And… I’m done.

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

As many of you have already noticed, I’ve been slacking off in the past few months. That’s because of several reasons, of which the biggest are my loss of interest of the game and my inability to keep you informed with the influx of work that I have to do.

The past (almost) two years have been great. Yes, you can consider it a waste of time (of a lot of time, in fact), but I’m actually not too sad about that. I wouldn’t have done anything more productive anyway ^_^, I know that for a fact. I don’t consider this blog successful at all. In fact, I believe it was a failure. The big failure about it was my involvement in a competition with, well, my inner stupidity. I consider myself, however, very successful. With the surplus of time I had aside from school and other activities, I managed to do so much for this blog. I have created hundreds of programs (that total up to hundreds of thousands of lines of code) to facilitate introducing the information to you, and I believe it was a great practice of my programming skills, which is what I wish to do for almost my entire life.

I believe my writing has improved as well. Even though I don’t write much, it seems like over the past (almost) 2 years my writing transformed from that of a 2-year old to that of a journalist.

The truth is, for the past few years, I hated games (and I still do). I can’t stand playing them -_-. I joined MapleStory 7 (? I stopped counting haha) years ago when it was cool, but I actually quit after a year. However, now that I look back over the past 2 (or even 6!) years, I haven’t even played the game! But, rather, I spent time chatting on MapleStory forums. I always thought this blog was taking away my life (and it was, a little bit), but it was actually the forums.

My reputation wasn’t the “greatest” in any of the forums. In fact, it was terrible. It was my stupidity for joining gaming forums in the first place, because I obviously don’t belong there. I feel extremely terrible about all the harm I’ve done to all the people in the forums, I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I’m sorry for everything bad I’ve done.

If I haven’t harmed you, I would still like to say that I’m sorry. Sorry for slacking off a lot, and sorry for expressing my supposed depression to you. The truth is, I was kind of depressed in real life. Nothing major happened to my life in the past few months, but I suddenly see things in a different way. I don’t feel fully happy right now, but I can’t say that I’m depressed anymore. I have strong beliefs in God all of a sudden, and I became a better person overall (well, I was a good person in real life beforehand, but now I’m even better [I hope]).

It’s really hard to believe how much time I spent doing this. I honestly can’t believe I spent so much time on forums…

Although I have to admit one thing – I found my passion for talking. I really love the idea of true blogging, not journalism. This was basically a journal with small blog-like twists. That is probably the reason to why I stopped enjoying writing this blog.

I had plans to expand this blog and make it into something big. I guess I might as well cancel those, but now I have other plans that are not entirely related to MapleStory. You will see what they are in the near future.

My life is moving, and I’m only getting older, feeling quite unaccomplished. I am completely disconnecting myself from anything that involves MapleStory; I will not be checking my e-mail, twitter, this blog (well, I’ll read your comments but that’s about it), or any MapleStory forums. I will not erase this blog because of all the time I spent on it, but you won’t see any updates on this blog anymore.

I would like to thank everyone who has read my posts over the years. This blog kept running only thanks to you, readers :). It was fun to write posts and see (and read almost) all the comments and the number of views I got, no matter if they were negative or positive. Always cheered me up and made all the hard work rewarding. 🙂

With that, my final word on this blog is: “Alas.” Haha, that was just my last joke on this blog. Get it? It wasn’t actually my final word on this blog. Sorry for my terrible sense of humor by the way, and thanks for the many people who enjoyed it.

In conclusion, I feel like this journey was pretty successful. 3.5 million views and 195 posts in total; not bad. For some reason I feel like I’m missing something, but I can’t really think of what that thing is. I would only like to finish this entire project by saying this: thanks for everything, and sorry for any harm. This has been great.

