[GMS] Ancient Artifact Hunt

Sad to say but I ran out of events to do. I mean, I have literally nothing left in KMS besides the Saint Saver Event, which is just once a day… But now, as promised, the Ancient Artifact Hunt Event returned!

So exciting! Oh wait, I was referring to the picture. The picture you see at the top is from the official MapleStory website^

Look at that boy and that girl. The boy is holding a shovel that’s used for Alchemy, and the girl is holding the axe that’s used for Mining. Mhmm, more hints on Chaos?
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KMS Website Update & GMS Server Maintenance

I kind of got used to being without a computer… Only bad thing aside from being unable to blog is school projects. Schools shouldn’t give more than 1 project at a time (I have 7 projects so far, and each is on-going, so basically this whole month I have to do projects)…
Well anyway, I managed to sneak into my brother’s computer and look into KMS’s website, and I found a couple of interesting things.

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GMS 2X Events

Still didn’t get my computer back, and it’s SOOO BORING. I am limited from going to the Korean MapleStory website because you can only go there on Internet Explorer, and I can only use Safari from this iPod Touch…
So just to bore you a little more, I’m just here to warn you about another 2X EXP/Drop event blah blah blah IT’S ALWAYS 2X EVENTS!!! Really, make something new this is way cliché.

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GMS v.97 ~ 6th Anniversary!

April, the month of anniversaries! Just a few days ago I told you about the 8th anniversary of KMS, and now it’s GMS’s. Except GMS is turning 6! Wow, I can’t believe I’m still playing GMS after 6 years (well sort of playing)!!!

Nothing really new on KMS, except that there’s a new video. You can check the updated guide/Videos section to see it… And that many high leveled monsters’ HP/EXP GREATLY increased (by that I mean ones of Deep Ludibrium, Lionheart Castle, Deep El Nath, Temple of Time)….

Anyway, the events in GMS are not as exciting as in KMS. But there are a couple of stuff you’ll enjoy!

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