KMST v.1.2.385 ~ Cannon Shooter Changes

Before I actually get into KMST, I’ll tell you some changes I made to the blog. I added some events that I missed to this post.

~Unicorn Updates~

I’m still fixing my animation making program (not really fixing, I’m planning on just remaking it), so I still don’t have the animations for you. However, when Cannon Shooters hit KMS I’ll be sure to update the guide with the new animations (and other changes).

Changes from KMS v.1.2.134 to KMST v.1.2.385~

NOTE: I did NOT update my guide according to those changes. My guide will be updated when it’s released to the real server and any patch after that.

Cannon Shooter (1st)

Punching Cannon‘s effect’s placement changed, don’t even worry about it.

Gigantic Backstab‘s effect was removed.

Monkey’s delay of Cannon Slam increased from 1200 to 1350 milliseconds (150 ms difference).

Cannon Shooter (2nd)

The x-values of location of the ball that Slug Shot shoots were changed (unimportant). In addition, the hit animation was changed, it became much darker.

Cannon Shooter (3rd)

Another frame was added to Cannon Spike‘s effect (extra 90 milliseconds, and also the effect didn’t change at all).

Monkey Wave‘s effect was changed, 6 extra frames were added.

Oak Barrel Roulette – Effect changed (extra frame), affected animations changed.

Cannon Shooter (4th)

Cannon Buster‘s ball animation’s location changed, nothing special.

Nautilus Battleship‘s screen animation total time increased by 450 milliseconds (2880 milliseconds -> 3330 milliseconds). Its special animation increased by 570 milliseconds (2790 milliseconds -> 3360 milliseconds).

Supporting Monkey Twin‘s hit animation changed, instead of lightning it’s now fire.

Double Lucky Dice‘s effects’ locations were changed.



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14 comments on “KMST v.1.2.385 ~ Cannon Shooter Changes

  1. I’m glad this is happening because i was save a spot for a third pirate i thought i was going to put the mechanic there, but this will fit better

  2. I Like how you even put how long a skill’s animation lasts for. All you need is animations and you’ll be good. I like your blog. I’m migrating from spadow. I also have a question….i might sound dumb but….i still don’t get how the double dice works.

    • Yeah it’s kind of complicated. You roll two dice. There’s a certain chance of rolling two (which will be of the same number), and as you probably know, you get an improved buff which is 10% more than normal (for example, if rolling a 3 on a normal lucky dice gets you 20% HP/MP, rolling two 3’s will get you 30% HP/MP). If not, then you just get 1 die rolled and you get that buff.

  3. I can imagine they make a update later and make them faster just like they did to Evans.
    Btw im new here like most ppl from spadow, nice to meet u and ur stylish blog.

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