KMST v.1.2.389 ~ Mercedes!

UPDATE: Updated with version 1.2.390. More pictures added! Again, thanks to Supermarioz5 of 😀

[PATCH file download, 46.37 MB]

Yesterday, I told you about the Legend update. Today the term WAS SUPPOSED TO END, but it was extended till the 7th and there was a new patch in which the new job, the dual bow-gun Mercedes, was added. Actually, the update is all over the place! Even the official website shows the Legend update!

Since I’m not in KMST in this term, I can’t really show you much. Therefore, I’ll provide you with videos that are not mine. I promise you that I will have a guide for this class by a few days after the 7th, I want to try it myself if I get in KMST (I’m staying optimistic!)! I’ll also have all the skills and stuff translated so don’t you worry!

So anyway, enjoy the following videos!

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