirror (okay, this is exaggeratedly old. This is what it looked like when it first came out to KMS):

LAME. Good thing it’s only open for 25 days. If it was more, I would probably “facepalm” every time I log into GMS and see it.

The Return of the Legends Characters


You are able to make the Legends again. Except now, you can make as many as you want.

That’s so stupid, didn’t they just ‘return’ a couple of days ago?


Bounty Hunter Event


This event will come out in 5 days, but I’ll just summarize it so I don’t have to dedicate a post for it.

So, those wanted posters are everywhere, and they are pretty useless. I think they’ll just display what monster you have to hunt.

The event is divided into 3 weeks, and it’s like the archeologist event in the sense that it’s a competition.

In the event, you have to find a boss in different areas and kill it to obtain Bounty Marks, which you can later give to Cassandra.

The bosses are different for each round/week. The rounds are:

  • 6/6~6/12: Red Mask.

  • 6/13~6/19: Zombuddy.

  • 6/20~6/23: Bully.

They all have 6 million HP… Good luck!

When you turn the marks in, you’ll receive one of the following:

  • Scroll for Gloves for Magic Attack 60%: Magic ATT +1, INT +1, Success Rate: 60%.
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10%: Restore 1 available upgrade lost to failed scrolls. Untradeable. Cannot be used on Cash items. Success Rate: 10%.
  • Swiss Cheese: +220 Magic ATT for 2 minutes.
  • Chocolate Cream Cupcake: Restores 300 HP/MP, +30 ACC/Speed/Jump for 3 minutes. Untradeable.
  • Melting Cheese: Restores 4000 HP.


If you’re on the Top 20, you’ll also receive Maple Bounty Hunter medal (Req Lv: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +7, Max HP/MP +100, Weapon/Magic ATT +7, Weapon/Magic DEF +100, ACC/AVOID +100, Speed/Jump +7. One-of-a-kind item, untradeable).

Tracking the Outlaw


This is actually how we know that the new job’s name is Jett. And because the rewards relate to a ‘Bounty Hunter’, we can safely assume that the new job is a Bounty Hunter.

Anyway, just collect 50 Wanted Criminal Clues from all monsters and give them to Cassandra. You will get those equipment shown above^^. BUT DON’T FORGET, MESOS AND EXPERIENCE EVERYBODY!

Hm, they are only tradeable using a Sharing Tag. How lame.

Awesome event, reminds me of the banana event for Cannoneers… Oh wait, that event was better. And that was more than a year ago.

GMS-exclusive events/class, how great.

Other Changes

  • MTS was removed. Pretty sure KMS is planning to change its UI and therefore Nexon would have to work hard to add that Trade button, so they’re removing it.

  • Nexon fixed a lot of bugs. A list~
  • The Explorer quest that caused the game client to crash when the quest log wass opened is now fixed.
  • Evan characters created before April, 2010 with the multipet skill issue (Follow the Leader) are now fixed.
  • Ghost Stumps and Smirking Ghost Stumps will now continue spawning in Gusty Peak.
  • Yeti & Pepes will now continue spawning in Sharp Cliff 3.
  • Extra instances of Orchid no longer spawn when Mercedes re-enters Orchid’s Room in the “Wing Master” quest.
  • The description of the Pearly Clam Chair now correctly lists the item as untradeable.
  • Menus can now be correctly dragged across the game window when using left-handed mouse settings.
  • Beryl and Crimson Maple hand cannons and dual bowguns now register as parts of their respective sets.
  • The Rising Fanatic quest can now be completed by players who were unable to complete it.
  • The hairstyle incorrectly named “Phantom Bangs” is now correctly named “Full Bangs.”
  • The Purple Full Bangs female hairstyle now correctly sits on characters’ heads.
  • The Mercedes skill “Ishtar’s Ring” now appears correctly on other players’ screens.
  • Instances of “8th Anniversary” have been changed to “7th Anniversary” in the descriptions of the Beryl Maple weapons that listed the former.
  • The description for the Joyous 7th Dark Scroll for Accessory for Magic Att 20% now correctly states that the scroll raises Magic Attack.
  • Cassandra’s confusing text when turning in old Maple Leaves has been clarified.
  • NPC Bo the Socket Creator’s outdated dialogue has been updated.
  • A tab name has been fixed in NPC Larson’s store options.
  • The “Empowering Pendant” quest is now correctly named “Pendant of the Spirit.”
  • The in-progress quest log description for the quest “The Rising Fanatic!” has been corrected.
  • Gaga’s misleading dialogue for the quest “Shall We Dance?” has been corrected.
  • Typos in the names of the Moonlight Packages have been corrected.
  • A typo has been fixed in the error message that appears when attempting to use a Joy Bird Feather on non-Beryl Maple gear.
  • The chair “Swing on the Persimmon Tree” now states its HP recovery rate in its description.
  • Description text has been added when hovering over the Alien Socket Creator.
  • The Alien Socket Creator’s graphic has been modified to differentiate it from the Nebulite Diffuser.
  • The Astaroth PQ can now be entered through the Dimensional Mirror by characters of the appropriate levels.
  • (Magic Music Box) The incorrect Hero’s Key has been removed from the store in Elluel. The correct Hero’s Key still will drop from monsters.

