KMS v.1.2.136 ~ Cannon Shooters!

1st Part of the Legend Update

[Click to enlarge and view the animation!]

Yay! The legend update is finally here! The patch was only 3.5 hours at the end, but then many servers, Culverin included, was down so I could barely snatch any information. I had problems with HackShield (still do) as well… I made a Cannon Shooter though! With this update, many other interesting things came as well! I’ll describe them just as I did with the Jump! update. I’ll divide the guide into 5 parts:

  • Cannon Shooters
  • Legend Festival
  • Revamps
  • Events
  • Other Changes

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Chaos Guide

Update: Fixed the pages and silly HTML typos.
Added missing events (dual blade mastery books event!) and other info you guys told me I forgot.

Woah, this guide took a long time to make. Welcome to my Chaos guide~
As you may have already heard from other sources (or me!), Chaos was a big update that hit KMS a while ago. Note that IT’S NOT NEW, IT CAME LONG BEFORE JUMP!. I know I blogged about Jump! already, but I promised to make a Chaos guide before it hits GMS. And it hits GMS very soon! On June 29th~! So let’s begin.

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MapleStory Adventures!

[Sorry the music is messed up, my recorder didn’t work properly.]

FULL credit to Tony (ResistBattie of Khaini) for providing me with a key and making this possible!!! I would also like to thank Hyun for offering me one as well!!!

The new game I told you about, MapleStory Adventures, has its closed beta open right now. It will soon be open for everyone, so I’ll guide you through the whole game~!

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KMST v.1.2.384 ~ Cannon Shooter!!!

Adventurer/Cannon Shooter


A new pirate job came out to KMST!!! I already told you about the hints given here, and now it’s actually out!

I did make a mistake, though. The archer hero (dual bow) is not out yet. I’m going to guess again and say that it’s coming out next time~

As you will see by this guide, the job, unlike any other jobs previously released, is complete even though it’s not in the server yet. So I’m not surprised it’s coming so soon^^ SO EXCITED, I’m definitely making one! See why…

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GMS v.97 ~ 6th Anniversary!

April, the month of anniversaries! Just a few days ago I told you about the 8th anniversary of KMS, and now it’s GMS’s. Except GMS is turning 6! Wow, I can’t believe I’m still playing GMS after 6 years (well sort of playing)!!!

Nothing really new on KMS, except that there’s a new video. You can check the updated guide/Videos section to see it… And that many high leveled monsters’ HP/EXP GREATLY increased (by that I mean ones of Deep Ludibrium, Lionheart Castle, Deep El Nath, Temple of Time)….

Anyway, the events in GMS are not as exciting as in KMS. But there are a couple of stuff you’ll enjoy!

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KMS ver. 1.2.131, 2nd Part of Jump!

2nd Part of the Jump! Update

[Click to see the animation/enlarge]

<1st Part Here>

<3rd Part Here>

Well, it’s finally out to the real server. The 2nd part of Jump!, which is the Awakening of the Order update. I already told you about what happened in kMST, and the same thing happened in kMS. This update has brought:

  • Mage Restructuring & other balancing
  • 8th Anniversary
  • Monster Park Updates
  • More Events
  • Other [painful] Changes

Update: Official Video Released!

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KMS ver. 1.2.129, 1st Part of Jump!

1st Part of the Jump! Update

<2nd Part Here>

<3rd Part Here>

A big update hit KMS, which you might have already heard about as the ‘warrior restructuring.’ It is called ‘Jump!,’ and it consists of 3 parts (uhhh, how original Nexon!):

Blade’s Counterattack – March Update, THIS UPDATE.

Awakening of the Order – April Update

The Arrow of Speed – May Update

The 1st part was just released in KMS, so I’ll explain it now~

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