And… I’m done.

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

As many of you have already noticed, I’ve been slacking off in the past few months. That’s because of several reasons, of which the biggest are my loss of interest of the game and my inability to keep you informed with the influx of work that I have to do.

The past (almost) two years have been great. Yes, you can consider it a waste of time (of a lot of time, in fact), but I’m actually not too sad about that. I wouldn’t have done anything more productive anyway ^_^, I know that for a fact. I don’t consider this blog successful at all. In fact, I believe it was a failure. The big failure about it was my involvement in a competition with, well, my inner stupidity. I consider myself, however, very successful. With the surplus of time I had aside from school and other activities, I managed to do so much for this blog. I have created hundreds of programs (that total up to hundreds of thousands of lines of code) to facilitate introducing the information to you, and I believe it was a great practice of my programming skills, which is what I wish to do for almost my entire life.

I believe my writing has improved as well. Even though I don’t write much, it seems like over the past (almost) 2 years my writing transformed from that of a 2-year old to that of a journalist.

The truth is, for the past few years, I hated games (and I still do). I can’t stand playing them -_-. I joined MapleStory 7 (? I stopped counting haha) years ago when it was cool, but I actually quit after a year. However, now that I look back over the past 2 (or even 6!) years, I haven’t even played the game! But, rather, I spent time chatting on MapleStory forums. I always thought this blog was taking away my life (and it was, a little bit), but it was actually the forums.

My reputation wasn’t the “greatest” in any of the forums. In fact, it was terrible. It was my stupidity for joining gaming forums in the first place, because I obviously don’t belong there. I feel extremely terrible about all the harm I’ve done to all the people in the forums, I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I’m sorry for everything bad I’ve done.

If I haven’t harmed you, I would still like to say that I’m sorry. Sorry for slacking off a lot, and sorry for expressing my supposed depression to you. The truth is, I was kind of depressed in real life. Nothing major happened to my life in the past few months, but I suddenly see things in a different way. I don’t feel fully happy right now, but I can’t say that I’m depressed anymore. I have strong beliefs in God all of a sudden, and I became a better person overall (well, I was a good person in real life beforehand, but now I’m even better [I hope]).

It’s really hard to believe how much time I spent doing this. I honestly can’t believe I spent so much time on forums…

Although I have to admit one thing – I found my passion for talking. I really love the idea of true blogging, not journalism. This was basically a journal with small blog-like twists. That is probably the reason to why I stopped enjoying writing this blog.

I had plans to expand this blog and make it into something big. I guess I might as well cancel those, but now I have other plans that are not entirely related to MapleStory. You will see what they are in the near future.

My life is moving, and I’m only getting older, feeling quite unaccomplished. I am completely disconnecting myself from anything that involves MapleStory; I will not be checking my e-mail, twitter, this blog (well, I’ll read your comments but that’s about it), or any MapleStory forums. I will not erase this blog because of all the time I spent on it, but you won’t see any updates on this blog anymore.

I would like to thank everyone who has read my posts over the years. This blog kept running only thanks to you, readers :). It was fun to write posts and see (and read almost) all the comments and the number of views I got, no matter if they were negative or positive. Always cheered me up and made all the hard work rewarding. πŸ™‚

With that, my final word on this blog is: “Alas.” Haha, that was just my last joke on this blog. Get it? It wasn’t actually my final word on this blog. Sorry for my terrible sense of humor by the way, and thanks for the many people who enjoyed it.

In conclusion, I feel like this journey was pretty successful. 3.5 million views and 195 posts in total; not bad. For some reason I feel like I’m missing something, but I can’t really think of what that thing is. I would only like to finish this entire project by saying this: thanks for everything, and sorry for any harm. This has been great.

Looks like I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do… I’m not deleting my programs, but basically everything else. I wish you good luck with whatever you do and, well, enjoy life! No matter who you are, I wish you the best. πŸ™‚

Last time I’m saying this on this blog:


152 comments on “And… I’m done.

