~Happy New Year~ New Blog!

For a little while now, I’ve been thinking of creating a blog about kMS and gMS, since I play both. Today, on the first day of 2011, I decided that now it’s the best time to make a blog.

Right now it’s empty, I know. I didn’t tell anyone yet~ But WE’LL GET THERE!

This blog is mostly gonna be about gMS & kMS, sometimes even kMST.

Speaking of kMST, a new term just started today. I didn’t get in :(, but whatever, I never got in before. Maybe I will next term!

So anyway, just 2 days ago came the 2nd update of Chaos. I will not talk about it now, but instead I will make a guide once the whole thing is officially over.

Right now everything is crazy in kMS. There’s a new event in which you need to level your character 40 times (or 0~80), so I gotta level my characters to 80 (my TB to 87)… My TB is ahead at level 72, but my DB/aran are 4X… I’m also making an evan after… -_-”

Leveling as fast as I can~

Welp, I hope some day I will look back at this blog post and see how much my blog has changed XD

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome~!