GMST v.10 ~ Legends!

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Yesterday, GMST was opened up once again for its testers to test the upcoming update, Legends. Although it’s currently very glitchy (they left almost everything in Korean), everything was already released in 1 patch. That does not mean, however, that it will all be released in 1 patch in GMS.

Anyway, aside from the release of the 3 new classes, there were some other changes. Read on to learn more.

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KMST v.1.2.409 ~ Pirate/Thief Revamp & Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Animations are up! They’re in APNG format, so if you can’t see them, you’ll need to get a browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

That was an unexpected patch… Just yesterday we saw a preview of this patch, now it’s out in the test server!

There were a LOT of changes. So many that I wouldn’t be surprised if I wont be using the computer for the next few days… I spent around 10 hours on this post and I’m still not done -_-“.

Anyway, I’ll show you the changes right now. Keep in mind that most of the icons are place holders, so it’s not me who made a mistake.

Also, each skill has sick effects right now! Unfortunately, I was unable to extract them today but I’ll have them ready as soon as possible.

Oh and lastly, I know Thanksgiving is almost over (just came back from dinner) but I already have a post set up and it’s on the next page.

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KMS – Minor patch, website update, & GMS Cannoneer events

It’s only been two days since the KMS patch and there was already another patch, a minor one. The patch only changed one skill:

Enrage: Damage Bonus Increased (40% at max level -> 60% at max level).

Basically, they restored the damage bonus back to what it was. To some of you, this isn’t so exciting right? Well, there was also something else that was added to KMS, or at least it’s website, that might excite you.

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GMS Legend Update – Coming December 7th!


Yep! It seems like it’s right around the corner. After reading this article, I am now sure it will hit GMS on December 7th!

No videos were uploaded by Nexon yet. However, the video at the top is the official video for Legend. That’s right, Nexon, from what I heard, partnered with and together they presented this video. This video was not uploaded by me, though. Full credits to XgrantwallsX, owner of, for uploading the video.

Oh and another video I found on the article is that silly class audition. The video of the auditions for Cannoneers is public:

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KMST v.1.2.408 ~ Warriors, Mages, Archers, Cygnus Knights, & Ultimate Explorer Revamp

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For a short little while, there were no updates in KMS/KMST. Only a couple of lame events were added, but nothing major.

The silence finally broke today when a new patch came, the one that we already knew would come in November; the Warrios/Mages/Archers, Cygnus Knights, and Ultimate Explorers revamps! Unfortunately, I can’t test anything because I didn’t get accepted into KMST :(. Oh well, nothing to test anyway, really.

I anticipate this update will hit KMS on November 18th. That’s when the Halloween events end, so I think that’s the date alright. Don’t kill me if it’s not, though :P.

Let’s move on to the skill changes! I also have a surprise for you at the end…

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KMS – Pepero Day Events

It’s been pretty boring lately, absolutely no updates or new revamps. New [small] events were added little by little, but I really didn’t think dedicating a post for them was necessary. Nothing better to talk about, though, so I’ll just talk about the new events (and I’m not excited)~

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