U.S. Memorial Day…

I don’t even know what to say. Should I say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ like the others? Or not, since it’s a sad day?

According to Wikipedia, “Today, what is now known as Memorial Day, commemorates all U.S. Service Members who died while in military service“. So shouldn’t it be sad remembrance day to all those who have fallen? Then again, people go shopping, barbeque all day, or go to Macy’s one billionth mattress sale. For others, it’s just another day of no school…


Anyway, back to blog news. A couple of people asked me to translate the equips’ stats of my 3rd Jump! guide, so I did.


In addition, I uploaded a video of The Curse of the Ice Knight PQ^, watch it in HD. Also available on the Videos page.

Well, just remembered to do something I forgot about. MY RESEARCH PAPER. Sigh… I always remember last minute…

Anyway, enjoy (?) Memorial Day (more specifically, your day off)!


Oh and BTW, many people said I should change the theme and add a logo. Vote on the poll below on whether or not I should do it:

3 comments on “U.S. Memorial Day…

  1. Great, now I am starting to be a regular reader.
    Anyway, “or go to Macy’s one billionth mattress sale” that made me laugh because I saw some commercial about it.

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