GMS v.98 ~ Winner Bake All

[Click on it to see the animation]

As I wait for the new Jump! update to come out (freaking 4-hour patch…), I’ll keep you interested in another update currently going on, GMS v.98.

What’s new? Cake vs. Pie. It was already tested in Tespia, and now it’s out to the real server.

Yes it’s been out before, but this time it’s a little different. Actually, it’s a LOT different. Before I’ll get into Cake vs. Pie, though, remember that another thing happened today.

Already told you that this would happen and Chaos will come on June 30th.

Anyway, back to Cake vs. Pie. WAIT! Another thing I want to get through! Last thing, I promise.

As soon as I logged in and clicked on that annoying light bulb above my head, I got a quest related to the recent 500,00 Facebook friends event.

Lucky winners? LOL! I don’t even have a FaceBook account. Every account got this, so don’t feel special. Also don’t waste it since it’s 1 per account:

1 6th Anniversary Insignia and 1 Cake vs. Pie Random Box.

What do those mean? The box you can already guess, you get rewards when you open it (I got 20 elixirs -_-). Might sound lame, but you’ll see that they’re not as you read on.

Anyway, the Insignia, to us, it means that we can finally shift to the more interesting topic,

Cake vs. Pie 2!

Oh how exciting! As I mentioned before, it’s quite different from last year. We’ll go slowly, step by step and explain everything you need to know for this event.


What is this? New Maple Leaves?

You’re on the right track. Those are points that can be obtain throughout this event and traded for special prizes!

You can exchange them to your boss and get those:

And guess what? From the Cake vs. Pie Random Box, you have a chance of getting ANY of those items!

How do I choose a side?

Last year, it was random. This year, however, just go to the NPC that’s the boss of your food:

Click ‘I want to choose my side.’ Whether you’re in cake or pie, you’ll get this:

From which you can see the status around the Maple World:

And also you’ll get one of the following medals:

I chose cake. Then I thought otherwise because of this… It doesn’t really matter because,
You can change your side once a day.

So how do you get those ‘Insignias’?

That’s where the actual event comes in!

Part I – The Pieces

Each team has to collect pieces of its own food. Cake lovers have to collect Cake Pieces, pie lovers have to collect Pie Pieces.

You can get them from ANY monsters and what I’ll discuss in Part II. What you need to do is give them to your NPC to help support your team.

The bar will slowly increase…

Once it’s over 90%, it’s starts flashing.

When it hits 100%, your team will take over.

What happens?

First of all, A PQ is open for you!

Just click on the red bouncing envelope above your head.

You’ll be sent to a waiting room~

Then the actual PQ WON”T be with everyone in the waiting room, but just some random people(5 from each food).

The PQ is kind of hard to get, but I’ll explain what I know.

I’ll divide this into two types of people:

  • ‘Victor’ – The one that belongs to the team that takes over (i.e. if pie takes over, he’s a pie lover).
  • ‘Noob’ – The one that belongs to the opposite team (i.e. if pie takes over, he’s a cake lover).

The guideline of this PQ for Victor is to kill the candy of whose the bar at the top belongs to.

40,000,000 total HP.

You can use any attacks on the candy and you’ll damage it. Only Victor (and his crew) will be able to damage it. For reinforcements, you can summon monsters by attacking the bag (only Victor and his crew can do it).

Use regular attacks only.

Now, Noob and his crew have to kill them all before they attack the plants (Victor cannot even hit a ‘MISS’ on them, no damage at all). They’ll have a set damage of 1,000 on them. If they reach the plant, they’ll do a damage of 600,000 on it.

Also notice the bar on the right…

It gets charged as you hit the bag. Once it’s all charged up, a boss will summon instead.

There’s another candy you have to hit that can be summoned when someone uses a ‘Mini Barricade.’ I don’t really know what that is (probably same reason as the other), but it has 1,400,000 HP.

Last thing I want to mention is something most have you may have not noticed, those reactors on the bottom-right:

One of your friend will get an Icing Fragment that looks like a flower at some point.

Drop it on those reactors to add hazards for the monsters attacking you; blue for ice, red for fire. You can also do both!

The PQ is a total of 5 minutes. I only got to try it once so far, and since nobody knew what he was doing, we ran out of time…

But hey, you still got some rewards!

The winners obviously get more Insignia and EXP… However, It greatly depends on how many pieces you donated. It is very possible to lose and still get 10 Insignias or win and get less. It’s just that the pieces to Insignia ratio is lower if you lose (thanks to ngox of BasilMarket for confirming).

That’s the only way you can get Insignia, unfortunately. It’s really hard to get that many insignias, so don’t get your hopes up.

IN ADDTION, just like last year, the cake/pie Maple Tree Hill maps are open during takeover (only to the winning team).

It can be accessed through the portal in-between the two NPC’s, as shown above.

From there, you’ll just go to the same old dungeons and you’ll have an hour to hunt. LAME.

What’s this? During takeover, you’ll have get 10% bonus EXP!

Part II – Other Boss Fight

Instead of having them summon in every town like last year, this year they did something like Ani. Every time the clock hits “:15” or “:45”, you will get a bouncing letter above your head:

Double click it and you’ll be sent to a waiting room~

Just wait till the minute is up…. Then you’ll split you into two teams of 10 and you’ll be sent into another map. Wait a few seconds until a big “START” appears.

Now the whole point is simple, as they show you in the beginning, all you have to do is attack the boss opposite of you (so for example, if you’re a pie lover, you’ll attack the big cake boss).

The fight is so easy that you’ll be disappointed the first time you do it. It’s so quick, that I can even show you the whole fight in an animation:

[Click on it to view it]

Whichever team won, it will drop a lot of its pieces (i.e. If Cake Team won, it’ll drop cakes). Usually, there’s an announcement:

Now trade what you got and help your team win~!

Other Events

  • The Australian Event‘s 2X EXP/Drop was delayed. The new date is now Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 28th from 11:00 P.M. to 3 A.M. PDT (that’s 4 hours!).
  • Gachapon event. They didn’t say much actually, but you can get some of the rewards you can get from Insignias (such as the 2-person mount, except that one lasts for 3 days).

That’s pretty much it! Wow, it has been 20 hours since the KMS patch ended, and I still didn’t even log on… Gotta start working on that!


3 comments on “GMS v.98 ~ Winner Bake All

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  2. This event sucks so much. I can’t believe Nexon brought it back for a second year. I have never won on defense unless the attacking team doesnt know what they hell they are doing or unless we are all cakes (has happened once actually). To top it off, Nexon removed chaos and white scrolls from the rewards so it’s really not worth doing now.

    nexon needs to work on bringing kms updates over here, not making their own badly-designed content. >_<

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