  1. Every beginning has an ending I guess but Shakar you have been doing a great job all these years. I would always check your blog after Spadow left and well now I guess I’ll just see Max’s blog from now on but trust me you did a great job.

  2. Damn, maple is dying (or the original maplers have grown up). Regardless, I’m at the end of my mapleness. I shall wait for kaiser, and if I deem it blah, then I’ll be quitting too. Good job shakar and may life be precious.

  3. Oh wow.. Well I’d like to say that I liked your blog a lot, you always had a nice sense of humor (I’m thinking about comics and things like “who cares this event sucks anyways” or that kind of things) and thanks to your programm I was actually able to do many graphics, you helped me a lot by posting extractions and I’ll never thank you enough for that. I’ve spent hours on your blog but I was pretty quiet in comments. I hope we’ll still see you around in Leafre, since you just started the extraction part. Thanks for being yourself πŸ™‚ (I truly think you’re a nice dude even if we haven’t talked much).

  4. Wow, can’t believe you are leaving Maplestory behind now!
    Thanks for all the content updates, and thanks for keeping it up for almost two years! It was very informative, and although your posts did sound negative sometimes, I felt like I almost saw this coming.
    You were slowly drifting away and losing interest in Maplestory.

    Good luck in the future for you shakar, and l hope you pursue new interests!

  5. Man, this is sad, I feel like watching the last episode of something that doesn’t have an announced sequel… I would normally say: “Please, don’t go!” but this would probably do nothing… Well, I like your blog, even that there were haters criticising your “aggressive” way of talking, I liked it, It gave the blog a meaning that there was a ~human being~ writing it, not an emotionless robot created to write neutrally, it was really nice, well, thank you for everything you’ve done in this blog, and good luck in your life!

  6. You were a good blogger. I usually check your blog first thing (after facebook). I have your site bookmarked and it will stay. Thanks for making this blog. Good luck in your next step in life πŸ˜‰

  7. It was nice having you blog for us Shakar :); I actually enjoyed your twisted humor, it made the game somewhat more enjoyable even though it’s no longer fun. Good luck in you future endeavors πŸ˜€

    • He always did. Now that Shakar quit, it’s just Max and myself to cover Korean MapleStory news. (I cover Global MapleStory as well).

      • Spadow had the monopoly for the longest time. I was told about Shakar later and it was a nice change of pace not to mention that whenever one of them was late I could just go to the other. When Spadow left I still had Shakar and I heard about you just from your commenting on Shakar’s blog. I heard about Orange Mushroom last by a few friends, in fact the same ones who told me about Shakar. The fact still remains that I found Spadow from Google alone.

  8. Bye shakar, I’ll miss your blog. I really enjoyed some various things on your site and I’ll miss them. Thanks for keeping me updated on KMS and the other miscellaneous you’ve made across the years.

  9. Shakar i’ll miss you T_T. I liked reading your opinions in the events (eventhough some of them were negative and repetitive) but there were still some things that made me laugh, like the name you gave your Angelic Burster (IBurstAngels lol). Good luck with your life, and I hope you do well.

  10. shakar i really do like your blog i love how you were determined to kms and Gms both not many ppl do that! Thanks for all the good blogs your sence of humor is what kept your blog going and it also killed it! Some ppl were offended but its your blog you can do w/e you like. Keep up the good work and ive seen some of your programs you made for Gm command books pretty nice work :]

  11. Shakar!!! you’re leaving your bowl of milk behind 😦 i had the feeling that you might be leaving from the time you said you lost interest in maple. But nevertheless I still love your maple blog AND YOU! lol hopefully you will update us with this new plans you are thinking of, would love to see what that is. Good By shakar, and hopefully we’ll see you again.!!