Looks like I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do… I’m not deleting my programs, but basically everything else. I wish you good luck with whatever you do and, well, enjoy life! No matter who you are, I wish you the best. 🙂

Last time I’m saying this on this blog:


(Early) Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I am quite aware that today is the 29th while Halloween is on the 31st, but I decided to write this today because I most likely won’t have power, and therefore I also won’t have Internet connection, in the next few days (7-10 days, dammit electricity companies) due to Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully the hurricane won’t hit this area too hard and nobody will get injured here (God forbid any injuries :(). Ironic how exactly on this day last year we had a snow storm.

For those of you who also live on the eastern coast, you probably won’t get to enjoy the holiday because of the storm. However, I wish you a happy Halloween anyway~. I won’t babble about how the cancellation of trick-or-treating would protect your teeth because that’s a lie, especially because you will get to consume a LARGER amount of candy without trick-or-treating. I don’t know about you, but I have bags of candy that I was prepared to give out and now they will all be mine to eat :P. High quality candy also: KitKats and Crunches ^_^. I refuse to give kids low-quality candy like Wonka or other brands. If you are going to let kids eat candy, at least let them eat some high quality candy. Simple anthropology.

Well, for those of you who are also from the U.S. but not from the east, have a good one! Stay safe; don’t get lured into people’s houses by candy. Now that I think about it, actually, isn’t Halloween a very dangerous holiday? Adults are giving little children candy o_o. Isn’t that what pedophiles do? o_O.

Stay safe nonetheless and enjoy your holiday. Or just stay home and enjoy the new AWESOME (not really) events in MAPLESTORY! WOOT! I think that’s what you would do if you are not from the U.S. anyway…

Well, have a good/safe one! See you (hopefully soon)!


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CMS v.1.03 ~ Dragon Warrior!

I don’t usually cover CMS stuff, but it bugs me to NOT cover this class. It was released to CMST a while ago, but I was hesitant to release it. Plus, I feared that there would be many more patches in CMST to rebalance the class, but there was only 1 -_-.

But oh well, I still extracted all the stuff that were added from CMS to CMST. So let’s go~.

By the way, I didn’t translate the description of the skills. Too time-consuming, and they mean nothing anyway. If you really care, there’s Google Translate :D.

And uh, for any of you who had difficulties extracting the patch, yes, the two MapleStories have different encryptions. CMS has the same encryption as KMS/MSEA/EMS while CMST has that of BMS or the really old GMS one. I probably should have said it on my twitter when the patch came but…. Eh whatever. This is more than enough for twitter.

ENOUGH. Let’s go.

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Happy (?) U.S. Memorial Day!

[Not my image]

So, like every year, I’m confused about what to say about this holiday. All I hear is “Happy Memorial Day,” but this day isn’t (or, at least, shouldn’t be) happy at all o_o. For those of you who are not from the U.S.A., here’s how it works: There is a parade in basically every town, and after the parade everyone goes shopping (because there are sales and such) or sets up a grill and starts barbequing. It’s a celebration, even though it’s supposed to be a memorial day… Seems terrible to everyone who lost a loved one while that person was protecting this country.

What do I know, though, that’s just what I think. If you are from the U.S., please take a moment to remember everyone who sacrificed his or her life for us to enjoy this “holiday” (more like, a day off from school so kids don’t complain that there are no vacations in May :P).

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KMST – Second Term Signup

Nothing special to talk about today (5-hour site maintenance, and NO updates) so I’ll just briefly guide you on how you can apply to KMST. This term will be very exciting because it includes many summer updates (Return of the Legends for sure, perhaps even PVP revamp, and so on) which, as we know, are much more exciting than any other update. The term will run from May 1st until summer, they didn’t really specify when. Applications are due by the 24th.

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Happy Valentine’s Day~!

[Click to enlarge]

Well, another day marked on my calendar; Valentine’s Day. What does it mean to me? Absolutely nothing, aside from the awesome and touching video up on Google :). I do understand that wishing a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ may be offensive to some of you, I mean, this is a MapleStory blog… It is extremely likely that most of the players, including myself, don’t enjoy this ‘day’ (no it’s not a holiday) for obvious reasons, which include the fact that we play MapleStory :D. However, I feel the need to go with the crowd which I hope to, one day, join (the ‘lovebirds’) and give you this wish anyway~.

