KMST v.1.2.384 ~ Cannon Shooter!!!

Adventurer/Cannon Shooter


A new pirate job came out to KMST!!! I already told you about the hints given here, and now it’s actually out!

I did make a mistake, though. The archer hero (dual bow) is not out yet. I’m going to guess again and say that it’s coming out next time~

As you will see by this guide, the job, unlike any other jobs previously released, is complete even though it’s not in the server yet. So I’m not surprised it’s coming so soon^^ SO EXCITED, I’m definitely making one! See why…

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~Happy New Year~ New Blog!

For a little while now, I’ve been thinking of creating a blog about kMS and gMS, since I play both. Today, on the first day of 2011, I decided that now it’s the best time to make a blog.

Right now it’s empty, I know. I didn’t tell anyone yet~ But WE’LL GET THERE!

This blog is mostly gonna be about gMS & kMS, sometimes even kMST.

Speaking of kMST, a new term just started today. I didn’t get in :(, but whatever, I never got in before. Maybe I will next term!

So anyway, just 2 days ago came the 2nd update of Chaos. I will not talk about it now, but instead I will make a guide once the whole thing is officially over.

Right now everything is crazy in kMS. There’s a new event in which you need to level your character 40 times (or 0~80), so I gotta level my characters to 80 (my TB to 87)… My TB is ahead at level 72, but my DB/aran are 4X… I’m also making an evan after… -_-”

Leveling as fast as I can~

Welp, I hope some day I will look back at this blog post and see how much my blog has changed XD

Happy New Year everyone! And welcome~!