KMS v.1.2.165 ~ Tempest Part II!

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

I don’t have much to say about this update, because it only released Luminous. I updated the skill tables in my Luminous (to-be) guide, check it out~.

Some events were added, so I’ll just cover that. Read on.

First off, the Tempest shop was added. The shop does not contain GM clothes, but it does contain Tempest equipment and useless pictures.

However, there are some restrictions. The following items can only be obtained ONCE on a character:

  • Blessing Ring recipes.
  • Level 60/100 equip. recipes.
  • Special Mystery Mastery Book.
  • Spirit Pendant.
  • Artisan’s Coupon.
  • Lv. 20 keys.
  • Collection Album.

The following can be purchased TWICE:

  • AP Reset Scroll

Three times:

  • Special Mystery Mastery Book (what).
  • Every other Mastery Book.

And for the Tempest equipment, they are level 100 equipment and they come in a set of 8 equipment. Man, if you have all 8, you can get an 35 ATT and 30 All Stats buff!

You also get prizes every time you spend 3 coins in the Tempest shop. Every 3 coins, you get 1 point which you can put into a prize you desire. The more points you put, the more likely you are to receive the prize.

The prizes are:

27 in. Monitor: In Stock – 2
iPod Touch: In Stock – 4
ABC Gift Card: In Stock – 20
Dining Gift Cards: In Stock – 20
MapleStory Dolls: In Stock – 25
Buff x5: In Stock – 2000
Cat Shop x5: In Stock – 2000
Hair Dye Coupons: In Stock – 2000
Royal Hair Coupon: In Stock – 200
Mermaid Mirror x2: In Stock – 400
Mysterious Anvil: In Stock – 300
House Wedding Ticket: In Stock – 250
Megaphone x3: In Stock – 250
Lv. 20 Weapons Liberation Key: In Stock – 500
Lv. 20 Armor Liberation Key x4: In Stock – 550
Owl of Minerva x3: In Stock – 600
1,000,000 Maple Points: In Stock – 1
500,000 Maple Points: In Stock – 2
100,000 Maple Points: In Stock – 5
50,000 Maple Points: In Stock – 40

There are 6 rounds with the following dates: 6/29~7/16, 7/16~7/23, 7/23~7/30, 7/30~8/6, 8/6~8/13, and 8/13~8/20. They all have the same rewards, sadly.

And the Luminous events are pretty much the same as always: Weapon boxes, ring (shown above), EXP buffs, and mastery books. Doesn’t Nexon ever get tired of that +_+.

The new server “Tempest” was added, and you can get the above bandana if you reach level 70.

You can also get those earrings at 80.

There was another event in which you have to hold 2 things for 30 minutes and you’ll 9 coins. Yep, it’s pretty easy to get coins now.

And now for random stuff:

[Click to enlarge and view the animation]

That’s another login screen.

[youtube: ]

A new, epic video of Luminous fighting the Black Mage was added to the tutorial!

This was added to the data. Could this mean the return of Monster Book?

Kiaser data was added, but nothing really changed (1 skill but it’s an unknown variable). This new animation for the job advance, however, was added.

7/14 -> AP Reset Scroll, Name Change Coupon, Lateral Dogma (+10 all stats, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF, 10 slots), Abyss weapon (chance), Tempest Title (chance).

7/15 -> SP Reset Scroll, EXP capsule, Luminous Mystery Mastery Book, Latewing Sage (level 80 Shining Rod, Unique).

And if you didn’t look at my old post, there was a new Inkwell’s Diary Entry. Check it out (“Eternal Sanctuary”):

[Click to enlarge]

그란디스의 성소, 모든 신들의 성채가 그 영광을 드러낸다.

Grandis’ sancturay, reveals all of the gods’ citadels and their glory.

Another patch in KMST tomorrow. -_-“.


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45 comments on “KMS v.1.2.165 ~ Tempest Part II!

    • so… let me get this straight. completely light luminous goes to fight the black mage, gets there late, and seals him becuz hes the only hero left, but when hes doing it, some of the black mages dark power seeps into him. when he mysteriously wakes up he meets someone, goes fishing with her and has fun but suddenly his darkness takes over him and he explodes, hurting her and he can choose to either embrace his darkness and leave or go over and say “OMG are you ok? ill never do that again!”

      • Exactly how I understood it cept I think he wakes up in a forest and then like becomes the little girls guardian and she grows up…. either way weirdest start yet O.O

      • So what Nexon is saying is that the other heroes are crap compared to Luminous because he pretty much beat the Black Mage by himself. Because it seemed like he didn’t even need the other 4 heroes to help, he just went up and said “You can sit this one out guys. Leave it to me, I’m ridiculous.”

    • um.. They weakened the Black Mage, he just fought an onslaught of heroes. Plus the ones that fought him didn’t have to break a sweat on other monsters because Aran and Phantom held down the fort. So Freud and Mercedes were going buck wild on him before hand.

      • Well you can do that now! Or whenever?! Haha [: And this is really random, but how did you get on GMST? I always try but I don’t quite know how. And I’m more then qualified.