They have a list of bugs that they will fix also. You can view that here.

That’s all for today, if you want more info you can just check out the patch notes. There will probably be another patch in KMS/KMST this weekend, but I don’t know if I can report it on time because I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend (American logic: end of the year -> tons of projects).

Mhm, enjoy your weekend!


UPDATE: Nexon is planning to merge 4 more servers: Yellonde, Chaos, Kradia, and Mardia. The effect will take place on June 7th.

You can read more about it here.

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91 comments on “GMS v.1.11 ~ Maple Class Reunion

    • Funny, I just read that thread In which people think it’s an imposter.
      Yeah, I have a basil account. shakar9696. People ticked me off very frequently, lately, and therefore I kind of freaked out.
      Not sorry about anything I said, however. That touchandgo guy and the others are all faggots.
      Think I’m mean? Don’t complain.
      I believe I am just in getting angry with those people and cursing my heart out. It proved to nothing, of course, but it was necessary.
      I’m not their doll anymore. They are rude to me and therefore I’m rude in return.
      Again, if you don’t like it, there’s Max. And if not Max, there is And if not Southperry, you’ll just find the news eventually.
      I am a KMS blogger, but that doesn’t mean I’m not human. I don’t see why me cursing would change your opinion about me, it’s no like I ever said I’m a nice guy.

  1. Shakar, I’m not sure but I think Jett is a Mage… The event gives a scroll for gloves for magic attack.

    And this picture (got it on Basil Market) shows the new race: Locust with 2 new classes: Jett and Loca. It can be fake but, at least Jett was correct oO

    • It’s fake. It was also posted on the Nexon forums and two GM’s started cracking up.
      I mean, the guy basically printed their ToS. Why on earth would Nexon print their ToS.
      And good point, nice catch!

  2. server merge? what about demethos ._. we have just little of people as those servers being merged.. now were gonna be the most unpopulated -_-

  3. so far the events hosted have been pretty boring the only thing a lot of ppl were looking forward too was Justice patch but now they’ve shifted it back…

    servers will prob still be pretty empty for awhile unless the events for Jett are good and thieves and pirates havnt been majorly revamped since big bang 😦

  4. shakar look good at the wanted posters in the old maple…. its the pictures of the pirat and thief after the revamps!!! the pirat is right and the thief is left

  5. “TWMS said they are not revamping pirates because of their exclusive pirate class,” what exclusive pirate class?!

    LUCKY IM ON MARDIA :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    9 MORE CHARACTER SLOTS!!!!! :))))))))))))

  7. shakar look better!!!!
    at the revamp their pictures were changed and the new pictures are at the poster!!

  8. So, we’re going to have o get a sharing tag to trade the Bounty Hunter badge/buckle, to our potential Jett class? ._.

  9. I really hope that they not canceled the revamp
    atleast the phantom come to GMS for sure but i really wanted Pirate Style as 4th job Stolen skill

  10. NO WAY they wont make the thief revamp, heres the list of things they said in dev blog:
    1.Early May brings our Seventh Anniversary celebration. We’ll be providing details soon, but we can say that this is one anniversary party you won’t want to miss.
    2. Later in the same month will be a special treat for players who are long-time fans. We’ll have more information on this soon. (thats what we got now)
    3.As we move into June, we’ll be ramping up towards our big summer content release
    4. Not just one but two new characters will soon be joining the MapleStory cast. While you may have heard about the Phantom hero if you follow the news of Korean MapleStory, we’re also preparing a brand new hero that will be exclusive to Global MapleStory.

    the big summer content must be justice… or at least i hope =/

    • 1. Nothing to do with the revamp.
      2. Nothing to do with the revamp.
      3. Nothing to do with the revamp.
      4. Nothing to do with the revamp.
      And a part of Justice IS Phantom/exclusive hero.

      • I really cant understand why would nexon cancel a patch that alot people are waiting for it so long (and im sure they know it)…. after all, one of their purposes is to satisfy the players

  11. They WILL have Phantom in this month, June for sure, since in the dev blog they said something will come in the same month as the 7th anniversary even though they postponed it ’til the next day, doesn’t matter. Phantom might just overlap the events and such, BUT!! I could be wrong.

