KMST v.1.2.454 ~ Resistance Hyper Skills

Weird stuff happened over the past few days. First of all, there was a snowstorm. O_O. I really wonder if I will be able to go snowboarding this winter… I don’t think there will be any snow (which is pretty good: other than for snowboarding, I’m not a big fan of snow). Well, thankfully the temperatures are rising and it’s supposed to be sunny this weekend. :D.

As for MapleStory, we just heard an overview of the updates in this month yesterday. Oddly enough, the Demon Slayer/Cannoneer revamp is almost nothing. The big highlight of the skill changes is the addition of Hyper Skills to Resistance (and Cannoneer). They also added Monster Park Extreme and Gold Richie’s Beach, in addition to changing PQ rewards. One more thing for skill changes – they changed the recently added classes (Luminous, Kaiser, and Angelic Burster). The only thing you will be interested in is that the maximum amount of character slots is now 19. That’s the only thing that got my eyes^^.

And maybe some info about the Thief Resistance… Mhmm… Let’s go~

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