  12. You were a biased blogger, anyways. And you were always a cocky, bragging bitch on pretty much every forum. Although, I may slightly miss some of your content, (although Max is still an amazing option)

  13. nice to meet u shakar you really make many of my day’s when i was bored and i open your blog you always make me happy every time .. i hope u best in entire your life man .. we love you shakar that’s truth .. and if u got free time in any day even after years just put any thing in the blog and share with us .. ms or non ..
    take care my friend πŸ™‚

  14. I always loved your blog because you added humor to it and made everything seem more interesting putting your perspective in it. Even though you do call many things lame and complain about new releases, i can’t say i agreed with you in all aspects. But regardless, you were the only maplestory blog i was keeping up with, its sad to see that you’re stopping. I guess you aren’t changing your mind now, but good luck with the rest of your life hope you feel better.

    Thank you Shakar for all the updates!

  15. …This just isn’t fair man. I like you more than any other blogger. And not just for content. You were awesome in writing your entries, your jokes(though some I still don’t get), etc. etc.

    Why did you have to go and kick the blogging bucket already? Maple may be down, but just change it! I don’t care what game you could do, but just…don’t leave man.

  16. I admit I wanted you to quit since you acted like you wanted to a lot. I still liked your blog though. Good work shakar.
    I guess now Im gonna look at ribbonpig and max’s blog only for now on. I don’t blame you for losing interest in the game. I kinda am too (just a little). πŸ˜›
    Buh Bye

  17. ” I had plans to expand this blog and make it into something big. I guess I might as well cancel those, but now I have other plans that are not entirely related to MapleStory. You will see what they are in the near future.”

    So how are we supposed to know what this ” other plan ” is when you wont post on this blog or any other way how we can contact you. I have never really fully shared your opinion on things like new classes or Nexon in general, but please don’t kill yourself jumping infront of Scooter the Train…

  18. It was an interesting time. Perhaps I’m out of place in this comments section. I personally didn’t even want to bother getting involved in any of this. Though I’m not here for drama.

    I apologize for being a jerk towards you. I let dreadful personality traits get the better of me in the discussions I had with you, and I let personal feelings get in the way of proper judgement.

    I think it’s a good thing you are able to close the chapter of this all. I never had the impression that you really enjoyed what you were doing when I read what you wrote. Emotions can show really well through text without it even being intended so. That’s what I have noticed in my 10 years of writing.

    I wish you good luck in your life. It’s a pity that Basil had to get a hand on this post, as it would have been better if it was left alone. Then again, if they didn’t I wouldn’t have had the chance to apologize.

    Best wishes,

  19. You will be missed Shakar.
    I really enjoyed your blog, been following it since the very beginning. You’ve done a great job in my opinion.
    Good luck in RL πŸ™‚
    Kirin of Leafre.

  20. Oh, that’s sad. But everything for everybody.
    You had quite a bit of quality in doing this blog. I always went on others too, yes, but always, I saw something at yours that others didn’t. You also have blogging and writing skills that are more than just decent.
    You’ve done great, Shakar.
    Good luck, stay healthy, don’t eat fried cabbage or earwax, and think about the good things in life!

  21. Aww… That’s just sad, Shakar96. You know, thanks to you. πŸ™‚ I’m glad that I’m quite excited myself of the different updates in Maplestory (mostly, in GMS) πŸ™‚

    Well, yeah… A lot of people may lost interest, but you know…it doesn’t stop there, ‘cuz a lot of people will go too and explore πŸ™‚ HAHA. πŸ˜€

    Love you so much, Shakar, and… Yeah.. G’luck, stay healthy, and…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS BLOCK :'<

    ~ Katie ❀ XOXO

  22. That sucks , i remember when spadow left then i realised i can count on shakar.
    anyway thanks for thoose 2 years and good luck we will miss you

  23. Shakar thanks for all the effort and time you put into this blog these years!!!
    BTW, it is nice to see there are still young people (like me) who have faith in God.
    Good luck with your life, and God bless you!

