Lie Detector Reinforcements?

Low opacity?

I played KMS today for a little bit on a few different characters and noticed something new. I hunted Captains on my thunder breaker in the second map, got a lie detector. Hunted Sand Rats on my Aran on Sahel I, got a lie detector. Made a brand new Wind Archer, trained up to 15, went to Blue Ribbon Pigs, got a lie detector.

Lie detectors have been removed from GMS due to misuse a long time ago. Same in KMS, but the only thing is that they were still there in mini dungeons/Mu Lung Dojo.

Nexon Korea finally realized that nobody bots there anyway and that KMS is FULL of botters. It doesn’t really matter to me, I’m not a botter and I can pass lie detectors just fine.

For anyone who can’t do Lie Detectors, this is your warning. Stay away from any place where botters would normally be. Unfortunately for you, there are no good spots where you wouldn’t get a lie detector. Some major ones are the ones I listed above, Magatia, El Nath, etc.

I don’t exactly know the specific maps, but I do know they’re in the botting areas. I don’t see why Nexon Korea keeps reinforcing those Lie Detectors, it doesn’t help at all. There are still botters in those areas because many bots can pass them automatically (program sniffs the packet, gets the specific image’s ID, knows what it is, enters it, passed). So useless and only driving people away~

If you want, you can always practice passing those here. I don’t know how helpful that is because I never tried it, so if you’re still feeling like you can’t do it, copy random things in Korean. And if you don’t know how to type something in the Lie Detector, just take a screenshot of it and log out.

Don’t let it scare you; it won’t automatically ban you. Only if you fail it many times you’ll be banned, for 30 days too. So keep playing and training wherever you are and just try your best to pass those. DO NOT quit just because of that little hazard.

Just to make this ending dramatic, beware…


Oh and off-topic, just hit 20 on my Wind Archer. It’s really fun, especially with the awesome 30 speed boost! And guess what happened when I leveled?

A bunch of PQ’s for level 20…

34 comments on “Lie Detector Reinforcements?

    • Not exactly. I said if you’re in a REALLY bad situation and you have absolutely no idea how to write it, log out.
      I have no idea if you get banned or not. All I know is that when I couldn’t pass lie detectors (and I liked to dojo a lot haha), I always logged out when I didn’t know how to type a certain word.
      Try avoiding doing so.

  1. Hey Shakar! 😛 I wanted to know, which of your characters is your main? What GMS server do you play in? Do you play GMS or KMS more often? What job is your main?
    Thanks 😀

    • My main characters on both GMS and KMS is shakar96. I play KMS more often because there are a lot more exciting events/updates in KMS than GMS, GMS only has NX-related events which I can’t participate in anyway. My character in GMS is a Dawn Warrior, in KMS it’s a Thunder Breaker.

      • Yes and to add on to that, even some Koreans can’t pass those because the KMS Lie Detectors are very unclear. I don’t know how, but while I was training at MP3 on my Dawn Warrior in GMS a little while ago, I got a lie detector test. And man, ever letter was especially clear and I finished it in half a second. KMS is very tight in security.

  2. Hello Mr.Shakar, is it okay if I post links of your blog to MapleSEA official forum(maybe other forums too)?

  3. So your the new Kyo Basil has been roaring about. Nice t finally meet you. I see you go the extra mile to keep players informed which Kyo did not do.
    I am impressed. Keep up the good work & always remember that providing indepth info is good.

    P.S – I’m bubaiv from Basil if you remember that ergoth ss i put up.

  4. I always wondered how lie detectors worked in KMS. Jesus, those are nightmarish. And the hackers can even circumvent them while legits are left out to suffer…

    Does KMS even have a permanent or IP ban policy of any sort?

    • Agree, Nexon always does things that was intended to targets hackers but in the end legit players are always the one which is suffering while hackers continue hacking merrily.

    • Lie Detector ban/harassing/botting/other non-hacking bans – same policy as GMS (30 days, then it gets worse as you get banned again).
      Hacking – Permanent ban.
      I’m not sure about IP ban, only the WORST hackers are probably IP banned but other than that, there shouldn’t be.

    • They don’t have to IP ban like GMS, they can ban their Social Security number. As in ban the person not the computer. To play KMS you have to register your account with your Social Security number. Of course you can’t lie about that and if you some how do, that is a federal crime.

  5. Uhhh.. don’t know about KMS but in GMS the botters have this thing that automatically changes their channel when somebody sees them. So all they have to do is avoid these botting spots and go to other places. It’s not like it’s any more dangerous for them. @_@

    • They don’t have it in KMS. They can detect if a person is near them in GMS by pointers, which I don’t believe KMS bots use because of the really tight security.

  6. Wow….That are like 4 pq’s on level 20? xD I remmember the times you could only do Kerning pq at level 21. Haha! Thanks for the info~

  7. Shakar, you were getting a lie detector in GMS because we have items that can make botters go back to town if they don’t pass it.

    • I thought they were removed years ago. I mean, after Big Bang you could buy them from stores and there was also the Kerning Square glitch where you could buy them, but even if you have it, I thought you can’t use it. In KMS, you can buy it anywhere but you can’t use it. I don’t know about GMS, but that’s not really my concern.

  8. Do you actually play kms besides those 5minutes ingame after each patch? i see so many tell tale signs that the only things you know are just ripped from others or inferences from extractions

  9. So Shakar have you experienced 2word Lie detectors some said they are out in KMS already and im getting worried if i should try mulung

  10. well a person in EF captured a 2word LD is this true that we should type a space or should leave it stick together?

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