Jump & Chaos Dates

GOSHHH… Longest time I’ve been separated from my computer. My fingers are getting worse by the second as I code in HTML on my iPod for this blog -_-…
Luckily, it’s been quiet till now. However, both Nexon America & Korea announced the dates for their next big updates, Chaos for GMS and Jump! (3rd) for KMS.

KMS announced that the update will come on the 26th YESTERDAY. Today, they released it to the test server, v.1.2.381.
FIRST THINGS FIRST, there is no new hero. Sad for you but good for me (less stuff for me to make up) 😛
As I told you a couple of days ago, there are two parts to this update; Wind Race and Adventures Age.
Wind Race buffed the archers in this update, and you can learn more by going to Fiel’s extraction. Here’s a video I found, credit to whoever made it:

For now it’s just ridiculous in my opinion… I mean, I love the changes and it’s great and all but, there are too many skills!
Adventures Age added 3 new PQ’s, which you can’t do even in KMST. The new PQ’s are not the only ones you can’t do, basically you can’t do any other PQ either because they’re still in the process of changing everything.
From the icons and the new MapMarks, I can guess the 3 new PQ’s: Protecting Kenta(like the hog quest), Something to do with the bandit from Ariant escaping prison, and something to do with Ice Knight perhaps?
The patch also changed some of the UI. It’s not shown on the extraction, but basically there’s a lightbulb for quests available (important quests that would normally be on the light bulb on top of your head) and underneath it is a star for events available.
There’s also some new thing called St. Saber Stone. I don’t exactly know what that is, but it’s part of an event. It shows a medal above your head and the purple rock is placed under the event star thing. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the effect listed in the extractions as ‘SaintSaver,’ but again, I do not know for sure.
You can also see it on the video on the left. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you all about it when it comes to KMS.

Let’s shift from KMST and talk about GMS. Most of you have been upset that GMST only had the Cake vs. Pie event, but the dates for Chaos are now out!
Most of the predictions were wrong. It was predicted to be at June 16th. I predicted them to not do the same as they did before Chaos in KMS. All wrong.
Today, Nexon announced that from May 26th to June 29th, you will be prohibited to create new characters of the Aran, Evan, or Dual Blade race. Ironically enough, it starts when the third update of Jump! is released.
That was actually quite unexpected, the only reason KMS removed them was to buy them time, and no GMS just does the same.
Also note that the Resistance race wasn’t removed from creation, where in KMS it did.
Anyway, Chaos is coming on June 30th. Yay~
I still got a whole guide on the Chaos update on my computer that’s waiting to be released 😀 Thankfully, there’s a high probability that I’ll get my computer back by then and will finally be able to release it.
Thanks for reading,

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