  24. Goodbye Shakar I;m gonna miss you and I love the way you expressed yourself even if you were going against everyone so good work! and move on

  25. Thank you 1000 times for all the effort, Your blog was for me the best one out there and I enjoyed your sense of humour.
    I visited this blog on a weekly basis to keep me up to date.

    I wish you the best of success in all your future projects and life.

    Thank you Shakar96, you will be missed

    /// Moac

  26. Goodbye, Shakar96, you will be gone, yet not forgotten, as one of the people that were enthusiast….. that made us have fun with his pesimism….. So long, old friend.

  27. WOW. nothing more.
    I’ll never express how I’m sad reading your words… I mean nothing to you, and nothing in Maple world, but I liked your blog so much, and I thought that I might read you for the rest of my life… Or something less dramatic, I dont know what future is after all.
    I dont know why the fuck happend to you for decide doing this, but I hope that you will be happy, honestly (:
    thanks. love u, shakar ~

  28. :/ aww I am sorry for being a jerk to you on Twitter and your our blog >_>.. Best wishes. Hope to hear from your blog soon ;).

    Well now you left the pressure is on Max.. o.o

  29. Well shakar let me tell you that you making a big mistake if you leaving thinking you where a failure, you aren’t, you where immensely successful and it was a pleasure to follow your blog and I tell you that with all sincerity.

    There where once 3 great blog place in the MS world, spadow, yours and orange mushroom and it feels like the enlighten blog era is coming to an end, since two of the 3 are gone.

    Is sad to see you go, but I wish you the best, may luck smile upon you always. Be well my friend.

  30. You will be missed Shakar, just like the great Spadow…. but ribbonpig will continue to help us with all our needs of maple! ribbonpig!

  31. gracias shakar..por todo ptm pero acaso todos se estan poniendo de acuedo en dejarnos sin sus opiniones sobre maple .. no jodan quedense weyΒ΄s

  32. Thanks for many updates with your true honesty, i was a beta player for maplestory in its early ages and as ive watched maplestory grow and it really has turned into the things you have described it to be and i share these same views.

    As sad as it is to see maplestory become what it has, it is even more sad to see a bright. honest and hard working blogger end his maplestory blogging days but on the upside you’ve given it up for a brighter and more fulfilling life and to me thats a happy ending to your line of work.

    Cheers and best wishes Shakar96 =]
    We will miss you.

  33. I’m sorry you’ve had life catch up with you, Shakar. No one really ever wants that to happen. Even if this isn’t what you’re meant to be doing forever, it was definitely meant to be for the time during. I’m glad that you dedicated yourself to serving so many, including myself. I’ll miss checking in every night. It kind of became regular for me…. Regardless, I wish the best for you in your new found faith. I only want the best for you. Thank you for all that you did. πŸ™‚


  34. Good bye Shakar πŸ˜₯ !!! We’ll miss you and your humor!!! It was fun reading your decorated blog, and G-Bless!!! Peace πŸ˜€

  35. First of all I would like to say thank you for the time you have spent here with us. Be sure you did the best for us. As soon Spadow quit I’ve started to search for a good MS blog and kept following your posts. I think I know exactly whats going on in your life and I believe that you’ll really need some time put everything back in order. Don’t see anything you did as a waste of time, because everything you do makes you learn something new. I really hope you can reach the best achievements in your life, and may God be by your side everyday. Peace

  36. You know everyone says that this year is gonna be the end of the world. Although I dont entirely believe that, I have to say that I’ve found this year to be the one where a lot of things have come to an end for me personally. I lost a good friend in a car crash, and another one was just diagnosed with cancer. I just entered university and many of the friends I used to talk to and hang out with I barely see anymore, only a few I still keep in touch with. Some of the best people I’ve ever met on Maple are quitting this year, and a few of my most favorite blogs and Youtube channels that I regularly read/watched are now being shut down. Lol I know a lot of what I just said might be a little bit off topic, but GOD DAMN, 2012 IS A SHITTY YEAR. Anyways, may you find success and happiness with all your future endeavors Shakar, and I wish you the best. Cya later πŸ˜€ .