I don’t know about you but the only things that keeps me from being in a relationship is my shyness, low self-esteem, and incapability of speaking as well as I write. That’s also why, as most of you have noticed, I’m very supercilious on the Internet, haha :). Furthermore, the fact that I talk about my life (which is a very feminine thing to do, by the way) here and nowhere else is another reason.

Okay, I know I’m boring you. I’ll shut up. In short, this day is pretty meaningless to most of us but, whatever you do today (and this also applies to every day), have a good one!

I’ve heard of parents who bought their children (or men who bought women or the other way around) a large amount of candy/chocolate. If you’re one of those people who received a whole lot of candy, watch yourself there! That’s a perfect opportunity to practice your self-restraint! It will destroy your teeth and you don’t want that… And besides, I mean, we all play MapleStory and I’m sure NONE of us lack self-restraint… When our parents instruct us to stop playing, we immediately stop…

… Right?


UPDATE: This is a video Nexon uploaded, you gotta watch it:


Reaction: W.T.F…

UPDATE 2: Mhm, Max found something pretty interesting. Nexon has released their 2011 report on their Investor Relation website, and they talked once more about the upcoming MapleStory 2. We’ve known about it since Evans came out, so this is a good refresher.

All the information is found on their PDF:


A couple of highlights:

  1. Slide 9 – Shows the statistics of how much money was earned off of players from each country. To all of you complaining about Chinese players, this is just to let you know that they make the most money for Nexon.
  2. Slide 10 – This will give you names that you can curse next time you make a ‘ZOMG I HATE NEXON’ thread :).
  3. Slide 11 – MapleStory made a total of $1.8 billion, nice.
  4. Slide 19 – MapleStory 2 is listed as an upcoming product. The picture is too small to see anything besides the fact that it’s in 3D (which we already knew).

You might want to read that PDF and other PDF’s on that website, might be useful to you in the future.

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Happy New Year & Anniversary!

Today is the first day of 2012! Happy new year everyone! Hope you had/have fun (but stayed safe)~. And see? The world didn’t end, I knew that was all false from the start^^.

January 1st marks another holiday, this blog’s anniversary! Yep, it all started last year, on this same day. It has changed so much :).

In one year, I…

  • Received more than 1,400,000 views.
  • Read more than 3,750 comments.
  • Wrote 96 blog posts (this is the 96th, and NO this wasn’t intentional :D. Pretty cool).
  • Uploaded 27 videos, with 230 subscribers and over 220,000 views.
  • Uploaded 7,696 files (mostly images). 🙂

Thank you everyone who’s been following me until now! Today is the beginning of another great year.


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Happy Holidays!

[This isn’t my picture, credits to the original uploader]

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you…

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukkah!

Happy Kwanza!

I don’t know any other holidays, haha.

Also, the KMS website was updated! A new video was added, explaining his past:


UPDATE: Subtitles added! Click on CC (Closed Captioning) to see them!

You can see Phantom, Shinsoo, Aria, and Freud in that video, they’re all related to his past. We can piece together the storyline now (we already know the storyline, but something are clear now). Aria was his lover (“the death of a close friend caused him to choose the path of becoming a hero,” it was her), and the blessing that woke him up was from her (even though she was dead, her spirit was alive).

Aria was like the empress of Ereve, you can tell because in the video she was suspicious of him trying to steal the Treasure of Ereve from her. In the video, she also described a meeting with a Black Mage general, who is obviously General Hilla. We saw that meeting in the storyline. She died, and Phantom goes to Freud to ask to join the heros.

Many years later, SHE was the one who woke Phantom up in Ereve using her blessing of some sort. Phantom is now ready to protect the Maple World again!

Yeah, cool story. Anyway, Phantoms are coming really soon, only 4 more days! So exciting!

Well, enjoy your holidays! Stay safe and have fun!


P.S. – Isn’t it weird that there’s no snow now in Christmas, but we had snow in October?