  12. Wait.. So does that mean:
    Mapje? Not Maple? Way to crush our hopes and dreams Maplestory. And if they release another Pirate hero, I highly doubt it will be Luffy otherwise One Piece would sue them. (FYI One Piece is a very highly known manga/anime about a boy named Luffy who wants to be King of the PIrates. Its a #3 ranked manga in most places, so its kind of hard to say it was a coincidence)

  13. Shakar, you are quite the idiot. Also, you have no proof about gms not getting justice and phantom on 6/27. the reason mts was removed is because of all the hacking/duping. its not that hard to add one small button to the UI. Stop spreading rumors and false/incorrect info. Also, good gob getting kicked off most of the maple forums.

    • Shut the fuck up, the MTS thing was obviously a joke. Are you retarded?
      And as for 6/26, I SAID it will probably be Phantom/Jet or both. Probably NOT the revamp.
      And I didn’t get kicked off, just temporarily banned. Derp.
      And what are you doing here anyway? I thought you hate me, so fuck off. Bye. Shoo. Get out.

  14. omg i cant stop thinking wat is JETT would be???
    Wild hunter looksalike riding cheetah and shooting lighting??
    or riding dragon shooting fireball….woooo

  15. Man, i dont get why everyone is hating on shakar, sure he’s been a bit negative lately, but for a damn good reason. I’m upset the revamps havent come, and that nexon is just killing time with crap new events.
    Personally I prefer shakars blog over orangemushroom.
    Although the info may be very similar, shakar adds his own personal humerous touch
    and I prefer him to a boring, impartial blog.
    Whats the point of posting hate comments on here?
    you obviously visit the site regularly enough, so why would you do something that may jeopardize shakar’s emotional stability, this jeopardizing the continuation of his blog?
    Dont ever quit shakar!

    • ikr, i love this blog, max is good too but i like how this blog has GMS stuff and KMS stuff, not only just KMS

  16. dw shakar ur doing a great job on the blog i read it all the time for info n stuff and its awesome 😀 and i want to thank u for the effort and dedication you put into the blog and u dont mislead ppl n stuff and i understand how u said the revamp isnt gona come anytime soon and ppl think ur saying its nvr gona come to GMS LOL ppl these days but dw man ur doing a amazing job and keep up the great work 😀 haters gona hate u know dont listen to them ur blog is awesome keep up the awesome work 🙂

  17. i think i found something that confirm justice(its not sure but it can be a little hint)
    in dev blog they said:I’ll be bringing you more news on our big summer updates in the near future. he said updates updates says that there is more then 1 update so either the phantom and jett are not in the same patch or its means that there are also other patches from new classes
    sry for my poor english. ill use google translate next time oh wait nvm

      • yea but i still think they are going to revamp the pirates and theives.
        btw where are u from??? i dont think u r american or either korean unless u wake up in 6 AM

      • they wouldn’t suddenly skip a revamp though. DB revamp came WAY after justice, and Aswan is also part of justice. GMS will not just skip a revamp. you know one thing GMS is good at, and its copy pasta from KMS. Stop saying it won’t come cus it will, being pessimistic about everything is not a good thing.

      • I don’t see where your evidence is at. Why wouldn’t they?
        And if they like copying and pasting KMS’s content, why are they releasing an exclusive hero?

  18. Shakar, they’ve released things like NLC in the past, knocking off our order of events and they’ve NEVER skipped a revamp. Where is YOUR evidence, other than to say that Nexon is not allowed to release exclusive content without denying us something from kms. Seriously, it’s illogical to make the argument since at worst they’ll just push the revamp further into the future or release it together with Phantom.

    • Btw, you specifically have said the revamp is NOT coming, you can be quoted on that in multiple places, so people saying that you are simply questioning when it’s coming are wrong. If you had only questioned it’s timing of release, there would never have been a problem.

      • Guys
        God damn
        Calm down
        You’re taking his word as if he’s calculating the projectery of the moon <.<
        So what
        People say things all the time
        I say stuff that doesn't even come close to happening
        It's just a game

  19. I am currently in Taiwan until like July and I really don’t want to miss out on the Bounty Hunter events and like Hot times etc. Cause I always love collecting those items. I have the horns for the Demon Slayer and the Elf crown for Mercedes+ the Golden cannon for Cannoneer so I would like to get these other items too. Is it possilbe that I can download GMS Maplestory here in Taiwan?

  20. I want to get out of the “old maplestory” but it won’t let me leave to go to victoria island to get to the dimensional mirrors. I try going from south perry but the ship just wont leave… I can’t go back to the first place where I came in either. >.<!! help!

  21. OMG guys maybe the Jett class its Phantom .. they change hes name like they always do between KMS & GMS in most games …
    what did u think shakar?

  22. Any info on this ‘Loca’ class I keep hearing about? Prolly just a rumor is my best guess, But I have been reading that an ‘L’ hero class is all that is missing to complete the initials of each Hero that founded the M.A.P.L.E world.
    That is cool and all but I wonder if that’s just a coincidence lol 😡

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