  37. ..aha, I don’t know what to say..
    I’m a Max fan. But sometimes I would come here to see some things he hasn’t covered. You were a great blogger as well,

    …well, …well done, shakar, you did not waste your time.
    I hope you know this feeling, when you just don’t know what to say…

    I see everything falling apart, I remember Spadow left his blog, and now you..I can already see Max’s closing down. (ribbonpig, I respect your blog, but i just didn’t know about it, sorry). I feel like MS is adding stuff just to attract players.

    All these new shooting games and stuff have reduced MS’s popularity. Hahaa, well,

    …Mmhmm, sorry for the long post, but I guess to summarize: You’ve done an outstanding job Shakar. Best farewells to you. πŸ™‚

  38. I have lived to see two of my favorite maplestory bloggers leave. First Spadow and now you , I thank you for your hard work and wish you a good and prosperous life. πŸ™‚

  39. Thank you Shakar for your time and devotion to a game that you didn’t really enjoy. Over the past few months, I feel like you have matured a lot, which is evident in your writing. From a raging bashful kid, you became a humourful and critical adult. I wish you the best of luck on whatever life brings you next, and I hope you have fun! God bless~

  40. Wow I liked how you expressed your sense of humor! You didn’t sound like a robot like Max. It sounded great and funny at a time. But keep on in life! Don’t make yourself victim on anything! gl!

  41. i knew it!… OH well , good luck shakar, its time you start your own real story and basically faced it with a hint of haste and hyper body and.. dammit im thinking of maple again, oh well i think i can say that maple story had been a part of our life and i will never forget it, ill probably give my account to my son someday.

  42. Say what you may, Shakar. I loved the hell out of this Blog . Maybe even more than…That one REALLY big Maplestory blog/update that existed prior to yours. The wording and humor you put into each of your updates always had me in a better mood after each one I read. I, like most of the people who read this and really don’t want to admit it, rather enjoyed that there was SOMEONE that would help us keep up with what was going on(maplestory-wise). I will miss you.
    Shakar, Live happily and good luck in life.

  43. this is my first comment on ur blog
    i was cheking ur blogs even i quited maple story 1 year ago, all friend did the same
    we arent young anymore πŸ™‚
    i feel i wasted a lot of time at this game but in 2006 it was a hreat game
    goof luck shakar i always liked ur blogs

  44. Aww, it was actually my favorite blog because of Shakar’s sense of humor
    Anyways, thanks for anything you’ve done and good luck in life!

  45. must..not…cry… *Breaking in tears* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Damn I liked your writing so much!
    I’ve always been a loyal reader of this blog, and it was awsome.
    I always knew that you that if there’s an update, it’ll be in your blog in no time,
    And I was sure that I’ll laugh my ass off even when it’s just a casual update.
    I remember the first time that I’ve talked to you (Don’t remember which forums it was)
    I remember the excitement, I remember laughing through all the conversation.
    Your writing was more than amazing.
    Because of your departure of this blog, I decided to live GMS.
    This was awsome. You were, and still to this day, awsome.
    Farewell, your greatest fan, Tom.

  46. I must… come clean.

    I’ll admit, Shakar. There was a time that I read your coverage of Maple alongside Max’s, just to see what you could offer. I liked your visual presentation. But as time went on, I noticed the negativity of your posts increase more and more. It got to the point where I found it repulsive, and just dropped your blog entirely (in fact… admittedly. I wanted to be an alternative to your blog). Months went by. People started to catch onto what was happening… and followed suit. But when I heard the news, I came back to see it was true… It was true. Shakar, the person I had once looked for GMS and KMS news alike. He was finished. I dunno what happened inside. I feel like I shouldn’t have cared… But I did. I felt sorry for you. But… At the same time, I was happy for you. Happy that you could finally move onto bigger and better things (at least, for your own interests). It caused me to regain some of the respect that I had for you before it was lost. Always be true to yourself…

    Good luck, Shakar. May you excel in what you love!

