GMS 2X Events

Still didn’t get my computer back, and it’s SOOO BORING. I am limited from going to the Korean MapleStory website because you can only go there on Internet Explorer, and I can only use Safari from this iPod Touch…
So just to bore you a little more, I’m just here to warn you about another 2X EXP/Drop event blah blah blah IT’S ALWAYS 2X EVENTS!!! Really, make something new this is way cliché.

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Chaos Leveling Event Rewards

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These are all the items I got from the Chaos Leveling Event that was going on since the first patch of Chaos (December 16th) till the end of January. Unfortunately, this was a crazy month for me because the semester was ending and I had a lot of schoolwork, so I didn’t get everything I wanted. That’s also why I released my Resistance guide so late ^.^

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