Server Maintenance Complete – Surprise…

Yesterday a server maintenance went on to ban all the exploiters and get everything back in track.
As I suspected, it didn’t quite happen. It’s pretty difficult to explain what happened, so I’ll use these key people:

Player 1 – Hacking mule (on which you Abused the exploited).
Player 2 – Your character who you transferred the scrolls to.
– Neither did Player 1 nor Player 2 get banned.
– If Player 1 had a Chaos Scroll, it got deleted (they tracked his packets… If you were smart, you would have transferred them to another mule anyway).
– If Player 2 had a Chaos Scroll, nothing happened to it.

This is truly unfair, I know. People got so worried about getting banned that they NPC’ed all their Chaos Scrolls after spending so much money on them, and there Nexon doesn’t even take the hacked ones?!
The reason they did so is because “there were still too many illegitimate Chaos Scrolls in the game.”

But hey! At least they added this!

We sincerely apologize for legitimate players who are affected by this. We are doing our best to not impact our players negatively.

Thank you for your understanding during this issue. Your support and loyalty means a great deal to us.

-The MapleStory team-

Now, don’t you feel a whole lot better?
Well, just forget it, it was already done…
Moving on. Another thing that happened yesterday was the return of Tespia.

What for? To test the event coming soon, Cake vs. Pie.
Some concepts will probably be the same as last year, such as how many more fans of cake/pie there are in your server than the other.
“The Cake Team has taken over!”
“The Pie Team has taken over!”
Well, that’s probably going to stay, but there are also new things!


New items!
If you noticed, you need Insignia to purchase them. Insignia can be earned from a new PQ!


I don’t quite understand it, and it seems like neither do those people, but it’s a new PQ and you get Insignia points from them.

Mmm… A store of rewards… Do I smell an exploit? Haha, hopefully it won’t be client-sided.

Last thing is a new event. Just to show you how Nexon ran out of events, they made up an event for Australia for no reason whatsoever.

So for this whole week, there will be:

• Special 2x EXP/Drop: Finally, a 2x EXP/Drop event friendly to Australia’s time zone! Stay tuned for details!

• Maplers in Australia: Take your MapleStory character on a photo journey through Australia for your chance at some great prizes!

• The Great Australian Adventure: Get to the keyboard and describe your ultimate Australian MapleStory Adventure!

• Australia Trivia: How much do you know about Oz?

• Australia Fun Facts: Keep an eye out for fun facts about our favorite land down under on all MapleStory web posts!

• More surprises!

Just you to know, Oz = Australia. Might want to get a general knowledge about it on Wikipedia if you wan to be a part of it (even if not, do so anyways. Always room for more knowledge!).

Well, that’s it for now. Try to ignore what happened, enjoy your Cake vs. Pie and 2X events and move on. Best of luck,

5 comments on “Server Maintenance Complete – Surprise…

  1. Lucky me, i don’t need maple weapons any more, so nothing but prizes for me thank god, I need scrolls though, I want to max my mechanic speed. Does the mechanic even have a mount? I don’t think it does because your already on something, speed for power eh? LOL

  2. Haha, I’m Australian, and that event was pretty random. lmfao. 😮
    Can’t wait for the cake/pie event. I want those shoulders. ;D

    Thanks for the info. 😀

    • BTW, the blueberry/strawberry shoulders are way worse than the ones we’re supposed to be getting in chaos. not sure if its on this blog or not, but there’s another forum with a list of recipes for each profession and the lv 130 shoulderpads beat these event ones by a long shot.

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