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  2. the only mistake i remember seeing is in the puppet description, the first text saying that the MP cost increased should be rather red than green, but that’s the only one i can see for now 🙂

    Much love for this guide, its AMAZING ❤

    Keep up the good work man C:

  3. Forgot where I read this but I thought that extreme magic for f/p added 10 seconds to DoT, also the name says “water,poison”, and for i/l extreme magic it says “sun,coal”

    Nice guide, will come useful for when JUMP finnaly comes to GMS

    • You sense something people already talked about before? wow at your sense. nexon already said they will revamp them which should be soon in kms.

  4. Nice compilation of skills.

    However, there are a couple mistakes.
    . No is no sign of Ifrit changes for Archmage F/P
    . Fire Demon picture is Ice Demon
    . Flash Bang cooldown increases, so it should be red instead of green

  5. A mistake with Dragon Roar. It had a 50% HP requirement before, after Jump! it became 20%. You labelled it as bad, which it COULD be, but you also said it was new. Whether you mean the ‘new’ percentage or w/e, so I’m confused.

  6. I think holy symbol does not need the requirement of 3 people to gain the 150% exp boost anymore.
    Also dragon blood says (max level 200)

    • The requirement was 2 not 3, it was 2 or more people to receive the 150% boost. Also, 10% will be added per person who joins the party. I think that’s a big portion that’s being left out. It was 110% for the priest/bishop alone and 150% if in a party of 2 or more before. Now it will be 150% for the priest/bishop alone and 10%+ per extra person in the party. So it will go to 200% with a 6 man party.

  7. > Puppet MP thing.
    > Extreme Magic – just the name for F/P. For some reason, the I/L version is called ‘Extreme Magic (Sun, Coal)’… And I don’t see anything about +10 seconds DoT.
    >Fire Demon – whoopsy. Fixed.
    >Hurricane – I don’t see any changes.
    >Ifrit – Really small changes I didn’t even notice. Added.
    >Flash Bang – Fixed.
    >Dragon Roar – Fixed.
    >Holy Symbol – Right, fixed.
    >Dragon Blood – Fixed.
    Thanks everyone!

  8. Crusader:
    -> Improving MP Recovery
    Also heals 80 extra HP every 4 seconds.

    Improving MP adds HP…. Clarification and/or fix please?

  9. for bishop’s holy focus
    “Critical Rate Bonus Decreased by 10% (50% at max level -> 40% at max level).”
    This was in green, and most decrease should be in red.

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  11. Hey shakar will all these updates (especially the ones for Aran im really psched about those) be coming to GMS with the Ascension update (jump for korea) on September 28. Please respond and let me know if the Crusader and Aran skills specifically will be coming to GMS exactyl the same as they did to KMS. because you know what. . . . THAT WOULD BE FREKIN AWESOM

  12. So, is this Union’s Will passive? And it’s given to everyone right? Will the one point be added in automatically?

    Thanks for the info!

  13. I’m curious, what is the difference in Sharp Eyes? Because right now, the critical rate is 20%, while the max critical damage 30%.

  14. Cleric Invincible was indeed nerfed from 30% physical damage mitigation to 20%, but magic damage mitigation was added to the skill.

    Old skill 30% Physical Damage Mitigation
    New Skill 20% Physical and Magic Damage Mitigation

    It’s not all bad =)

    Amazingly useful Skill page mate, thanks. =)

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  16. Hi Guys, i would like to clarify something, can someone double check the info? Here it states Wildhunter to not have any changes except 2 skills. BUT on
    it states wild arrow blast up to 270% from 220% and a whole lot of updates. Had no reason to doubt any of these guys but if the info are truth, the information will be the same no matter who posts it, isn’t it?

    Thanks in adv. 😀

  17. Umm I just have a question about the new decent skills.

    Do anyone know specific item give the skills and what Lvl is required?
    -Decent Combat Orders
    -Decent Advance Bless
    -Decent Speed Infusion

    Thank You 🙂

  18. still not done?! I really want this to be here as a reference for me, when I’m thinking of making a class I like to be able to check skill powers for kms so i’ll know what they’ll be when that char is actually in the 140+ levels

      • dude… nvm dat shyt and just get around to it maybe? idrc about max levels because that wont be coming in another month, PLZ SHAKAR YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON IF U DO THIS WE’VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG… NYAAAA

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