  47. I’m gonna miss your humour and your perspective on things Shakar. I mean nothing against max but I agree that a lot of the stuff in maple is pretty whack sometimes xD. Also to ribbonpig, i hate to say it but it seems like your here to advertise your own blog πŸ˜›

  48. I doubt anyone will ever read this comment, but that doesn’t matter. It seems all the maplers of the past are all quitting, either now, or soon. But that isn’t something to let you down. I feel like a whole new generation of maplers is already here. I myself am one of these maplers. I started mapling about 2 years ago, and I still love it. So far I’ve gotten four of my friends hooked on it, and that number will likely grow. It is sad that are beloved maple friends are leaving us, but sometimes that’s just how life is. People are born, and people die. We all knew this was coming. Do we mourn when the maple tree loses its leaves for winter? No. We know that the past leaves fell from the tree with beauteous color, and are now drifting on to other, better places, and that new leaves will grow and bloom in time.

  49. Wow i never coment, but I like you’r blog and I always was visiting it. Well only i can say is good luck for you and i hope you will go better and maybe we could talk some another day to meet each other.

    See you soon and good luck! =)

  50. Good-bye Shakar, your posts would always bring me some kind of a laugh but now it just feels lonely, (not to mention the emptiness in the background) to lose someone like you.
    Anyway best of luck out there.

  51. Shakar’s post were the best. He did as many extractions as Spadow it seemed and on top of it his predictions were correct about 90% of the time. He uploaded more visuals than all the other bloggers aside from Spadow as well. He went in depth with any new content. Though, as time went on I noticed that he stopped making as many extractions, didn’t cover both GMS & KMS, and stopped covering events along with other things. So, I knew this day would come sooner rather than later. The only blogger to ever add his personality into his blog. Ribbonpig you are a great blogger as well but you advertising yourself on Shakar’s blog like this just seems like someone pissing on another’s grave.

  52. Sorry to know you’re done, shakar. Your blog was quite good, and I’ve never supported your haters. Afterall, sometimes I really feel like we share some feelings about life. I felt you were a good guy, and this proves you are. I’m often never wrong about people.

    I wish you the best with everything. Have a good life.

    ~ SkyCombat

  53. i just quit the game too cuz nexon delited the dupes 😦
    i lost so much mesoss…
    i hate nexon!
    well, im done with that game too πŸ™‚
    cya πŸ˜›

  54. NOOO! I haven’t even played maplestory for like 2 months and I still read your blog to see whats happening. You were truly amazing and I am glad you were there when Spadow left. Thank YOU for everything, especially your humor

  55. I quit maple story like year ago but still i was always checking ur blog when i feel like it to read about what is new xD.

    Good luck shakar in your rl and hope everything goes right for you.

  56. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  57. We’ll all miss you and your blogs… Even though you are going, I’m sure you will do incredibly well in your future. πŸ˜€

    I give you my respect,


  58. I come back again after 2 months after ur leaving..thx Shakar..i still feel sad even after 2 months..but tis is LIFE..we cannot stay at samr tempo and places only..i nt playing maplestory anymore oso…hope u will have a better life there

  59. Today, I just realized you stopped blogging about Maplestory. I normally do not ever post on blogs or forums, but I am glad that you have strong beliefs in God. Always happy to see more people who focuses more on him.

  60. I grew up playing Maplestory and following this blog for a year or two… [I already commented Nov 17th….] and I still have this site bookmarked, but I think I miss this blog so much because it was a part of my childhood, and I don’t want to let any of my past years away. Alas, I cannot hold onto everything forever. I won’t miss you because I know this would have to happen and I know you’re somewhere you want to be.

    I don’t believe in long goodbyes~

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