KMS v.1.2.156 ~ Warrior Revamp & GMS v.109 ~ Alliance Eternal

UPDATE: Important news about GMS at the bottom of this post added!

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So, the patch that came to the test server less than a week ago was released to the real server yesterday. Yep, yesterday, I’m late once again. I was away in Atlantic City in case any of you care, plus I spent 4 hours today trying to fix a problem my computer had (Vista users – Do NOT use Automatic Updates).

Very late this time, but it’s not a big deal since there aren’t too many updates this time. Only thing I’ll focus on is events, which are pretty bad.
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KMS – Minor patch, website update, & GMS Cannoneer events

It’s only been two days since the KMS patch and there was already another patch, a minor one. The patch only changed one skill:

Enrage: Damage Bonus Increased (40% at max level -> 60% at max level).

Basically, they restored the damage bonus back to what it was. To some of you, this isn’t so exciting right? Well, there was also something else that was added to KMS, or at least it’s website, that might excite you.

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KMS Website Update & GMS Server Maintenance

I kind of got used to being without a computer… Only bad thing aside from being unable to blog is school projects. Schools shouldn’t give more than 1 project at a time (I have 7 projects so far, and each is on-going, so basically this whole month I have to do projects)…
Well anyway, I managed to sneak into my brother’s computer and look into KMS’s website, and I found a couple of interesting things.

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KMS’s Latest Patch: New Archer Hero?

As I told you briefly on my last post, I updated my 2nd Jump! guide with a new video, the official video for the 8th Anniversary. The official date for KMS’s Anniversary is April 29th, which was yesterday.

The one I updated though was a bad one because I got it from my MapleStory folder, but I deleted it and replaced it with the one which I got from the website…. This one is the right size for YouTube and you can watch it in HD!

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Level 100!

It took a while, but I finally made it to level 100 on my Dawn Warrior in GMS and Thunder Breaker in KMS. Actually, I leveled up to 100 on my Dawn Warrior a week ago, but then I focused on my thunder breaker. I took my time on my Thunder Breaker because it was REALLY BORING training on C-2 from level 88 to 100… -_-‘

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