  1. Some number b4 10? Lol love the video. End just looks like when demonslayer was fighting him except this dude had a creepy I thing going on. Cool stuff I want it in gms… Screw new stuff till gms catches up with kms

    • They’re not in the Tempest Shop..? You can clearly see that they’re in the inventory since they don’t cost any coins and sell for 1 mesos. As for the GM clothing in the inventory. Most likely Shakar got the pictures from the Maple website? Pretty self-explanatory from there. c:

  2. i think that they wil make a fift job a 150
    because from 10 to 30 20 levels
    from 30 to 60 30 levels
    from 60 to 100 40 levels
    from 100 to 150 fifty levls

    • Yes sir it is what is to be expected but what if nexon become dicks and spread the already exsisting 4th skills. So how Evan his dark fog? At 160 mages get theirs at 150+ which would kinda suck unless had no cool downs . But then other jobs arnt that easy to spread or r they? Guess will just have to wait and see.

    • Nah. Mercedes does some stuff too, like shooting things at him that bounce off. Phantom stands there and looks awesome, which is all good. However, it seems that Freud is the most important hero considering how hes in almost every hero video

    • Actually considerIng he\she (wtf is aran’s gender…) was trapped in ice for like 100s of years i say pretty much defeated( 1st one to prob Lose out of the 5 anyways) . Which would mean rest follow? so wait luminous was full light??? Then after sealing got or should I say absorbed some of his dark powers??? ( kinda like Harry potter?or is that just me) so now after being free from Ice?( like Aran ??) he is dark and light? And I’m sorry but where has phantom been hiding out all this time??? Like at least Freud ( Evan dude) died but where was phantom or was he frozen to because that’s the most original idea nexon has for hiding for hundreds of years. You know not counting their really sleepy elves … Nexon You need new people. Has any one relized that phantom is the only thief now with no form of shadow partner? Or any extra jump ability (haste) ? So if there is a new race Nova they are making one of each ? Mage , ranger ,thief , pirate and they already have now the warrior. To many new classes just showing up from no where. Your telling me no adventurer/ expolers didn’t relize there was a whole other continent beside them? They don’t deserve their name/ title…. Magnus not a thing? So many unanswered questions!!!! Sorry to ramble but they had to bE asked! Happy mapleing ( props to Broa =P)

      • Who the fk is the giant red block dude? Hillia is pretty hot for a old boss 0_o and general orca? Still needs to be reliased before we see black Mage. Who the ghost beside her? Him? Oh is Magnus another boss??

  3. @Shakar96 You didn’t answer my other reply D; It’s kind of off-topic, but I was wondering how to get into GMST? I really want to try out content before it comes to GMS.

  4. Hey Shakar is there any easy way to farm many coins other then the log in once a day or fill up the jar thing? because it takes an extremely long time to farm coins on a non-Luminous character

  5. Hey shakar96, have you stopped to consider that the book might actually be the collection album, and used to store the “useless pictures” which I know from Max are actually called collection portraits and not in fact a monster book? sorry if that sounds rediculous as my mobile devices can’t see the pic at all, and my computer isn’t working. I mean an album could be used to store trading cards (like the monster book) or store photos (which is why I would suggest it, especially due to its similar name to the photos), and if there are cards, if they have white borders, they may be the collection portraits, as they are relatively card shaped, and have blurry images of the characters they represent on their inventory sprites, and if they go in your etc inventory along with the album, then you might be able to double click the album, and a ui would pop up which you could drag/drop, but if the photo is in use, it might have the double click to add to book from familiars) Also, they are called COLLECTION Albums and COLLECTION Portrait, so their might be some sort of hidden reward or benefit from collecting the complete set of Portraits and putting them in the Album, like, they’ll give out a reward when the shop closes, or at certain intervals, with the rewards getting worse each time they’re given out (so that you are rewarded more handsomely for doing so sooner), or that are different kinds of rewards each time and you get each reward that is given out) Who knows, the reward might be the Helisium Elite Shoes, which are in the notes but not the shop like the other 2 Helisium Elite equips, which, for those of you who didn’t know, cost 155 coins each but are EXTREMELY broken, a Cape with (and I’m serious) 20 all stat, 10 att/m.att, and the other is a Belt with 18 all stat, and 4 att and m.att, and both have one slot (meaning it can have potential) and are level 80 (meaning 3rd tier), and have the ability to make ee’s (equip enhancement, for those of you who didn’t know) used on it raise stats more than normal, and if I remember Fiel’s extractions correctly, the shoes give 18 all stats, and 6 att and m.att as well as also having 1 slot and being level 80, but Fiel’s extractions don’t show the ee boosting effect on any of them, so it may mean its a server sided thing rather than client, or built into the ee’s instead, and also means that I don’t know if the shoes also have the ee boosting effect.

    • No, you must have misread what I said.
      The animation has NO relevance to the pictures or the book. It was just added to the WZ, and it most likely means the return of Monster Book (which KMS does not have). The pictures ARE useless. What did Max say their purpose is? They have none currently; all you do is store them in a book (which is 30 coins more). Until they have some purpose, they’re pretty useless.
      I doubt they give some reward (currently), Nexon would have already said so. But they didn’t, and, until they do, the collection is nothing more than pictures of important people in MS.

  6. Check this out guys.. Orchid’s little bro is depicted as a ghost but according to phantom’s story line he became a traveling ghost after their battle with the black magician. So what’s up with that picture of the 7 commanders and the 5 maple heroes!?

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